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find a plumber

  1. Dan

    Trying to find a local plumber?

    If you're trying to find a local plumber then for now please post a thread request in the main Plumbing Forum. We'll do our best to point you in the right direction. We are currently updating our member profile pages and will make them more easily accessible to unregistered users, and more...
  2. P

    Aaaaaagh. Burner Lockout. Bloddy bleedin bloody Heritage Range Cooker

    Right, I am at my wits end. Firstly I cannot find a plumber who will come and commission my new ST40 NuWay oil burner fitted to my Range Cooker. They all throw their hands up and say - ooohhhh noo, that's special, or I'm busy, or 'has it been installed by an OFTEC engineer" Well, it hasn't. It...
  3. C

    Cornwall - business opportunities

    We always holiday in Cornwall - might like to semi retire to North Cornwall soon ish. When I ask various people I come accross there they say there is a shortage of Plumbers /Ch Eng in North Cornwall. Anybody got some ist hand experience ? centralheatking
  4. T

    Mira Mixer Shower No Hot Water

    Please can someone help! I think ( am not sure) I have a mira (defo mira) it is either power shower, or mixer shower, its stainless steele plumbed into wall. Gas boiler provides the hot water. This morning I used it, it was fine, although when I went to switch it off it just kept dribbling...
  5. K

    Honeywell CM921

    HELP ME!! - I have just moved into a new house and we have an Ideal combi boiler and a CM921 honeywell wireless thermostat. _ I have no idea if this is working properly and the installation guide is not much help... I need to find a plumber in the Chingford area to check the system and give me...
  6. N

    Trainee plumber desperately looking for work

    Hi all I recently passed my technical certificate Heating and ventilation course and am finding it really hard to find a plumber willing to take me on. As you all probably know, You have to be employed to complete your NVQ level 2 and with the current situation it's not easy! Anyway if...
  7. R

    Starting up on your own

    Hi, I have just turned 30 and after years of rubbish jobs with no prospects I have finally decided to go back to college full time to do c&g level 2 plumbing. So far I am really enjoying the course (although I am the only person over 18 in my class!) Before I even enrolled I was told by...
  8. N

    Trainee plumber

    Hi all I only found this forum today and find it really helpful. I recently passed my NVQ level 1 Heating and ventilation course and am finding it really hard to find a plumber willing to take me on. As you all probably know, You have to be employed to complete your NVQ level 2 and with the...
  9. C

    Pplumbing career

    Hello everyone, I've just joined the forum and was hoping your experience will help me with a career decision. I'm sure you get asked this question a great many times - I'm looking to change career and have started researching gaining the professionally required skills needed to become a fully...
  10. C

    Plumbing Companies in London

    Hi Could anyone help me and let me know of any big companies in London that take on plumbing apprentices. I'm not looking for actual vacancies but just the companies names that I can apply to directly Thanks Charlie
  11. A


    hi lads/lasses just been told that are college has secured funding for the new framework starting in september, my college tutor has said this should be across all colleges also, so after kicking there feet for nearly a year it looks like theres a light of that tunnel, and not the one puddle...
  12. C

    Trust a trader, worth £495 per year?

    Hello all, I am considering joining Trust a Trader as a plumber and the price is £495 per year, even more than Yellow Pages. Now the guy I spoke to (desperate for his sale) assured me I would be very busy if I joined, has anyone been a member for the year and did the phone ring at all?! I...
  13. K

    Sewerage Smell

    We have been experiencing a very unpleasant sewerage smell in our house. The smell comes from the kitchen downstairs and the bathroom upstairs (above the kitchen). The smell is not there all the time, it can occur when the toilet has been flushed, and it sometime happens when the bath is being...
  14. L

    looking for a plumber who is approved by Thames water

    Hi i,m trying to find a plumber who is approved by thames water, fixing undergroung lead pipeing leak, Any ideas?
  15. S

    advice needed please (to ba a plumber)

    firstly let me say hello, im a newb here i know there is a post like this below but my circumstances are a bit different. this might be a long post so thanks for looking and any help and advice is very welcome. i am 25 years old. i currently work as a structural engineer (3 years), designing...
  16. T

    cheapest place to buy a boiler?

    anyone recommend a cheap outlet to buy an lpg combi? cheers. also , where is best to buy copper pipe from? or should i find a plumber who would be willing to get the materials for me on a trade account?
  17. S

    Checking a plumbers qualifications

    Hi Is it possible to check a plumber's qualifications prior to him/her starting work? It's all very well telling me that they have an NVQ in this and that, but where's the proof? Are or will plumbers be required to carry a photo id card with details on showing where the customer can validate...
  18. C

    Hi - Advice on beginner plumbing course please

    Hi i'm new to the forum and am looking for some advice. I am 25 years old, work full time (shift work) and want a career change. I have been considering plumbing for a while now, and feel it would be a job for me.... However i have no experience in the field. I understand you cannot beat on...
  19. finchy01

    Soldering painted copper

    Hi all, this is my first post here about my 1st job! I'm soon to be replacing a bathroom bit by bit starting the furthest appliance away and working my way back to the cistern. To do this I'm having to connect the new pipework to the existing stuff as I go along until it ends up all nice new...
  20. S

    Work Experience

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone will be able to give me some guidance. I am currently studying for my 6129 Level 2 Tech cert and still have some weeks to go yet. I am really enjoying it and have high hopes of getting myself in with a qualified plumber to get some invaluable experience plus i also...
  21. S


    Hi there does anyone have any experience of the OLCI training course as i have no qualifications as a plumber also they say that they will help you find work once qualified how much help do they provide as i feel that employers would require experience.:confused:
  22. S

    apprenticeship needed

    hi ive just finished my city and guilds level 2 course and now need to find a plumber to take me on so i can gain my nvq ive tryed all my local plumbers with no luck. just wondered if you could give me any more advise on what to do.cheers