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  1. R

    Sense Check - Water Pressure so low mixer shower no longer works but electric shower will?

    I have a tenanted property which has a standard boiler and hot water tank. Since it was built in the 1990's the bathroom has had a mixer shower fed from the bath taps for a shower into the bath. Recently the tenant has explained that the shower is too hot. The managing agent plumber has told...
  2. D

    hot water secondary return check valves

    I,m about to change from plastic fitting to copper and want to add a check valve into my secondary hot water return line what prevents the hot water sucking the water out of the secondary return line the plumber that fitted it is no longer here so I cant ask why a check valve wasnt installed...
  3. B

    New washing machine water valve issue.

    I recently fitted a new washing machine along with a new cold water feed hose. Since installation whenever the toilet upstairs finishes filling, the shower is turned off, the cold water tank in the loft stops filling or the kitchen cold tap is turned off, there is a clunking noise coming from...
  4. bgs264

    Shower allowing hot water into cold feed

    Background: I have an outhouse with its own cold feed (with own stopcock). The hot feed into the outhouse is provided via a combi boiler in the main house - and therefore is controlled by the stopcock on the cold feed to the house. Therefore, to totally isolate both hot and cold water in the...
  5. C

    water meter continues to run...

    Hi all, New to the forum and would like to get some advice on something that's got me stumped. My water meter continues to run even when I'm not using water - we're talking just under 400mL of water per 6 hours or so (that's the longest I've managed to go without using water). I managed to...
  6. J

    Radiators off, boiler switched off - can I turn the water on?

    The radiators were taken off and the boiler was switched off as was the water supply. Would switching the water supply back on cause a leak? The only taps are the bathroom and kitchen which have their own stop valves. The toilet has not been removed.
  7. L

    No hot water and heating comes on! Changed 3 port valve.

    I wonder if anyone could help. Problem: We have no hot water and the heating comes on when we switch the hot water on from the boiler programmer to heat the hot water up. Our boiler is a Potterton Suprima or (Supr1ma). What we’ve done so far: My neighbour switched the three port valve so...
  8. G

    WC water level drops with new set-up

    I had en-suite installed in a bedroom, but because of problems linking to sewer, waste from WC/shower/basin runs into a new soil pipe at side of house, which goes into a tank. When level in tank rises, a pump in the tank sends it all up a small pipe, which goes around to back of house and feeds...
  9. S

    Dripping hot water cylinder from upper thermostat... Is it safe?

    Hello I live in a rented flat and have noticed water dripping from the top thermostat of the water cylinder (see picture). It worries me as there is clearly electric wiring nearby, and also another thermostat at the bottom that the water is dripping towards. My landlord's plumber is...
  10. D

    No hot water from hot water cylinder

    Having difficulty with our hot water from hot water cylinder. Now don't have a clue which taps / valves should be on or off. No hot water coming through to the taps at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. B

    Boiler and water pump

    Hi all, let me set the scene boiler in downstairs kitchen Water pump? (red thing in airing cupboard upstairs) the pump is loud enough to hear downstairs the drone or humming is noticeable and The boiler fires upat the same timethis all happensif heating ison or not the pump gets so hot you...
  12. A

    Water gushing out tap and shower- while off

    HI We recently had our en-suite refitted- been using it about a week. Earlier today we noticed water coming through the ceiling of the room under it. we ran upstairs and found water coming out the shower heads and out if the bath tap- the tap has actually come away from the tiles. Nothing had...
  13. S

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave 20/25 Hot Water Not Working

    Hey there, I have a boiler (Heatslave 20/25) that had low pressure. I topped the pressure back up to 1 bar using the external filling pipe but the heating still won't come on. Do I need to reset anything? Thanks for any help
  14. G

    worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler water not hot enough

    I have a worcester greenstar camray utility 12/18 oil boiler and we have not used the hot water for years on the boiler we use it for just heating as we have electric shower and dishwasher etc. This year we thought we would use the hot water, but on turning the hot water on it only heats the...
  15. M

    Hot water control (middle) difficult to turn and temp

    Hi I had a new shower fitted around 18 months ago.The middle knob controlling the temperature got a bit difficult to turn and eventually I had to remove it and attempted to put it back. I gradually found I could not get it cooler and would only come out hot. Does it sound like the cartridge...
  16. E

    Combi conversion with gravity cold water

    If a conventional system is changed to a combi boiler and the twin boost pump and CWST have been left in and working would it be an issue that gas safe can get involved with ? The mains hot water and tank fed cold water was running through pump and because pump stopped working cold water...
  17. D

    Leak from Water pipe coupler

    Hello all, I was fixing a stuck tap in my garden today, and after turning the isolator back on a coupler further along the pipe work started leak. The coupler has hex nut screw so I decided to try tightening it, that didn't work and more water started to come out. After isolating the water...
  18. A

    dripping hot water tap

    My hot water kitchen tap downstairs is leaking. I can't find a valve in the hot water feed. There's a red wheel valve in the airing cupboard upstairs next to the immersion heater that controls the water into the bottom of the immersion heater (there's also a normal square valve just before it...
  19. Cat

    Water pressure mystery

    Hey folks, I am hoping you can help me solve a bit of a mystery. My water pressure drops on occasion, kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower (electric) meaning the temperature fluctuates and it shuts off. I haven't had any plumbing work done but my downstairs neighbours have, the water supply...
  20. M

    Hot water from cold tap help

    Hi I am getting hot water through the cold tap, could this be a TMV problem? TIA
  21. B

    Wifi/Smart Water Meter

    A property which I rent out (HMO) has a standard water meter installed which is fine, but the utility company do not provide 'smart meters', so I am left to make my own arrangements. I wish to be able to monitor use/readings more frequently online or via an app. This could provide indications...
  22. B

    Low Water pressure area

    Dear all, I have a question please kindly help me. The job is in rural area and has very low water pressure. There is no gas here. The customer is thinking to install an electric combo boiler. The problem is the minimum pressure for electric boiler is 1 bar. How can I fill up the combo system...
  23. R

    Water Pump that pumps from river when it detects low water in storage tank

    Hello All, Im trying to figure out how best to get water supply from a river which is close to my property. Im currently looking into a gravity fed system. But was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of pump would i need that could automatically pump the water when it detects the...
  24. S

    Shower trap water seal

    Whilst looking at shower traps i noted reference to the water seal measurement. Having done a quick search to work out what it referred to, it seems that i may need a 75mm water seal trap (90mm size), due to the trap connecting to an internal soil stack!? Surely all traps eventually feed to an...
  25. J

    Water softener query

    Hi I’m looking into getting a water softener at home. Nearly all install guides show the bypass and waste going through a wall to outside. In my situation this isn’t possible. Can these both be drained away in the same manner that the washing machine / dishwasher do? I did read about potential...
  26. J

    Hot water pump runs continuously

    I have a Potterton Precision boiler fitted by British Gas 8 yrs ago. All good up to now but in the last few months it has failed to come on a number of times when required by the thermostat. I have had to press the reset button. The pump has also recently started to show it is running at low...
  27. R

    Very loud Vaillant water heater, video provide

    I have a solar powered water heater, on some days its extremely loud for a few hours. Most days it's silent and there's no noise when the sun goes down. First video is with the cover on when it's making the most noise View: https://youtu.be/AgFyb34Ej9s Second video when it calms down a...
  28. J

    New boiler setup - hot and cold water cycles repeatedly

    Hello - I recently got a new Worcester Greenstar 30i 30kW Combi Boiler 7733600005 installed in my property. Previously I had a 37KW combi boiler but that was 10 years old. But my plumber said that 30KW combi boiler should be more than enoguh. The day this was installed, I also had my water...
  29. O

    Aga loud bang then yellow water

    Hi folks I have a gravity feed Aga twice in the last week a very loud bang came out of it, not from the fire box (its oil fired) but from the hot water side i immediately ran the hot tap and the water was yellow for a time then went clear, i am thinking a valve is sticking somewhere anyone had...
  30. B

    How does water work in flat, is this right?

    Hi everyone, just a question for my own knowledge and understanding of how water works in my flat and making sure everything complies with water regulation in the UK. , The flat is circa 1960s used to have a hot water cylinder and cold water tank in the cupboard but since late 90s or early 2000...
  31. A

    Combi Boiler heats radiators when hot water only is selected.

    My combi boiler has started heating the radiators when I select hot water only. Any ideas ? The system has been in for maybe 10 years.
  32. D

    When i empty sink water goes in toilet bowl

    When I empty the sink in my ensuite bathroom, the water goes into the toilet bowl. The toilet water when flushed comes up to the rim and slowly goes down. Some of the water comes up through the shower. All other toilets and sinks in the house are fine. The shower and bath in main bathroom are...
  33. M

    Cold water storage tank bung

    If there anything else that is safe to use to bung the outlet of a cold water storage tank. Could do. With some bungs tomorrow but most places can only get. Hold of them next day. Thanks
  34. will-i-am-sam

    Cold Shower/ No Hot Water

    ??? Hello there, we have a Bristan Bliss electric shower, yesterday morning it was working fine, my husband and my daughter both had a shower no problem. We had a plumber round to relocate our bath pipes and sink pipes & to fit the new toilet, ready for our new bath and sink to be fitted, but...
  35. K

    I cant find the cold water valve shut off

    Please see the pics. I can not find the cold water shut off valve. Just trying to replace the tap in my bathroom and want to shut off the hot and cold water. Hot water is off now. The left valve on the pics is the hot one and logically the right should be cold one. Its just not turning...
  36. N

    Hot water zone valve issue

    Hi I’ve been having problems with my boiler tripping my electrics For a while which has got worse.. I now have no hot water and my boiler won’t turn on for more than 5 Mins without tripping. A gas engineer attended yesterday and said it was water damage from the pipes and the hot water zone...
  37. B

    Hot water only when heating radiators.

    Hello. I have a Worcester Greenstar 24 Ri boiler linked to a Megaflo cylinder. The boiler heats water for central heating but when I want hot water only the boiler does not fire up. I can get hot water when the central heating is on, but not ideal in the summer. The boiler is only 18 months old...
  38. Stanios

    Promax/ Performa hot water switch

    I am sure everyone is familiar with these and the common diaphragm replacement cure for drips and no hot water fix. Just the other week replaced a diaphragm it looked pretty good I put new one in anyway. The pin did come out but only when the tap was half way on at least. Pressure in the house...
  39. J

    biasi boiler leaking water

    Hi, I`m new here, sorry if i dont know any tech talk on boilers, but my boiler is leaking water, I cant get it fixed at the moment, but i cant stop it leaking ,I`ve tried to turn off the water at the mains but that doesnt seem to be working, unless the waters coming out from the boiler system...
  40. D

    Heating water has started heating the radiators as well!

    Hi, Up until a few weeks ago heating the water (we have a water tank) used to heat the radiators in the bathroom and the en suite. For some reason our water heater has started heating all the radiators in the upstairs of the house apart from the bathroom, en suite still heats up though! Any...
  41. S

    How to change water level?

    Just moved into a rental property and there is a Duavit dual flush toilet - no blockages and the rim/jet holes are clean, but the flush is quite weak. I think the way to improve it might be to increase the water level and I think I have found the float (where I've arroved) but have no idea how...
  42. M

    Secondary hot water T

    Hi Lads. I'm working on a large house and we need to tap into the secondary hot water pipe to extend it to the new part of the house. Silly question but I have never had to T in more than once and was checking this would be okay to do.
  43. P

    Why is my mains water PRV not maintaining 3 bar?

    Hi all, I had a problem recently with the pressure to the house exceeding the 3 bar that the caleffi pressure regulator was set to. The gauge on it indicated that static pressure would sometimes increase to 6 bar; it's not just a gauging issue because the HW cylinder next to it starts leaking...
  44. J

    Moving washing machine to cellar - how would I deal with waste water?

    I am thinking of moving the washing machine and tumble dryer to the cellar to create space in the kitchen. The cellar ceiling is abou 2 ft above ground level - there is a window. Now there is a water pipe so getting a connection for that shouldn't be an issue. The cellar runs below the...
  45. J

    3in1 boiling water mixer tap, filters advice

    Hi I've been given a 3in1 boiling mixer tap without the filter and filter fittings. Do I need to buy the filter and fittings for the same brand, or are different brand filters interchangeable? It's a caple VAP3IN1 if that's helpful. Cheers Jon
  46. R

    Fluctuating hot water after new rad.

    Hi, Just after some advice from someone that knows more than i do please . Boiler is a viessmann Combi boiler less than three years old. I recently replaced an old radiator and moved the location, I have cut and capped the old pipe work and added new. I froze the pipes to cut but one of the...
  47. S

    baxi duo-tec2 fault code e385

    as above driving me insane about ten people from 27/4 rescue looked at it can not find problem,i get hot and ch but it takes a while for it to come through all the time flashing 385 then all of a suden will fire up and be fine
  48. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  49. T

    Water accumulating in pump area of washing machine

    Hello, I have a hotpoint washing machine. There is a recurring bad smell coming from machine. I have checked for blockages and cannot locate anything in the pump area at the bottom. I did have one a month of ago and found the culprit tanged on the pump rotator. I drained the pump area and the...
  50. P

    Permutit water softener model 8.32

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I might get a service manual for a Permutit Series 8 model 8.32 water softener. I know they are very old water softeners but a client is having problems with it and it is making lots of noise. Or is there a service center uk number I could try. Many thanks Paul