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glow worm

  1. L

    Choosing the right Glow Worm boiler for you

    Glow Worm have a relatively new 'find a boiler' section on their website. https://glow-wormclubenergy.co.uk/FindABoiler?q=0
  2. L

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer https://www.glow-worm.co.uk/homeowner/find-an-installer/ I love it when the manufacturers help their installers out like this. Not all manufacturers seem to do it.
  3. Dan

    Welcome to the new Glow Worm Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Glow Worm Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Glow Worm boilers.
  4. G

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi ignition problem

    Hi, I am new to the forum and as a new home owner have a rather basic understanding of central heating systems! We have a main house and separate annexe which are supplied by two separate thermostats (Drayton digistat 2) which both run off the glow worm boiler. Without warning our heating did...
  5. C

    Has anyone fitted/ used/ replaced a Glow worm MiGo controller?

    I am looking to fit a remote controller for a customer who lives alone and works away a lot with a Glow worm boiler. I was looking at the Hive controller but see that Glow worm do their own version called MiGo. Has anyone had any experiences of this system - good or bad?
  6. phil hair

    glow worm ultracom 18hxi low flame problem

    hi, Im looking at a glow worm ultracom 18hxi that heats up to mid 70s/80s works for about 20 mins, then goes into low gas mode (one flame on display) and stays there for the rest of time. no heat in the water or rads. I have changed a 3 way valve (which was jammed with the black stuff) I then...
  7. A

    Glow worm/ valliant he

    30cxi combi. Fires up every time on ch demand. Hot water demand fails. Burner lights but doesn't sence flame and locks out. Fault code f1. Have adjusted gas pressure but no change. I feel mixture is all wrong on full power but fga and gas rate is fine. Maybe fan speed all out? On this boiler...
  8. T

    Glow Worm Ultimate 30 C hot water but no heating.

    Hi everyone, hope you're all well and hopefully someone will be able to help with a problem I have. The boiler seems to fire up with heating no problem at the start of a program but will randomly stop heating. There are no error codes on the boiler and the thermostat (Climapro 2RF) shows no...
  9. S

    Does a Glow worm 18sxi need a constant live

    I have a glow worm 18sxi, in having a few problems and my insurance are saying its because it doesnt have a constant live so they wont cover the problem as it was installed this way 13 years ago. So does it have to have a constant live?
  10. C

    Glow worm boiler issues

    Hi, We have a glow worm ultimate boiler (see pics) , we are new to the house but know it's around 20 years old, regularly serviced. Since last week we have had various issues: First the fuse blew, changed it. It then blew again and tripped all sockets. Changed to a 5amp. Hot water and heat...
  11. scott_d

    Glow worm energy boilers

    Anyone fitting these? Can you pay to extend the warranty to 10 years like Vaillant?
  12. R

    Glow worm not heating rads

    Hi chaps, hope you can help I have a Glow worm Ultracom 38cxi, HW is fine but CH is not working I turned it on last week and all went well but I struggled to turn it off so I just shut down everything, it appeared to be back to normal, all lights on, all controls OK, water heats ok, today I...
  13. C

    Glow worm Boiler Ignition Fault

    I am a new poster to this forum - not a heating professional, but a householder looking for advice. please. I have a Glow worm 18hxi boiler with Magnatech installed in 2006 by a local engineer who has serviced it regularly and comprehensively every year - very competent, has done a lot of work...
  14. Steve weightman

    Glow worm protherm 40/50 ci behaving weird

    Hi folks a letting agency boiler I've been asked to diagnose and repair the first visit the fans on but no sparking first thought was aps and the orange light on the pcb was also telling me so it's the pcb with the two fuse. So new aps fitted now I have the orange light to say aps proved and...
  15. L

    Glow worm 24ci not working

    Hi there, we have a glow worn 24ci boiler which won't kick in, keeps flashing 0.4 with a red light above. Have tried to Google it to see how to re-pressurise but nothing has helped. Does anyone have any suggestions please?
  16. Inverness

    Glow worm betcom 4. Making noises

    hi guys, replaced a combi swap a few months ago and customer has contacted me, saying sometimes when they open kitchen cold tap the boiler makes a noise but doesn't fire up? I connected hot and cold correct way if your asking lol. The mains pressure is very high could this be causing problems...
  17. B

    Glow worm ultimate pcb

    went out to a customer and found the pub burnt out. It’s an old ultimate 30ff. Found the replacement part number via glow worm archive and contacted Wolseley to get a price. There does however seem to be a discrepancy. Glow worms part number is for a two fuse pcb, wolsely don’t list the...
  18. S

    Glow Worm Ultimate boiler no ignition and no pilot...

    Hi, I came in tonight and turned the central heating up. Nothing happened. It was working fine this morning. There is no pilot light and the igniter is not firing. Power is getting to the controls, as I can here a click as I turn the power on, after turning it off from the switch. I am going to...
  19. R

    Valliant Glow Worm Heater Exchange - Pro Therm 80e

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if the heater exchange (0020025264) from a Valliant Glow Worm will fit into a Pro Therm 80e? Thanks Rob
  20. C

    Glow worm Boiler advice

    Hello all, new member, first post.... After some advice on a Glow Worm Flexicom 30hx boiler before I throw more money at it. It is having troubles lighting up when the temperature is below about 5°c. It tries to start as normal, fan runs and you hear a woompf as the gas ignites but it then...
  21. Inverness

    Space saving frame for a betcom 4 glow worm

    Do you know if you can get a space spacing frame to project the boiler further out than hard to the wall.
  22. Steve weightman

    glow worm fuelsaver manual needed

    really would be appreciated if any one has the glow worm fuelsaver 40br installation manual to hand having to do many visits to get it sorted out.
  23. N

    Glow worm 15hxi - dripping water

    Hi, over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that there's water dripping from the corner of the boiler. This only happens when the boiler is in use. Up to now the boiler is functioning and heating water and central heating. I would just like to be advised whether this is going to be a major...
  24. S

    Glow Worm 38CXI Hot Water Issue

    Hi There I hope you can help or point me in the right direction. I have a Glow Worm 38CXI boiler. The Central Heating is working perfectly however a few weeks ago we started to experience a problem with the hot water. When running the shower or putting a big demand on the hot water tap the...
  25. H

    Advice needed about an old boiler Glow Worm Space Saver 38.

    Please could anyone advice. I have a 36 y.o. Glow Worm Space Saver 38. I have had it for the last 6 years when bought my current house. I serviced it for the first two years but then stopped servicing in fear that it could be condemned just for being old an inefficient or no spare parts. I did...
  26. B

    Glow Worm boiler keeps cycling with no demand

    Hi all, first post but have a major issue that's causing me headaches. My system boiler (Glow Worm Flexicom 18hx) continues to cycle to keep itself up to temperature, even without any demand from the programmer (Drayton Lifestyle LP 522) which is also causing the pump in the upstairs airing...
  27. F

    glow worm flexicom 12hx

    at the moment i have 5 radiators 1 double and 4 single panel. they all are 40 odd years old , i want to relace all with double panel ones. would my boiler cope ok ?. it is a condenser boiler and the tank in the loft is open vented. hope some one can give me any advice. thanks.
  28. S

    Glow worm hot water problem - please help!

    Hi I’d really appreciate some guidance as I’m now utterly confused. My boiler (compact 100e) seems to be working ok except can be very slow to produce hot water from the taps (starts off cool slowly warming to reasonably hot, particularly if CH has been off), and also at times just luke warm...
  29. Inverness

    Cheap glow worm betcom 4 30c

    Advice, I'm wondering about the glow worm combi that has the mechanical time clock displayed on the front panel, can this be disconnected? As I'll be installing it in the loft and using the exciting room stat/ programmer. Not much experience in glow worms and I don't do electrics.
  30. A

    glow worm ultracom2 store 35 tripping on dhw.

    Looking for some guidance please. I have above boiler, its the 35 store, been in 6 years and now it trips out (at boiler reset on boiler) when calling for hot water, after about 4 or 5 miinutes run time. central heating no poblems, had heat exchanger replaced about 2 years ago and high temp...
  31. M

    Glow Worm Ultimate3 Stat Wiring

    Hi, can anyone clarify wiring and Honeywell 927 and BDR91 to a glow work ultimate 3. The BDR91 is currently set up as a 240v feed with 4 core cable. LNE are going straight from the receiver to the boilers LNE. I then have L bridged to A in the receiver. Does B from the receiver just go to RT...
  32. A

    Glow worm store 35 f81 code.

    Hi all Got a problem with above boiler, fault code f81 and discharge from vent, central heating working OK. I think it may be a faulty temp sensor causing overheating, gauge shows 55degrees. Any thoughts very much appreciated Cheers .
  33. M

    Glow worm easicom 28 leak

    Morning all, I have a slight leak issue with my combi boiler. I have noticed that there seems to be some water leaking from the bottom of my boiler, when I removed the cover just to see if I could spot the source I noticed there wasn’t really anything obvious until I accessed behind the...
  34. S

    Which boiler - Alpha, Glow-worm, Worcester, Vaillant

    Need a new combination boiler, so far have had two quotes one for an Alpha E-tec Plus 33 and one for a Glow-worm . The glow-worm one said they use the same parts as Vaillant so are as reliable. Are Alpha and Vaillant good alternatives to Worcester and Vaillant?
  35. M

    obsolete Glow worm return pipe

    Hello I am looking for a boiler part that is obsolete : Return pipe part no S801048 for a Glow worm energy saving combi GC 2 80 47 047 13, model no 801091. British Gas have said they can’t fix my 80 year old mum’s boiler without it. I’ve discovered the boiler has been dripping for months...
  36. MrYates

    Glow worm Ultracom 30sxi expansion vessel replacement.

    After reading about problems and relating them to my situation it seemed that the expansion vessel could be faulty. I depressed the schrader valve inner. After a brief and insignificant exhalation, I gave it a pump. There was a gurgling bubbling noise from the EV. On re-testing for pressure...
  37. S

    Glow worm 24ci overflow pipe

    Hi, My glow worm boiler seems to be working as normal but I am getting a constant pouring of water outside from the overflow pipe, any ideas what I should check?
  38. daWilko

    Advice on Glow Worm boiler please

    Hi All, I'm new here but fairly active in Sparks Forum (@Last Plumber where are you?). I've recently moved and have a Glow Worm Flexicom 18hx. Heating is gravity fed, y plan, external pump, small loft tank for CH and large tank to feed taps and HW. It all works, but not very warm. The boiler...
  39. D

    3 bed bungalow, Glow worm 125 electronic combi , heating excellent, taps temp rubbish,

    Hi folks, I recently moved into this bungalow and am not at all happy with the boiler, which is situated in the garage. Every morning I have to run off 3/4 of a bucket of water before any hot water arrives and even then it's not very warm I have to boil a kettle to wash the dishes. Kitchen and...
  40. K


    I have just moved home and inherited the above boiler which it doesnt seem has been maintained or serviced. So far we have established that the boiler thermostat is not reacting to the boiler temperature. The boiler is heating up very quickly then gets to a high temp or about 72, the rads...
  41. J

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi Combi boiler Fault.

    Hi guys. Wondered if anyone could shed some light on this. I have an ongoing problem with my ultracom 30cxi that was fitted about 7 years ago. (Wish I’d bought a worcester). I lose water pressure when the hot taps run. The boiler dumps the lot through the pressure relief valve. The...
  42. O

    glow worm filling loops on the cxi models

    hi all, ive come accross a couple of glow worm cxi's which have been buggers to fill up using the filling loop. one would only go up to 0.8 bar (the mains was 2.5 bar so no idea there) and the other was already at 0.7 bar but would not fill at all. now it does state in the glow worm manuals...
  43. K

    Problems with Glow worm betacom 24c

    Hi, Please help me!... I hope someone can give me a suggestion...?? Im freezing.. My boiler has decided to stop heating my rads!.. 2 weeks ago we had 2 new rads fitted, and there has been no problems, until today.. I have hot water.. I can hear the boiler fire up.. However it wont fire up...
  44. D

    Glow Worm Spacer Saver Replacement Boiler

    Hi Guys, At the moment our boiler (Glow Worm Spacer Saver RF) seems to be on its way out, there's quite a few weird 'clunking' noises coming from it now and again and I occasionally have to take the cover off it to free the fan up with WD40 or similar spray to get it to start up. About 4 days...
  45. J

    Glow Worm 38cxi Combi. Expansion Vessel fault??

    Hi guys, I have an extremely annoying problem. The pressure on the boiler is dropping by 1.0bar every 4 hours. The problem has been going on for about 4 weeks now. It is a Glow Worm 38cxi. I called glow worm out who told me that it must be a leak in the system and not the boiler at fault. So I...
  46. D

    Combi boiler shower advice

    I am a bit ashamed i have to ask this as i am a qualified plumber,although i took early retirment about 10 years ago. I have no real knowledge at all when it comes to combi boilers at all. Anyway my daughter has just moved into a new house,which has a Glow Worm Betacom combi boiler fitted. There...
  47. P

    Glow worm 24 cxi faults

    Hi went to look at this boiler over a week ago it was randomly showing F1 (failed to light) F4 (went out when lit) F13 (PCB connection fault) F14( htg flow >95C) when i turned up the owner said over the previous 2 days she was unable to turn it off. Anyuway checked it out and the boiler was...
  48. P

    Boiler choices!

    Hello all, I'm new here so go easy on me. I am looking for some advice on boilers. I was going to buy a Veissmann but, the building regs people have stuck their oar in and blown my budget out of the water. So now my budget does not stretch to the Veissmann. I am looking at the Glow Worm...
  49. M

    glow worm ultimate flue help

    hi, i have a ultimate boiler and i want to change my flue, it comes out of the back and i now would like it to come out of the side. Ive been told they are no longer made,ive been told there is a standard horizontal fitting kit part no a2034300 will this do the job ? can anyone advise please.
  50. W

    heating is not working witout hot water being on

    Hi I have a glow worm fuelsaver mk 11 boiler and ep 2000 controller it has been working for long time but now heating does not turn until hot water is on before i can have water timed an heating 24 hrs or both timed or just heating or just water any one can help me please