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  1. Dan

    Vaillant one of the least installed boilers?

    Vaillant don't seem to be one of the most talked about boilers going. Is it because they're a newer company, or perhaps one that doesn't exist anymore? or something else?
  2. E

    Least Bulky Plastic Fittings

    Hello, I want to extend a radiator using either PEX or HEP20 pipe, which type of pipe has the least bulky fittings as I need to fit under floorboards.
  3. L

    Boiler leaking water in at least two places.

    I recently noticed that we had a couple of slow leaks from the boiler. One was just below the front metal panel cover and the other from a pipe underneath it. In the last couple of days the leak from the pipe/valve has become faster, filling up a bucket full each day. On closer inspection it...
  4. J

    Will the new rad pipes work....

    Hi currently having a new bathroom installed and plumber has moved our radiator to another wall. The pipe work has been altered and we have 2 copper pipes sticking out of floor with pushfit caps. I'm a little concerned because when the heating is on, all rads in house work fine but the 2...
  5. G

    Experienced Plumber needed in Wiltshire/N Dorset/ Somerset Border area

    Hi, we are looking for a plumber to join our growing company as we are expanding, we are an extremely busy little outfit getting busier and bigger by the day! We are looking for someone with at least 3-5 years plumbing experience, and at least an NVQ Level 2. We will put through...
  6. G

    Pumping over when pump stops?

    As above, installed new boiler and pump. Grundfos 15-60. When the pump stops water shoots out of the open vent. It is configured correctly, when it first happend I thought the cf could be partially blocked so I renewed it to no avail. Open vent was at least 300mm above the tank. I know it should...
  7. V

    Save Up To £200 per year

    One of the plumbing and heating magazines advertised a product (FLOWSAVE). Claiming it can save your customers up to £200 per year? Has anyone tried this product? I'm of the opinion that this is another scam to fleece tradesmen & women of their hard earned cash...
  8. P

    Motorized Valves

    Evening all! Does anybody know how many motorized valves are needed for a sealed system?
  9. N

    flow rate q

    Looking at changing my system boiler to a combi, combi will be positioned upstairs nearly in loft of first floor house. Q where do i test the water pressure and flow rate? Has been tested at back of the house on garden tap, however new position would be nearly as long but at least 5metres higher...
  10. B

    Ravenheat. My goodness

    I didn't think I'd ever say this but I've found a boiler that is worse than a Isar and a Ferrolli rolled into one. It has the build quality of a Lada Riva (for the younger generation, look it up on Google). it's a Ravenheat Primary. They are rubbish
  11. E

    lead pipes -aaaargh

    what is the easiest way to shave a lead pipe? today i had to renew a basin with lead hot and cold, and a lead waste. after draining a 40 gallon tank which only fed this whb, everything else on the main (basin in a bedroom). found that 6lb lead lock too big, 5lb lead lock too small, so spent over...
  12. M

    Boiler for hot water only

    Customer wants to replace direct cylinder with new boiler and indirect cylinder, and will add radiators and heating circuit at a later date. He has been told he must install at least 2 rads with a boiler! Anyone heard this before or is it total rubbish?
  13. P

    Central heating goes off when I run hot tap

    Hello there, 1st timer. We have an old vaillant boiler, its at least 15 years old so I know we should replace it asap. The problem we are having is that if any hot tap is used in the house the central heating turns itself off. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this please. Cheers Paul
  14. M

    Horizontal Unvented Indirect Hot Water Cylinder that is at least 150 Litres in size

    Hello I'm Moley from Aberdeenshire . I've just moved house and this one has got solid fuel central heating / oil fired and we want to move the hot water tank up the loft . At the moment its in a cupboard in the living room which is not the best place for it. But the big problem we have is...
  15. P

    TVR Cold Rad Problem

    I have stone cold rad which has been fully bled of air, I suspect the TVR is faulty. The supply to the TVR is hot, but no hot appears to be able to enter the rad. Have unscrewed TVR, and the pin in the attached pipework part is partially out. Has this stuck in a closed position, can I push it...
  16. E

    fused spur

    We changed a combi for a new main a few weeks ago, BG have been out and say they will not take it on as the main switch is a 13 amp plug in to a socket, they say it has to be a fused spur, who is right?
  17. R

    Bath taps change over.

    I recently changed a set of bath taps . They were a nightmare to change the old taps were practically impossible to get out as they were siliconed in with lots and lots of silicone. It took me an hr to get them out eventually. Then when I put the new ones in in was a nightmare again to...
  18. P

    air in ch

    ive come to the point where it must be air in my system as to the reason why my rads downstairs are not geting warm. i undid the screw on the pump and air came out for at least 4 hours until i got sick of empting the bowl so then i went to the nearest rad and started to bleed from their again...