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  1. Dan

    Weekly Business Update Thread - Let us know how it's going please. :)

    We have a couple of threads running on the other forums. Trying to get people to give us a bit of an update weekly on how things are going for them in their trade. Thought I'd do the same for this forum too. Let us know what's working right now for you, how you're getting business in. Let us...
  2. A

    Advice on some of these please...

    I bought these (not the ones in the image, what they sent) Ratchet Tool for 0.5mm²-10mm² Ferrules - https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/DVDCER510.html, however I had to return them as the crimps kept getting stuck, nearly broke the wire getting it out. I was considering these Ferrule Kit -...
  3. whatsthenews

    Recommended/avoid brands/retailers please?

    Over the next few months we're redoing cloakroom,main bathroom and converting current toilet room to a small ensuite. So, 3 toilets, 2 possibly with concealed cisterns. Cloakroom will be with Grundfos macerator and due to modern toilets (slim cisterns) not having adequate space behind for the...
  4. C

    Could someone please help me with this?

    Could you explain what natural draught r/s means? Fanned draught r/s? Natural draught o/f? Fanned draught o/f? Ps. Flues are my weak point so any relevant information would be helpful.
  5. C

    Help me please- gas rate

    If gas rate fails would this be done to burner pressure? If not what would be cause?
  6. D

    Sewer odour, sack draft issue, help please!

    Hi all, I’ve got a sewer odour smell in my bathroom and found that there is a back draft in the sewer system which I think Is the cause of issue. Below is a video of the issue explaining it further a smoke machine. The is no AAV on the system, and the issue is the same with the extractor on...
  7. C

    Need help with this please

    Is the ffd or fsd don’t work what could be the reason for this?
  8. L

    Plumbing advice needed urgently!! Please help!!

    So my downstairs neighbours came up last night said they have water coming through their bathroom ceiling. I checked under bath panel, nothing, but under bathroom sink is wet all round under flooring. Think it's due to me having a blocked bath tub plug the other day and using a plunger...
  9. G

    Please help sigma 848 this clear tube is leaking is

    Please help sigma 848 this clear tube attached a photo is leaking is it a simple case of sealing better or more troubles ahead?
  10. B

    HElP PLEASE! Toilet making weird sound after flushing!

    Hi there guys! DIY and homeowner here! For the past month and a half, every time I flush my toilet, it makes this sound and it sounds like also the water is running! I'm not sure what it is! I always have to turn the water off after I flush, and it's getting annoying! Can someone tell me what's...
  11. M

    Radiator water flow noise - Can anyone help, please?!

    Hi, Since having some house renovations 2 years ago, which included adding two extra rads, replacing others and re-plumbing the boiler , I have suffered from quite loud, (but variable) 'water flowing' hissing noise, which is especially noticable from the first two rads on the system (which...
  12. P

    Central heating issue

    Vailant ecotec system boiler. Drayton Lifestyle controller Hi. Yesterday I turned on my central heating. After turning it at the controller off I noticed it was still running. The hot water was set to 'timer' (but wasn't on at that time) When I turned the hot water to 'off' the boiler stopped...
  13. B

    Advise please - Filling loop passing, replacemet?

    Hi All I have a filling loop in one of my properties that has been left connected. It also looks like the tenant has been filling the system and rounded off one side (CW) off the isolation valve one way valve. It looks like it is in the open position but is not turnable (unless i dremel a...
  14. SMB

    Concealed bath taps. Help please.

    Hi, I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for 22mm concealed bath taps. I am fitting a small bath with an overflow fill system. It will have a plinth on two sides. I have been unable to find concealed taps to fit in the plinth so all one can see above the plinth would be the two tap heads. I...
  15. A

    Advice for shower bath tap/shower configuration please

    Hi I'm changing the old bath and will be putting in a p-shaped shower bath and was looking for a bit of advice and inspiration please. There are so many configurations to think about so I would appreciate feedback on how you would do it. Firstly the bathroom is 1st floor and the pressure hasnt...
  16. J

    Can someone identify this tap please ?

    I have a leaking valve on the mixer tap on my boat. So I know that I have to empty the water tank on the boat, which is just a case or running the tap for an hour until it runs out and makiing sure we are not on shore power so the calorifier is not heating water while I do it.
  17. G

    advice please on which column/vertical rad to buy

    the wife has decided she wants one of these in the kitchen size approx 24" wide by 72" high, all measurements imperial as per Mr Mogg. Flow rate not a problem as all pipework copper 15 and 22mm put it in myself. just need recommendations as to which manufacturer
  18. P

    Weird pump set-up ??? Advice please..

    hi there. My unvented heating system has a single pump which is located in the upstairs airing cupboard. The pump outlet feeds a motorised valve for the heating and a motorised valve for the hot water. However, there is also a direct feed from the pump to the return side of the hot water...
  19. W

    Is this normal? Help Please

    Our boiler has been making this funny noise all day. Only started this afternoon. Happens every 45 seconds or so. Have attached an audio file on the link below. Starts at 5 seconds in and then again at about 44 seconds. Thanks for any help! Dropbox - Boiler noises.m4a - Simplify your life
  20. A

    Help identify again please

    Hi Could anybody help identify the box next to the temp gauge please, inquisitive! ta
  21. A

    Identification help please

    Hi All Could anybody identify this for me please ( the silver box), it's on a santon premier plus pp210b calorifier, is it a pump? Thanks Andy
  22. C

    Help please with this

    hi First post on here , come across this at a dentists surgery today , any ideas of the make and where I can get a replacement ? Bolts straight onto the sink , no strainer as it’s inbuilt in the sink
  23. G

    Valve ID`s required please?

    Can anyone tell me the make and model of these valves please?
  24. N

    Worcester 24cdi problems, advice please!!

    Hi all. Brief introduction. I'm a fully trained engineer at Rolls Royce so have a good idea how things work. Most parts have been replaced over the years and it has been a good work horse over the years. I recently fitted an external expansion vessel on the CH return as the one in boiler was...
  25. M

    Advice on radiator removal please

    Good afternoon, I need to permanently remove a radiator from my mobile home (static caravan type thing). It has a Vaillant ecoTEC Pro 24 combi boiler running the central heating and hot water. I cannot find the drain valve to drain the system down, so am wondering if I can get around this...
  26. S

    Identifying a sink please

    Evening everyone, was hoping for some help identifying my in-laws bathroom sink, to see if anyone has ever came across it before. They’re thinking about getting a new one so looking for anything on how to take it apart without smashing it. Father inlaw mentioned it had really big springs in...
  27. M

    CWST temperature advice please

    Hi all, first time posting, looking for advice regarding a CWST. I was asked to look at a system where the customer couldn't get below 25degree at cold taps. The building is predominantly unused at the moment, it is going to be used as a holiday let soon. It has 8 ensuite bedrooms, a main...
  28. T

    What connector do I need on this shower valve please?

    I am putting a shower in, but cant fathom what connector I need to use to get the mains water supply connected to the valve. The water coming into the valve will be via 15mm pipes, but the opening at the moment is bigger than that so I need a reducer or something for this I think. I'm aiming...
  29. M

    Underground drainage advice please.

    Hi all. I have not done any drainage as of yet but will be next week. I am taking out a macerator and instead installing a soil stack and underground drainage to an existing man hole. Q1) can I use a short radius (rest) bend at the foot of a stack? When looking online it does say that this is...
  30. S

    Kitchen sink overflow help please

    hi - my kitchen overflow is leaking and I’ve discovered the connection has come loose but there is no space to get my hand up at the back to reconnect it. Is this a simple reconnection job or should it be fixed better. I’ve circled in red the two points I need to connect. Unfortunately the...
  31. S

    Quick answer on mid position valve fault please

    Evening all, I’ve just left my last job of the day and I’m completely knackered. I’ve just been round to a job I did in January ( manual flush radiator on kicrobore) and whilst I was there the old tower mid position valve was making a racket, so the customer asked me to put a new one on(...
  32. R

    A little reassurance/help please

    So we have anew build (if it matters) and we removed 1 radiator, and we will exchange 1 with vertical. My questions are: Does it matter which pipe we will connect where on the vertical radiator?- We want it to be connected on the top to avoid extending the existing pipes (they are flexible...
  33. M

    Request for work shadowing please - SE London, Kent and Surrey

    Good evening I am looking for a work shadowing opportunity with a view to work alongside an experienced plumber/heating engineer such as yourself on a part time basis from July 2019. In the meantime, I would like to be able to enhance my plumbing skills and confidence so I would be very...
  34. M

    Toilet Fill Valve Identification Please

    Hi there. Have any fellow plumbers come across this type of fill valve before? It’s in one of those awkward toilets which is completely inaccessible ie no access to the close coupling bolts or inlet connections because of the style, though it it a close coupled type. My apologies for the poor...
  35. M

    Bathroom Disaster Please Help

    We have had our bathroom refurbished recently in my absence. We were to have a shower with sliding door input as per image 1. The controls for the shower couldn't be placed at the opening end of the sliding door so the plumber placed them above the basin as you can see. So you have to walk from...
  36. B

    What is this valve please?

    I'm guessing it's a check valve / non return valve, but I've never seen one like this before. It's leaking and needs replacing. Any advice welcome.
  37. G

    Advice for bathroom please

    Hello all, I'm hoping for some advice if anyone can spare a moment to assist. Attached is picture of a bathroom my better half found on the net and we'd very much like that basin/wc unit for our bathroom. At a guess, it looks like it's custom - unless anyone knows where something similar can...
  38. B

    Waste routing to existing SVP advice please!

    Hello everyone! We are looking to change bathroom layout in our new house, hoping to squeeze in an en suite alongside the main bathroom. Here is a plan of our ideal final layout: Our existing space is 332 by 260 cm. Our idea is to put up a ~30 cm stud wall (green) leaving a 120 by 260 cm en...
  39. J

    Settle a bet fot me please

    My mate says that a domestic gas engineer can work on up to 70kw appliance when there is other appliances as long as there is an isolator before appliance. I say that the whole installation from meter to all appliances must be 70kw maximum. Trying to look in books for answers, I have bpec and...
  40. P


    Good Afternoon Please can anyone confirm what the minimum distance the top of the flue pipe should be from the eaves and guttering if the flue is extended so the end of the flue is past the fascia and gutters and releases any gasses into the open air. I have an Intergas 28/24 combi boiler In...
  41. R

    Advice please on an unvented cylinder

    Firstly hello, i did a quick search and wasn't sure whether this should be in here or the central heating section so if i've got it wrong i apologies! We are looking to replace our current vented system with an unvented indirect 210l cylinder to replace the current pump used for two deluge...
  42. P

    Advice on Air Admittance Valves please

    Hi I have a client who has three WC's served by one long waste pipe feeding into a soil pipe. When the WC on the far left is flushed it causes either one or both of the other WC 's to overflow. I think it must be because an Air Admittance Valve has not been fitted? Would you agree? If so what...
  43. H

    Advice please on new loo fitting

    Had a new loo fitted and it's leaking from a flexible pipe that s had a water isolating valve put on it the leak is actually coming from the valve not the flexi , he's been back to tighten it but it's still leaking he said something about taping it if it's still leaking and I call him again...
  44. B

    Nibe system being replaced. Advice please

    Hello, I joined here some time ago after my sister moved into a rented 2 bed flat. This flat has a Nibe system and did not know about the notorious system. recently was paying £50 per week to heat to 19deg After many month of hassle the housing association as agreed to replace the system BUT no...
  45. J murton

    Invented cylinder advise

    Hello Can anyone advise on what non carded plumbers can work on with regards to unvented systems please ? Thanks
  46. P

    Bath Side Panel - expert advice please

    Hi everyone. I am in dispute with my landlord - I moved into a new property (Newbuild) - and straight away I noticed the bath panel started to get little stress fractures, he came along and put silicon over the whole thing - Now I have moved out he has told me I damaged the panel and need to...
  47. M

    Please help - have i been ripped off?

    Hi. My house, in north London, has a Sime Superior 100 boiler. Last year I noticed the water pressure was slowly dropping (in all the taps, and the shower), so at the start of December I got a plumber out, who said we needed a new pressure valve for the boiler. I was told the new valve was about...
  48. J

    One Pipe System - Help Please

    Hi All, I am so glad I found this forum whilst looking for advice on the net. I am not a plumber as such but I do know a thing or two about DIY. Our house is a 1937 built detached which had a central heating system installed in probably around the early 80's, originally oil boiler system. But...
  49. P

    Help identifying this compression fitting please

    Hi, can anybody tell me who makes these 22mm plastic to copper tees? They're installed all over my CH system (house built 2007) and this is the 2nd one to have leaked in last 12 months. After cutting off the first one that leaked and replacing it with a SpeedFit I worked out I simply needed to...
  50. Sausage_Hider

    HRM Wallstar Oil Boiler - Advice please

    Hi all, I have a Wallstar Oil Boiler 12/15. A few years ago, it developed a problem where it would fail and it required a manual reset on the boiler controller outside. I didn't know much about oil boilers back then. I have had a number of 'heating engineers' and so-called specialists to it...