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  1. L

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"?

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"? How many of you are one of their Club Energy installers they mention?
  2. M

    Worcester Bosch Guarantee

    Had a WB Greenstar 30 Si fitted end of July with installers invoice stating a 10 year guarantee. Have received an email from WB acknowledging registration of the products guarantee but absolutely no details of time span or terms and conditions. Can't seem to get any sense from their...
  3. B

    Commissioning checklist incorrect. Is guarantee valid?

    I had a new boiler fitted December 17 The commissioning checklist is not signed;central heating mode section not filled in;domestic hot water section has incorrect temperature written in(wasn't 50 degrees) so he couldn't have measured it. I am concerned the boiler may not have a valid...
  4. E

    Glow worm ultracom

    One of my guys installed a Glow worm ultracom 2 in a flat just over 2 years ago. Everything has been fine until last Friday when I get a call saying water was pouring out the bottom of boiler. Had one of my other guys go look at it and he said water had stopped but when he topped it up water...
  5. B

    Shower Pump installation

    Hi all, wonder if someone could give me some advice. I have a gravity fed shower in my en-suite which has a pathetic flow rate so am going to install a shower pump. Some of the shower pumps say that the feed into the pump should be 22mm reducing down to 15mm within 2m of the pump. At...
  6. D

    Shower tray I can drill into?

    Hi Could someone recommend a shower tray I can safely drill into please? I've rang a few manufacturers and they have all frowned upon it but my frameless enclosure relies on it. Any help would be great.
  7. martind

    Which specific MODEL from these 3 makes please?

    I’ve got British Gas coming this week to do a boiler survey under the grant scheme. Apparently the surveyor decides on which specific boiler is going to be installed. I’ve been told that it will be one of 3 makes-Vaillant, Potterton and Ideal. I am aware that the Ideal boiler from a couple of...
  8. D

    Open vented system to sealed system Waiver.

    Does anyone fit a lot of combis to old open vented systems and can they provide a copy of their 'waiver' in respect of 'Our price will not include the repairs that maybe required to the existing system with the increased pressure, etc, etc....' Thanks chaps.
  9. N

    shower pumps

    Can anyone recommend a good shower pump manufacturer as we have used s/turner for years but we have had a leak from one and they are not willing to change it so time to move on.
  10. S

    Snap-on tools

    Can somebody please tell me why snap-on tools are so expensive? Was just looking on e-bay and even second-hand is over the top!
  11. D

    tool for cutting a floorboard

    which tool would/do you use to cut 1/ several floorboard/s to gain access ? sabre saw? multitool ? circ 240v/batt ?
  12. P

    Grundfoss Niagara shower pump

    Grundfoss Niagara shower pump repair? Hi Guys I installed one of these shower pumps for a custard just over two years ago so it's out of guarantee. It's suddenly started cutting out intermittently. After checking filters etc I did the obvious and hit it with a hammer, it started. :cheesy: But...
  13. J

    Boiler guarantees?

    Hi all Apologies if this question has been asked loads of times. Basically I need to replace my "At Risk" combi boiler (Vokera 20-80 RS Turbo 22 years old!) - at some stage the modulator coil has been removed, without my knowledge, leading to the at risk status - the part is obsolete (unless you...
  14. S

    How do you check an immersion element?

    as above, went to a cylinder yesterday and it had live going to one side of the element so the stat was fine but still wasnt heating up. i tested the resistance accross the element and it came back about 16 ohms i think, is that the correct way to test if the element is knackered and what sort...