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  1. Dan

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?

    Where's the best place to find Viessmann boiler instructions?
  2. Dan

    Welcome to the new Viessmann Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Viessmann Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Vboilers.
  3. M

    Viessmann 200 60kW E3

    Hi, I am having an issue with a Viessmann Vitodens 200 installed for a client. The boiler is a B2HA 60kW commercial with Combustion controller lockout fault E3. It is weather compensated, system Type 4 the mixer is a 1 1/4” Divicon I have spoken to Viessmann who suggested the Divicon was...
  4. E

    Viessmann boiler issues

    Been fitting Viessmann Boilers for a while now and just recently had a few that have either been damaged or have missing parts when they are unpacked. Had one today that has the condense trap plug missing and the when trap is all moving about. Really bad for what is meant to be a quality boiler...
  5. E

    Viessmann C code after install and commissioning

    Installed a Viessmann combi on Friday and couldn't get heating working. Hot water fine but not heating. Had a letter C on the display. Reset it and it went through startup and then went to C again. Called Viessmann technical and even they didn't know what it was. Has anyone else had this and if...
  6. L

    Viessmann vitodens 100 FF fault?

    Hi. I've been out to look at this boiler today (I am a gas engineer) and found that this FF fault code keeps coming up even after restarting the boiler. On arrival I found pressure was on zero so I topped it back up and reset the boiler. On the display it says 141 then changes to...
  7. A

    Viessmann Boiler Left in Service Mode now not working

    Hi boiler in question is a Viessmann 100-W WB1B Heat Only Boiler with F&E Tank in loft etc and Cylinder appreciate some advice please Not sure if connected but Engineer just been and serviced boiler etc 1 day ago and, by mistake he seems to have left it in Service Mode so when the hot water was...
  8. A

    Viessmann 100 WB1B-26 F4 fault on warm days

    I have a problem with my Viessmann Vitodens 100 WB1B-26 boiler. It has had this problem since it was installed (Dec 2012), but is worse this year due to the very warm winter in my area (Philadelphia, PA USA). The problem goes like this. From midnight to 10 AM, the boiler works fine. But when...
  9. V

    Viessmann boiler short cycling

    Hi, I have noticed my boiler Viessmann Vitodens 100-W(B1HC-26) makes a series of short cycling before starting to heat. Boiler is controlled by Baxi uSense room thermostat connected via Opentherm. I installed some monitoring equipment to get the better understanding of the problem. Bellow is...
  10. mars_man

    Viessmann boiler question

    Wondering if there are plumbing gurus here who can suggest what could be the issue .Recently changed to gas heating and have a viessmann vitoden 100 , 26 kw condensing boiler .The old oil boiler was a firebird 26 Kw and I have almost already started missing it . The house is well insulated and...
  11. A

    Switched live on Viessmann vitodens 100 boiler

    Hi all, I have installed Viessmann vitodense 100 combi boiler and about to connect to my wiring center, I could not find to which connector/port on the boiler should I wire switch live. Has anyone experience with this?
  12. N

    How to connect honeywell t5+ to viesmann vitodens 100 boiler.

    I have viessmann vitodens wb1b 100 boiler and im trying to install a honeywell t5+ wifi thermostat. I currently have a 2 wire thermostat with no c-wire. Can anyone help me with directions and or pictures?
  13. B

    Connect Viessmann boiler to honeywell smartfit

    Hello guys Just installed a Viessmann Vitodens 100w and am struggling with the wiring (honeywell smartfit controller). Viessmann say you can just connect the mains power to the boiler, which I've done, and it works. However, there is no pump overrun this way. As soon as demand goes off, the...
  14. S

    Viessmann 200-W Combi 35kw (New 2019 version) Installed - Advice?

    Evening All, Hoping some plumbing/heating engineers/other knowledgable folk on here might be able to assist with some questions about my new boiler. We had the new Viessmann 200-W 35kw Combi installed this week by a Viessmann registered local heating engineer. It's the new 2019 version with...
  15. A

    Looking for a Gas Safe engineer to install a Viessmann Boiler SE London

    Hi, i’m looking to upgrade my heating system; i currently have an unvented system with a Potterton Boiler, cylinder in the airing cupboard (1st floor). what i want to do is change the boiler to a Viessmann in a new position - cupboard at the front of the property - see pics. Also i want the...
  16. C

    Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Problems

    I have two Vitodens 200-W system boilers connected via a low loss header. They are about 7 years old and have run perfectly since they were first installed until now. They were installed as part of a whole house re-plumb and have had Fernox MB-1 Heating Protector in the circuit since day one...
  17. J

    Viessmann Pressure gaining

    Hi, new to this forum. Wondering if anyone can shed any light. I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100-W WB1B 30kW Combi Boiler and it's been installed around 10 years so I know it's gradually on it's way out. I have had no real issues apart from having to have a new pressure vessel fitted 3 years...
  18. P

    Viessmann multiple zones

    I know that through opentherm thermostats it is possible to control Vitodense 100-w DHW. But in case you use a simple thermostat there is no way to turn it off remotely. In case of having multiple zones I can't find a way to control dhw since only one opentherm thermostat can be connected. Is...
  19. F

    Viessmann Vitodens. Hot weather, no hot water

    We had this problem for a few days last year, but has appeared again. During these warmer temperatures that we are currently experiencing our boiler stops heating the hot water. Upto a couple of days ago when it was cooler it was working fine, and if as last year as soon as it cools off again...
  20. G

    Viessmann 111W storage combi "Crinkly/corroding hoses" Your advise/experience

    Hi I'm new on this forum so my apology if this is not the correct etiquette. Earlier I thought I was posting this question on a forum but think I actually "started a conversation" with Scott) I am looking for advice on Viessman 111W corroding hoses. Background: I currently have a 19 year old...
  21. A

    Viessmann Viterol 100 RF2

    Hello, I'm trying to replace a conventional Drayton central heating programmer with the above Viessmann wireless programmer, in my Viessmann 100W system boiler. I have a Y plan setup, and am unsure how I can get the programmer to output to the 3 port valve to call for CH or DHW. Does anyone...
  22. J

    Tado Viessmann Update - Best Result?

    I though I would share with you my experiences. Vitodens 200w System boiler and Tado V3+ Boiler fitted by engineer selected from Viessmann Website (Viessman advise they have no control over fitters). Complete car crash, tried to fit two pipe system to four pipe boiler, on site six times to fit...
  23. C

    Viessmann boiler some advice required

    We have just moved house and the boiler is a Vitodens 222-F with Vitotronic 200 control unit with weather compensation. I understand that the heating will come on at times even though the programmer is not calling for heat. But I am not happy with this. For example the stat is set at 19deg, sun...
  24. 3

    Viessmann 200-W menus

    Viessmann boiler control has two levels of parameters that can be set, level 1 and level 2, but level 2 seems to be almost identical to level 1. What is the purpose of the level2 control options?
  25. B

    Water heater leak, is piping wrong?

    Hello, I'm a renter of an apartment with a Viessmann Vitodens 222-w heater. I came back from a 1 week trip and my heater leaked into the ceiling of the apartment below me! I don't know what happened, but after some research, I suspect the heater wasn't installed correctly. Here is a...
  26. 3

    Height of a Viessmann boiler

    I’m about to hang a new Viessmann boiler prior to the commissioning and notice the guide says it must be a maximum of 1925mm from floor if the DHW cylinder is below it. I would like to position it 100mm higher than this but don’t want to do so blindly so what is the reason for the height...
  27. R

    Underfloor heating + Viessmann 222F

    hi all, Just purchased a property and looking at boilers etc. We’re going to have all of downstairs with underfloor heating (approx: 100 sq meters.) running backup rad pipes also downstairs (just in case!) 4 beds, will have an en-suite bedroom in the loft and also mid level bathroom. Rads in...
  28. B

    Best Smart Thermostat System For Viessmann 222-F Boiler?

    Hi All, I have just got a new new Viessmann 222-F Boiler & need to decide which Smart Thermostat System to get for it - I am a novice & know nothing about these things and the choices out there are very many! My installer said he can install most of them but with certain models extra equipment...
  29. fronty

    Viessmann boiler set at max just to get enough heat

    Just had a new Viessmann Vitoden 100w heat only boiler installed, I have to turn the dial all the way to max just to get some decent heat, if I turn it all the way (so it's pointing at reset) it'll settle at around 76 degrees. Is this normal? It's modulating fine, I was maybe expecting to set...
  30. J

    Viessmann Trouble Slow Heat Up

    Hello Everyone, Viessmann Vitodens 200w fitted with weather comp. I have a Tado V1 which says that the room is too cold and is demanding heat. However the boiler is taking two hours to heat the room and running at 29% output. Something does not feel correct, any thoughts? Julian
  31. J

    Tado / Viessmann advice

    Further to my last post I have had a Vitodens 200W fitted. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. 1. I have a V1 Tado (the one with the connector kit, which only has five connections inside). Can the 200w link to this to get weather details or do I need a newer Tado kit? 2. If i use...
  32. 999

    Viessmann Vitotronic 300 K

    Hi all Just fitted a couple of viessmann 26kw system boilers cascaded together with the use of a Vitotronic 300k and weather comp. All this is fitted in the cellar and the customer is now asking is it possible to use a Tado or Hive unit. Has anyone here fitted any smart controls to a simliar...
  33. Robert Kondrat

    viessmann vitodens 100w hot water issue

    Hi Guys, New to the forum and absolute rookie so please have a mercy :) I have a combi Viessmann vitodens 100w which does not give the hot water constantly, we have moved in to the house 6 months ago and when during the summer months it's not a big issue, during the winter it would be nice to...
  34. 999

    Low Loss header- Viessmann system Boiler

    Hi All Looking for some advice Looking at cascading 2 viessmann 200 system boilers together with the use of a low loss header for 2 circuits, hot water and one central heating circuit. Tips on setup and wiring techniques. Would the weather compensation module fitted to the boiler work with...
  35. F

    intergas or viessmann? Maybe something else!?

    So, I need a system boiler. 5 bed, 2 bathroom, 3 underfloor zones(25sq m/26sq m / 12 sqm), 2 radiator zones(upper and lower), hot water(mains pressure 250ltr oso). I was looking at a viessmann, then an ideal gen2, however have been looking into the intergas system boilers. Are they that good...
  36. 1

    Into wanted, outdoor sensor fitting on VIESSMANN 100 30KW B1KC

    Hi, I'm fitting an outdoor sensor on my VIESSMANN 100 30KW B1KC. The wiring is finished, just need to know can I fit the wires any way around or is there a specific way to the 3 and 4 terminals connected to the sensor. Anyone know? Cheers
  37. O

    New heating system: 4 bed,2 bathroom, UFH/radiator mix

    Hi We are getting new heating installed. Likely go with Viessmann - looking for set and forget, high efficiency, high comfort level, weather comp heating with high modulation ability x20 levels from 1.6kW to 35kW -- Question is, what to choose: system boiler + unvented cylinder (180 litre), or...
  38. D

    Viessmann Central Heating Boiler Controller

    Hi, I have a Viessmann boiler with the standard controller. Although I can set the temperature, turn things on and off etc, the clock no longer turns and therefore the timer does not turn the heating on and off. Can I replace the clock mechanism only or must I replace the whole thing...
  39. R

    Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 35kw

    Anyone fitted one of these boilers and if so what is their opinion of them. Got a Combi to Combi swap and my merchant is selling them for £700.00 with flue. Seems like a bargain but also too good to be true considering I usually pay about £1000.00 for a Worcester Normally fit the Worcester...
  40. Sid Viscous

    Viessmann experts, advice please

    Evening all, having a few issues with a Vitodens 100 WB1B combi. About 9 months I had to change the p2p hx & dhw flow switch. All fine until this morning when custard called to say he had no c/h, hot water fine but boiler running constantly with water icon on screen. Had a look just now &...
  41. L

    Viessmann Boiler FF Fault

    Evening, wondering if any of you boiler engineers have any ideas. I had to move a bathroom radiator and couldn't do it without draining the system down. I turned the boiler off and then drained the central heating from a drain off. I completed pipework alterations, topped the water back up...
  42. P

    Boiler Replacement - Advise Please

    We currently have a Powermax 155 Boiler in the house.... Its now 17 years old and more or less on its last legs..... It has served us well, although has required several servicings and many replacement parts....... We have a 4 Bed Detached house with 2 bathrooms...... What would people...
  43. D

    Viessmann boilers - any good?

    Hello everyone, Would like your opinion on Viessmann boilers? Are they any good in terms of the boiler itself and after sales service? I have been recommended the Vetodense 200W (combi) for my house. I know very little about Viessmann and have not seen it mentioned on any of the threads here...
  44. A

    Best open vent boiler?

    I've had a couple of quotes so far and been given a variety of choices that I'm looking through but is there a stand out choice? One installer recommended a WB because pipework can be hung below the boiler and that would considerably ease the installation given the limited location, are WB the...
  45. P

    General advice on oil-fired boiler brands

    Hi This is my first post, having just joined the forum, so I hope I'm not breaching any etiquette with a request for general advice. We live permanently in France and are just about to invest in a completely new oil-fired system, for central heating and hot water, in our new house, which is in...
  46. S

    Atag or Viessmann boiler?

    I was looking at either an Atag or Viessmann boiler, just wonder if anyone has has experience of either of them for an opinion. The Atag is the Q series, which I know doesn't come with any isolation valves or expansion vessel and is also a volt free connecting boiler. It also has an inbuilt 3...
  47. A

    New boiler options - what to buy

    I have been looking at replacing an ageing combination boiler for a while. I wanted to move to a system boiler with a twin coil cylinder. I have decided to get a joule cylinder, partly because I got one for my parents with no issues and partly because they are one of only a handful of...
  48. D

    Viessmann 100-W Vitodens with weather comp and opentherm query?

    Hi all, As you probably can tell i don't come on here much but I've come across a couple of teething problems with my new system which i have only just installed. OK here is my set up: Viessmann 100 -W WB1C 19kw system boiler utilizing the 4 pipe system Viessmann unvented cylinder connected to...
  49. P

    viessmann vitodens 200w combi

    Anybody had any trouble with the combustion controller on these boilers? only fitted one prior to this and had no problems, but after around a week after commissioning a fault has appeared"combustion controller" ive checked all possible causes from mi's and reset cleared the fault, was fine for...
  50. D

    Getting new combi + rads...advice welcome

    Hi there, Have decided to get a new combi and 7 rads ...property is a 3 bed semi with thick sandstone walls and high ceilings (built circa 80-100 years ago)...with 1 bathroom (mixer shower and bath).and 2 occupants.....measured flowrates on the kitchen sink and upstairs bathroom (measured from...