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Glow Worm - betacom 24 combi boiler

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Morning all,
i'm new to the site looks very informative - i have a few questions that i'd like to pose if i may.

over the past few days i've been having issues with my Boiler; the system sort of works but i'm not sure if its working as it should. I;ve made the mistake of using just Answer.com for a heating eng assistance and 30 quid later he says noting wrong with the boiler then why the lule warm rads and HW that is not really hot

1st issue
when the boiler is idle the pressure reads 0.4 bar and flashed but no red light (i mean on a betacom 24 you don't have any light that flash) got the bookelt out and began to read the faults list, and 0.4 bar says "not enough water in the sytem" contact your installer/vendor. Done a little digging and checked for leaks around the boiler and all the rads, but could not find any.

the fact that the boiler goes down to 0.4 bar - will it cause any damage?

2nd issue

the boiler rund on a timer comes in the morning CH & HW the pressure seems to heaf back up to 4.5 bar and above, but the burned comes on for say 5 min the CH gets luke warm and then it drops off the and the pressure start to drop again. nomally and this was from past experiences - they would come on and stay on for the duration fo the timer say from 6 am till 8 am in the morning, where as now they come on and then drop off so you only get the luke warm heat. its not constant as it was before.

3rd issue,

the HW is there but it starts off as cold goles to like warm for a fair while what could be like 5/8 min and then you get an increase of temperature. but again its not as hot as it was before.

things that i've done thus far;

i moved the button from the "timed option" to the continue heating option again its kicks off the buner comes on but then not even after 5 min it goes off and luke warm rads. i mean the over ride should push the boiler to run CH and HW but again it seems to try but then tails off - strange.

i have not done a reset because i see no error code - Should i?

the thermostat is set to a 23C for the flat and it records 19, normally it should stay on until the optumum or selected temp is reached? or i'm assuming?

the bolier, pipes, and rads are just over 2 years old - installed from new from a qualified heating eng, i've been trying to get hold of the chap in question but with the festive break i'm getting nowhere fast.

apologies for the book above but i thought i'd put everything in

What do you suggest? calling Glow Worm? and get this checked? i mean judging by their site they are on the pricy side £260 quid to be precise.

Thanks in advance everyone - look forward to hear back



Gas Engineer
if pressure is going to 4.5 bar you have a problem, safety valve on boiler should open at around 3 bar, and discharge to outside (Have you checked) sounds like you have a circulation problem, if you call out glow-worm they will only look at boiler, better to hang on till next week when every one back to work, and see I you can get hold of installer
Note is boiler still under warranty ??
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hi thanks for the reply, i need to check in regards to the warranty but i think its has just expired. as far as i can tell i can't see any discharge on to the outside having gone down to the communal garden to check.

with the boiler as it is, are there any dangers of damage?


Gas Engineer
Hi there Alex 0.4 bar is too low ,and 4.5 is way too high, you defonately need an engineers visit to fix this issue, british gas do a one off fee and this can sometimes go in your favour if things are needing replaced , cheaper than Glow Worm , and because its the hols maybe a local engineer could be double price , but local might be cheaper IF nothing needs replaced , hope this helps and welcome to the FREE and better forum lol
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