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  1. L

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"?

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"? How many of you are one of their Club Energy installers they mention?
  2. Dan

    Toto Energy Goes Bump - Customers getting gas for free? What to do?

    Toto Energy Goes Bust- Customers getting gas for free? What to do? TOTO News Administration appointment 30th October 2019 Steve Absolom and Will Wright were appointed Joint Administrators of Toto Energy Ltd – in Administration (the ‘Company’) on 30 October 2019. Formal notice of appointment...
  3. scott_d

    Glow worm energy boilers

    Anyone fitting these? Can you pay to extend the warranty to 10 years like Vaillant?
  4. A

    energy efficiency course

    Its been a decade since I did my energy efficiency course, I wanted to refresh myself on a few things, could anyone recommend a good text book thanks in advance
  5. S

    Renewable energy, alternate fuels.

    Gas boilers are great at the moment however in the not to distant future the need for an alternate fuel source will be inevitable. I understand Ground source heat pumps, air source, biomass etc are current alternatives however I personally feel these lack the practicality and performance needed...
  6. Dan

    Find a Renewable Energy Specialist - Solar Thermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps etc

    Find a renewable energy specialist. Ground-source heat pump installers. Biomass pallet and log boiler installers. Air and ground-source heat pump specialists. Find your local renewables specialists right here on the UK's largest plumbing advice website. Post a new thread in this forum category...
  7. Worcester

    Another one bites the dust - ICE Energy

    ICE Energy recently shut up shop, difficult to say whether administration or receivership at the moment as message to clients is confusing. Website https://www.iceenergy.co.uk/news/thank-you-for-writing-to-ice-energy says Clients have been left worse than high and dry as according the one...
  8. A


    Hello. I am writing a paper and am having a hard time finding sources. I'm hoping someone here can help. I need information on pressure booster pumps. I am new to the UK and have found that in my home there is a tank in the attic where the water is gravity fed to the taps. I have looked online...
  9. missplumb

    back on the hunt

    Due to being let down by our local gas engineer, we are looking for a commercial gas engineer with module to service boilers ideally in or around the Leeds area. The job is a new energy centre in leeds which has 3 Ideal Imax 560kw boilers as backup for a 200kw biomass boiler. The gas boilers...
  10. C

    Fuel Costs - Electric up, Oil down

    Our calculations | Energy Saving Trust Please see link to trusted site for fuel costings as you can see it the costs for kW/h for oil is around 5.36p against standard rate electric of 14.05p, even allowing for some heat loss from boiler & pipes it is still much cheaper to heat your hot...
  11. B

    Taking advantage of solar energy

    I have a conventional central heating system using a Worcester 24cdi combi boiler, supplying heating and hot water. I intend to have about 3.5kW of solar PV panels installed. To take advantage of the 'free' electrical energy available during the day, would it be possible to install a copper...
  12. H

    British Gas seek qualified Gas Installers in various locations UK wide

    Opportunities are available in the following areas: Scotland Wales (Aberystwyth) East of England Midlands East Anglia South East South Central London We look after our customers’ worlds everyday by providing value for money, dedicated customer service, innovative energy solutions and the...
  13. hammers4spanner

    dominant fuel

    just wondering where you guys are looking to go into next few years which fuel do you think will be king gas ? ground source? biomass? ashp? solar? where is the biggest earner gonna come from?
  14. E

    GAS & LECCY allways going up

    The news again today energy companies putting up prices about 10 % again. . Perhaps it`s the Goverment allowing the energy companies to rip us off with ever increasing GAS & LECCY prices, with OFFGAS & OFGEN to turn a blind eye, either way they are a waste of our TAX money to be toothless in...
  15. C

    Ideal Cavalcade 340 Gas boiler Energy Efficiency Rating?

    I own an ex-council house that has a Ideal Cavalcade 340 or 350 boiler. The manual I have is dated 1991. I qualify to have my boiler replaced free under the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme. The problem is the boiler is so old it pre-dates when the tables were introduced so I...
  16. M

    Regulation issue

    Hi folks, I am quoting to fit a replacement boiler in a commercial premises, The. client tells me 3 other plumbers have told him its a requirement to also chang the HW tank now I've searched everywhere and I cannot find a requirement to do this additional work. The tank is old and uninsulated...
  17. B

    CH not circulating

    Had a call out today to bleed an oil line. While there, I was asked to look at the heating. It's a large house, 22 rads. New boiler. Pipe work is 28mm to and from pump (15 60) up to 22 then 15 to rads. The system has apparently been balanced a few times but never successfully, quite a few rads...
  18. hammers4spanner

    greendeal confusion

    So who on here is thinking about signing into this ? Went into the merchants this morning and this came up in converstaion with the guys behind the counter one saying your going to need it and will get loads of work the other saying all the big builders arnt buying into this .Myself i'm totally...
  19. B

    Radiators in conservatory??

    Hi guys was wondering what the regs are regarding extending heating system into conservatory and fitting a couple of radiators. My mate says since 2010 you cant do it anymore??
  20. G

    non condensing high efficiency boiler

    The boiler efficiency rating as to be 90% and above, so not necessarily it has to be a condensing boiler, if we can reach that level of efficiency with a better heat exchanger without condensing we should be able to install it. Am I wrong?
  21. A

    Boiler KW Rating

    Hello, Could someone please explain what is meant by the boiler KW input and how it is achieved. Also would i be right in thinking that the boiler KW output is how much power the boiler gives off? Thankyou.
  22. D

    rad caps

    going to air test my new rad circuits soon. I've the o-ring sealed blanking, and vent caps. After finger tight, how much should I turn these, and what's best to use to lube the o-ring. thanks.
  23. D

    being environmentally aware

    do you think in the current climate that solar , ground source heat pumps, biomass are the road to go down,or now that the goverment have seen to have pulled the rug from under the installers feet is now a dead end..?
  24. E

    Solor hot water

    Basically my solar hot water system is over heating in the summer months, blowing off and losing gycol through the PRVs located on the roof. It sounds to me that my cylinder is too small for the 4 panels. The answer is of course to replace my cylinder with a larger model but I don't want to...
  25. J


    Hey guys.I'm sorry if this has been asked before but how much is mcs???And what do you have to do. I've read so much I jus want it in laymans LOL
  26. R

    Poystyrene walls

    Hi, I am a plumber in Australia. The current trend here is to clad houses with polystyrene (3" thick) and then render them with concrete. Are they doing this in the Uk? I invented a fixing that will hold in the polystyrene, good for putting on downpipe brackets etc. would like to know if there...
  27. D

    band b boilers

    what is the situation regarding band b boilers,am i right in saying manufactures are no longer producing, selling them. if this is the case, is there a time scale regarding fitting band b boilers.
  28. A

    Opportunity for Solar Thermal Installer

    Absolute Solar and Wind is a fast growing company in the field of renewable energy based in the West End of Glasgow. Growth in the market demand requires us to expand our installation teams and the immediate opportunity is for an EXPERIENCED PLUMBER who is practical, M&E minded person and would...
  29. M


    Hi, Is ther any new options available for co-gerneration or tri-gerneation for HVAC systems that are enabling more efficient use of energy,or techniques that can be used to increase efficiency???
  30. L

    Are radiators energy efficient?

    I'm doing up my house and wasn't sure about which heating option to choose. I thought that radiators were really inefficient but then I found this report from MARC, what do you guys think? : Aimed at assessing the future role of steel panel radiators in an evolving market, the report...
  31. B

    Energy Market

    Read an article in the Sunday Times recently that said the energy market will probably move away from gas in the near future and go electric. Must say I agree, most of the renewable stuff is electrical based, wave power, wind turbines, hydro, water wheel, voltaic, fuel cell and so on...
  32. S

    Work needed

    Hello All I have recently finished a number of qualifications and am now looking for employment in the Surrey area if anyone is looking to take someone on then please get in touch. I'm 30 years old, professional & reliable and would be happy to work for free initially to prove this! I have...
  33. F

    Brookhouse training centre

    I all just wondering if anyone has heard of Brookhouse training centre or done any training with them. it is supposed to be 18 weeks training, 8-10 of these are out on site with an engineer and 8 in the classroom. Now I'am not trying to kid myself that in 18 weeks you can far from call yourself...
  34. G

    Rads not so hot

    My rads are not so hot as they used to be. Have been told that they may need sentinal x 400. I have a combi boiler so how is this applied to the system and how long does it have to stay in system for and what do i have to do after. Please help as i need all the help i can get.
  35. D

    Bathroom too cold

    I live in a Victorian terraced house which is an incredibly cold house. We have no central heating but do have a gas supply. The house is basically heated with two gas fires, two gas wall mounted heaters and then various electric heaters. The water boiler we have is electric and one of those...
  36. M

    Help, New Boiler or Fix

    Hello, I own a 4 bedroom student flat which has 8 radiators. Room sizes are reasonably sizeable but I am unsure as the exact BTU calculation. The central heating system currently has a Worcester 230 boiler which is quite old, but I understand has been serviced. The boiler is frequently...
  37. R

    what would you set the overnight temprature to on a programable room stat

    Hi all Just installed my pro\room stat and it has as an overnight temp for the last event @ 14*C. I don't want the heating on so turned this down to 10*C. What do you think, is this okay or is 14*c okay Thanks Robert
  38. P

    Free SOlar Panels from British gas?

    Ok, BG have contacted me regarding an offer they have on these They will supply, fit, insure, and maintain solar panels for free for me on my roof I get to use the electricity from them they get the extra supply to feed back into their supplies Sounds good so whats the catch I was asking...
  39. S

    boxing in external central heating pipework

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can advise on the best way to insulate and box in some external central heating pipework. Don't ask why the pipes run outside, I don't even know myself, the plumber told my parents it had something to with not being able to drill through a lintel. Anyway it's done...
  40. justlead1

    Velux solar panels

    I have a zinc roof to install. Velux panels are to be fitted, which require me to flash around. However its not clear with the information i have to determine whether the flow and returns from the panels pass through the roof with in the area of panel or adjacent to panels. Has any one...
  41. T

    Solar Controller

    Any one have or know where I can get set up instructions for a TR0603 controller (installed by smart energy )
  42. E

    Help with problem re: Cold water from basin hot tap on combi system

    Hi All, I'm not Gas Safe so don't touch boilers, (as one shouldn't when not Gas Safe), however, a customer called me to ask if I could fix a problem thats just started to happen with their combi system in a small flat with 5 radiators. When they turn on the hot tap at the bathroom basin it...
  43. V

    Sub Contracting PLEASE HELP ME

    Hi all Just set up on my own and I am going the subbie route to kick start myself while I build up my client base. Been on all the tests to sub to BG and have uniform, laptop, paperwork etc. However it is taking forever to start had all my gear for a month now and still waiting:( The agency I...
  44. C

    Logic4training, wlt-group or any other recommendations near to Slough for ACS gas?

    Hi all I've been reading this forum for a while and it is full of great information and opinions on training courses. This is my first post so take it easy on me! I am looking to do a gas course through the ACS scheme and understand the requirement for on the job experience which is where the...
  45. R

    Boiler stops trying to fire in the evening?!?

    Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on a strange problem I'm having with my boiler. We have a wireless thermostat to control when the heating should come on. In the morning the boiler fires up and everything works as it should most of the day. However, at some point in the evening...
  46. P

    Looking to complete my Gas Portfolio

    Hi everybody, I've just completed an Intermediate Gas course and I'm now looking for somebody to complete my portfolio with so I can get on the Gas safe register. Just wondered if anyone would be interested or even know of anybody else that might be willing to help me. Obviously i'm not looking...
  47. A

    hybrid liverpool

    looking into doing a gas course at hybrid in liverpool went for interview to discuss course and fees, very happy with what i saw but could anybody give me any info on this course and wether its worth the cost, any feedback would be apreciated;)
  48. I


    HI, can I ask, is it a legal requirement to fit a room thermostat?
  49. M

    Self employed way forward?

    Hey all, thanks for taking the time for reading this, not sure if i even posted in the right forum.... Basically i qualified in domestic gas in July this year, have my acs, portfolio, met1 wat1 ckr1 etc etc, and i have been looking hard for work since. Everyone wants eiter 2 years experience, or...
  50. K

    supply to towel rails

    how do you run an additional circult to serve the towel rails totally separate to the radiators? where does this circuit connect to from the tank?