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  1. B

    Oil Burner Control Box - What is wrong with it?

    Hi I have a Riello RDB2 and it gets power, tries to fire but no spark or flame and the red light on the push button comes back on. Smoke comes out of the control box. There is a fire valve over the burner and the plastic cover was off the burner, the fire valve leaked and oil leaked onto the...
  2. G

    worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler water not hot enough

    I have a worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler and we have not used the hot water for years on the boiler we use it for just heating as we have electric shower and dishwasher etc. This year we thought we would use the hot water, but on turning the hot water on it only heats the...
  3. Christopher buzzard

    Worcester Greenstar Heatslave 18/25 oil boiler.

    Hey. Fairly new to oil. Serviced above boiler Last week. All working fine but now had customer call to say it keeps going to lockout. Been and looked today. Symptoms are the boiler ignition process will start. You can hear it sparking. The boiler will fire, run for around 1 min and flame will...
  4. D

    Details on fitting a remote oil delivery pipe.

    Hello again. Anyone on here familiar with the installation of remote filling pipes for domestic oil tanks? We are trying to figure out ways of getting a delivery from the front of a cottage to the rear without going through the property. One possibility - still apparently being explored by the...
  5. B

    Solid fuel appliance linked by H2 control system to oil fired rayburn

    I am after advice about a heating system I am looking to put into a recently purchased house. Ideally I would like a multi fuel log burner something like a stovax Stockton 11 with a back boiler connected to an H2 control system and that connected to an oil fired rayburn 680K. I have sourced the...
  6. V

    New oil fired boiler is a new tank required

    My daughter wanted a quote for a replacement oil fired boiler. The heating engineer who she knows and trusts says that the existing tank is too close to the flue outlet and is not a double skin tank. He says that he is not allowed to replace the boiler unless she moves the position of the tank...
  7. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  8. D

    Delivery access to oil tank.

    Hi everyone. This is to do with a house not yet bought; the oil access issue may well be a deal-breaker. The house in question has its oil tank in the back garden. Oil deliveries have historically been made via the integral garage which has a door at the back which leads into an extension...
  9. P

    Linking oil boilers to solar Pv panels

    Hi all. I am thinking about how to get the most from pv panels. I have a worcester Green star oil Combi boiler about 5 years old. If I install a mains pressure immersion tank can I convert the boiler to a non combi type? And heat the water in the tank with the boiler. Also is it possible to...
  10. P

    Navien and Worcester Oil Boilers

    Hi all My sister is in the process of getting quotes for the installation of an oil central heating system (rural Cornwall) in an old house where none currently exists. For obvious reasons she is having trouble getting anyone out to quote at the moment apart from one local contractor. He has...
  11. P

    hounsfield oil boilers any good

    I would like heating engineers opinion on hounsfield oil boilers. Are they any good?
  12. L

    Oil Tank cut off solenoid

    Is it acceptable to place a cut off solenoid valve on the output of an elevated oil tank? Reasoning being that the oil pipe goes into the house to feed the boiler, should there be a leak within the house theres a chance it may be more likely to be noticed when the boiler is on than off. So the...
  13. K

    URGENT Worcester Heatslave 15/19 Oil Combi Boiler Pressure

    My boiler pressure gauge is at zero so the boiler is not firing up. I thought I heard a small water leak in the wall near the boiler the other night, just before this happened, but the leak has now stopped. I have been reading other posts to try to find a solution and I've hunted everywhere...
  14. L

    Oil boiler diagram opinions?

    Wondering if anyone has any views on the following attempted diagram of my heating system. There are no room thermostats, the heating is either on or off and the circulation pump comes on and off depending on the thermostat thats placed at the bottom output of the water cylinder coil We have an...
  15. D

    Oil fired boiler burner shuts down after running normally for five minutes.

    Hi, I'm having problems with my oil fired central heating boiler. Its a Panda II with an Electro Oil burner fitted with a Danfoss oil pump. The problem- The burner fires up normally as per, and the flame is well established, however after seven minutes it flames out and then locks out after the...
  16. C

    Camray 5 oil burner warning lights meaning

    Need help deciphring these lights on a camray 5 oil burner. What do they mean ? I can't get the flow to heat up the water storage cylinder . The motorized valve won't open . Any ideas or suggestions on the subject ? 1588106893
  17. S

    Advice on oil boiler thermostats

    I've got a problem with an oil boiler overheating the water, I have a solution and if anybody has any relevant advice, I'd be obliged. I have a Firebird 90S oil boiler, which was installed about 10yrs ago. It has a Cordice 542788 thermostat fitted, which has a range of 60-90c apparently. The...
  18. A

    Can I get a flue diverter for a non condensing oil fired boiler ?

    Hi I have moved into a older semi bungalow it contains a Boulter 50/70 non condensing oil fired boiler the flue is illegal as far as I know being about 6" from the semi next door anfor about 6 " from ground level. Not only that the neighbours next door complained in the past about the smell so...
  19. S

    Help/advice please... (Grant) Kerosine boiler question

    Hi, My regular plumber is a good guy but getting reponse from my regular plumber (and the previous one) where I live is rubbish at the best of times. And in the current climate, getting anyone else is proving (understandably) impossible The valve, circled in white in the attached pic is...
  20. M

    HRM Wallstar 15/20 oil boiler cutting out

    I have an HRM Wallstar 15/20 boiler that is cutting out once or twice a day. It has a bubble in the oil pump suction hose. I have replaced the nozzle and oil filter element recently and checked and sealed joints in the suction pipe but bubbles still enter the transparent hose. In the past air...
  21. M

    SS twin-wall flue with condensing oil boiler

    Hi Forum, I am about to start the process of removing a wood pellet boiler and replacing it with a Grant Vortex Eco 15-21kW Utility condensing oil boiler. Flue currently in use is Staovax XQ Stainles twin-wall system, Stovax's manual states "For use with both commercial and domestic high...
  22. B

    Seized oil pump yet again

    Had a new boiler fitted 6 months ago only to discover water in my oil tank which resulted in seized pump. Just had another fill of oil and yet again more water and another seized pump. Can these seized pumps be reconditioned? I guess a new oil tank the only solution. Any advice/guidance much...
  23. R

    Dual Thermostat Wiring

    Hi guys, can anyone advise where I can get wiring diagram / instructions for a Thermomess dual thermostat. There are examples on line but not for this make of stat. Think its Italion
  24. M

    Bunded 1000ltr plastic domestic oil tank leaking from inner to outer skin

    Hi, our Bunded 1000ltr plastic domestic oil tank leaking from inner to outer skin, was installed, as part of a new-build, in 2016, to supply a boiler. When getting it refilled last week, the delivery driver pointed out that the outer skin was bowing out slightly and advised me to check it. I...
  25. K

    Leaking oil tank from compression fitting

    Had a leak on oil tank pipe fitting landlords plumber has said leak was due to small elevation on back of tank “brick” I know it’s bad practice not disputing that but I say olive was never fitted correctly as it’s loose on pipe please see attached vid any opinions would be appreciated
  26. P

    Stuck Riello RDB burner

    Relatively new to servicing, but have come across a Riello RDB unit that will not disengage from the unit. I have unbolted the securing nut but the burner will not budge. the boiler is a Warmflow unit quite a few years old and from the look of it and the oil hose I have replaced, not been...
  27. W

    Why does oil not flow from elevated tank

    I have a Rayburn 308K oil burning stove (uses concentric wicks) It is fed from a tank which is around 3m (10ft) above the inlet of the stove. I have it around 20 years. Ever since I got it, if I run out of oil, the stove will not light after the tank is refilled. The only way I can get the oil...
  28. H

    Oil usage up after replacing thermal store

    Hi there, we replaced our Rotex Sanicube thermal store after discovering large amounts of sediment in our hot water supply. It was replaced with a Wocester Bosch unvented 250l cylinder. The sediment issue was resolved immediately but have noticed a large increase in oil usage. Probably going...
  29. SJB060685

    To all the oil guys.

    Here is a classic example of why oil tanks should be installed correctly, with adequate spill and fire protection. This is what my sisters house mate managed to do to their shed yesterday. In the their garden is also a large double bunded plastic oil tank. Fortunately the tank was installed to...
  30. ShaunCorbs

    Underground Oil Line

    Need to repair an oil line that’s underground (digger/ old oil line that’s being disused) now I know it’s not the best but what’s the best practice eg flared and denso
  31. J

    Trianco Oil Boiler start-up

    I have an old but good Trianco EuroStar 50-60 (S) oil fired boiler with a Riello RBL G5 BF burner which has been well maintained and regularly serviced by me. I am not a professional but have a reasonably good working knowledge of the boiler and acces to a Brigon test kit. I am recently finding...
  32. R

    Aga oil conversion - what happens when oil runs out?

    I have a very dumb question - being totally new to Aga's - so please be kind! We have recently bought a house/project. It came with an old Series 2 Aga (pre 1972 as far as I understand) that was converted at some point to oil - using the BM valve. We've had someone look at it, clean it out, and...
  33. K

    New Oil Central Heating System

    Hi. I have a new oil central heating system having had solid fuel previously. It’s stopped firing up and I’m not sure if it’s because the oil is low or if there’s a problem. Plumber not answering (I understand, it’s that time of year). He hasn’t been back to “flush/clean” the system. It was...
  34. J

    Oil boiler size for large house

    Hi I’m looking to buy a new Combi oil boiler but don’t know what size to go for my old boiler was a Worcester heatslave 12/14 which was running originally 12 rads and one bathroom when I moved in. I then added a rad I believe it was to small to begin with as it was always breaking down it now...
  35. G M

    Mallusk, Northern Ireland - Leak in pressurised system soon after oil boiler install

    I recently got an external condensed boiler installed that was about a year old. No more than a few weeks after, my system is losing pressure. It is now losing about 1 bat every 12 hours or so and seems to be getting worse. I've been all round the house including crawling through the attic, but...
  36. G M

    Help - System losing pressure after oil boiler was replaced

    Hi folks, About a month ago, I replaced my oil boiler/burner with a used one that is about a year old. All seemed to be well after it was replaced however, within a week or two, the whole system has started losing pressure - approximately 0.2 bar every 2-3 hours. It seemed to happen a week or...
  37. M

    Connecting a Salus RT510 receiver to Oil Boiler

    Hi. I recently purchased a house with an old oil boiler (Boulter Classic) which had a timer switch to turn the pump/boiler on/off. After a bit of research I decided to replace the timer switch with a Salus RT510TX wireless thermostat / receiver. So on replacing the old timer with the Salus...
  38. gingalig

    Advise oil spill from tank..

    Thank you for any advise, I was called to attend for a tank inspection following a request to the customer from the environment agency who have found traces of heating oil in a local drain off ditch. (The customer is elderly and has recently lost her husband. ) I found it was single skin...
  39. B

    Thermostat /Oil Heating Advice

    Hi all, I’ve just moved into a house with Oil heating, I have a thermostat that just controls temperature and a separate box controls heatings zones (Pictures attached) My question is can I get a smart thermostat installed like a Hive or a Nest and will it do anything other than increase /...
  40. F

    Boulter Camray 5 Oil Boiler thermostat

    Hi We got a Camray 5 Oil Boiler with a timer control panel, is it possible to fit a room thermostat instead or have timer and room thermostat? How would it control both turning the boiler on and turn on the heating pump? Can you get wireless models? Thanks
  41. Inverness

    Riello oil pump is there more than one type

    Riello oil pump is there only one style of pump? Reasons asking as I removed a oil pump from a two pipe system but there wasn't a bypass screw in the return? But boiler had worked no problems until I touched it.
  42. J

    Tankless oil boiler/water heater - not enough

    We are a family of 5, we are not getting enough hot water from our relatively new tankless heater (it fluctuates in heat all the Time and won’t fill up a bath consistently with hot water - can’t support 5 people) . We want to add a water tank to increase amount of hot water available but have...
  43. Gordon

    Oil Central Heating Quote

    Plumber has quoted me £9,000 to install 1300Lt Oil Tank, Grant 36e External Combi Boiler, 5 small radiators and 2 large radiators. No VAT. Plus another £100 to sign off. Electrician quoted £370 to supply Nest Thermostat and conect to boiler. Builder wants £500 to lay the slab for the oil tank...
  44. kris

    Worcester heatslave problems any oil engineers here

    Any oil folks in the here today. I dont hardly do oil as all gas here except country side etc ... anyway I've one customer I had problems with this boiler earlier in the year I changed oil pump and capacitor and that fixed that. Now I'm back again and when calling for heat it runs and runs...
  45. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  46. I

    Oil fired Rayburn persistent fumes after service.

    I've been servicing my own oil fired Rayburn for years without any problems. Immediately after my last service, a few days ago, it smelt really fumey, stank the whole house out. It also would have regular (what I call mini-explosions - it's not that dramatic, but I can't think of a better word...
  47. B

    Accidentally fixed toilet - advice

    Hey guys So I got back to my flat last night and noticed my toilet kept overflowing from the cistern into the bowl. So a constant very slow trickle of water flowing into the funnel circled in blue (photo attached) Anyway - I took the top off my cistern and started fiddling around with...
  48. KenLM

    Low water pressure. Non-standard boiler.

    Hey folks, I’m moving into a 2 storey house built in 1970s, and water pressure upstairs is really bad. The current system: cold water supplied from mains, good pressure. Cold water is stored in a tank in the attic. Downstairs there’s a boiler, however it’s the first time I see one like that...
  49. N

    toilet leaking

    Hi, My toilet is leaking. After flushing there is water flowing. It is clean water so I wonder what that is. Please, can you advise further? thanks, Naveen
  50. B

    Replacing a toilet, but don't recognise this soil flange in the floor to join a pan connector?!

    Hope someone can identify what I need to connect my new toilet pan to the vertical soil pipe in the bathroom floor. The old toilet's pan drained vertically into the soil pipe. I now need to fit a new toilet + pan connector, but the flange in the floor doesn't appear to be catered-for when it...