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  1. L

    Choosing the right Glow Worm boiler for you

    Glow Worm have a relatively new 'find a boiler' section on their website. https://glow-wormclubenergy.co.uk/FindABoiler?q=0
  2. G

    Toledo No 25 pipe threader

    I came by a Toledo No 25 pipe threader. It has several collars. Looking for information on which set of collars are correct.
  3. R

    Where can I get the right size bleed key?

    I have some Pegler Terrier lock shields with drain off capability. A standard bleed key is too big as it appears they use a smaller square head on their valves. Anyone know where I can get a bleed key to fit. Thanks Graham
  4. P

    The right track to becoming a plumber?

    Looking for some advice if possible please and thought it best to come direct to you guys :) I'm creeping towards my maturer years and looking for the 'right' way to become a plumber. Currently working for an Underfloor Heating company so not completely naive to the work but Id really like to...
  5. M

    Combi conversion, is it right?

    Last year, having got a split coil in my loft based hot water tank, and with an operation planned 3 days later, I decided to use one of the large online firms to put a combi in the next day. They charged £2800 for the boiler, with "free fitting" but as I was going for a conversion from a system...
  6. P

    Corner toilet or straight?

    They have never sat well with me before but i have a space issue and am considering as an option. Just wondered what your opinions are on my proposed positions and a poll on preference of the type too ... Images are two locations of toilet .Probably a 600 projection cc. Was thinking of back to...
  7. gas tec

    Help selecting the right size shower enclosure

    Hi I’m looking at buying a Simpsons/crosswater fixed screen with small return panel. Elite Walk In Easy Access Shower Enclosure My shower tray will be 1400 long by 800 wide. I can’t seem to find details for the enclosure based on the tray size. Would the 1050 from the website be suitable...
  8. S

    Boiler is it the right size?

    Hi everyone and thank you for any advice and suggestions in advance. We moved into our property 4 years ago and had the CH upgraded to a system boiler and tank system. It has never warmed the house properly but we just thought this was due to renovating e.g odd rad off wall, bare floor boards...
  9. townfanjon

    FFS , one ish hour syphon swap , yer right

    . Got caught out with this job today . No isolation valve , stoptap wouldnt shut off, had to take cistern off a 40 ish year old pan and replace syphon , easy job eh . Battled and put a Dudley on, new fill valve , handle etc etc. But the bleeding thing will not flush properly , its obviously a...
  10. L

    something not quite right

    The problem is the heating on a Honeywell Y plan system which fails to come on in the evenings, just when you really need it. All day, all night, no problem, the heating responds perfectly but when it comes to around 8pm it just does not want to know. When this happens there is no supply to the...
  11. M

    Two opinions. Who is right?

    I have been given two quotes for a boiler replacement both of which require a 28mm pipe gas supply. The meter/mains supply is at the opposite end of the house to the boiler. A 22mm pipe runs into the outer wall and ends up at the boiler, route unknown. At some point it feeds a gas fire and a...
  12. U

    1st fix for shower tower I dont think this is right

    LO all, I have just had a plumber/builder do 1st fix for a shower room . I left him all the items to see at the time I.E shower tower sink and toilet so he knows what he's connecting. On going to do the tiling I looked at what he has done and realise it doesnt look right. What im used to seing...
  13. J

    Logic Combi ES30 F1

    I have the fault F1 on my boiler. The pressure is at about 0.25! I have googled and found out about the filling loop. My boiler seems to have a permanent filling loop but only 1 valve. I have turned that and left in 30 mins but no change in pressure. I'm guessing I need to turn something else...
  14. C

    Positioning flow and return pipes for a pumped system

    Hi. Does it matter if the return pipe sits above the flow pipe? Its a two pipe system. Sorry if this is a basic question. I am a propper novice.
  15. D

    Brass fitting, help needed to identifi the thread type

    hello everyone, i hope someone can help me out. i,m trying to reuse an old wrap around boiler and i have run into a snag. to cut a long story short, there is 4 X 22mm brass fittings on the boiler so i bought a 22mm straight brass coupling to test. fits as it should on one fitting on the boiler...
  16. F

    Ideal Logic Combi 30 timer/thermostat issue

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. Bought our flat in October and it had an ideal logic combi 30, all seemed to be working ok until I noticed the timer wasn't ticking. It has a mechanical one fitted in the front. So I ordered a replacement online, plugged it in and off she went. The only...
  17. DiamondHead

    Leaking Pipe Syndrome

    Hi. The original ceramic washer on the pipe beneath the taps behind the sink bowl broke a few years ago. Actually it cracked when I tried to undo the nut because there was a leak. A flood ensued of course. It was replaced using a red washer which I assume is made from hard rubber. That broke...
  18. N

    Sanicompact leaking

    Hi there, ive just installed a sanicompact silence eco c43 as part of a cloakroom install, but there is a black pipe on that connects to the underside of the rim that when flushed, lets water out. I was wondering wether it should do that, as its leaking on to my floor, and if not, how to fix...
  19. T

    Removing twin valve radiator temporarily

    Hi ALL, I need to remove two twin valve radiators temporarily so I can decorate. There's limited info about this type of rad online, except to say they're rare and a bit old fashioned. In my case, the ones I have also have an extra pipe running up from the twin valve fitting which I have...
  20. D

    Ideal Mini S24 issues

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can decipher what I describe here - I've had two seperate technicians to my house and neither have solved the problem. My upstairs heating works perfectly. First thing in the morning if I turn on the heating it will heat both upstairs and downstairs. After this...
  21. M

    Dodgy soil pipe connection?

    Hi all, I need your collective wisdom. I disconnected our cloakroom loo today, as part of a little renovation work, and was disconcerted to discover that the loo waste was just "dropped" into a partially disintegrating hole above the actual clay soil pipe. There was a dodgy looking piece of...
  22. 4

    Simple way to 'lower' this waste pipe?

    Hi, I'm fitting a wetroom/shower but the current waste pipe dictates the trap to sit a lot higher than preferable, as you can see in the photo. Are there any simple ways I can get the trap to sit lower to the floor? if not clear on the photo, the bathroom has a concrete floor and waste is...
  23. M

    How to switch comfort mode off on a Valliant ecoTec pro28

    How to switch comfort mode off on a Valliant ecoTec pro28. only found instructions on how to do it on different models and not this one. Please see attachment. I have the following buttons: turn off flame, Info, - (minus), and +(plus). Thanks you.
  24. D

    Toilet seat removal

    Hey guys I'm hoping maybe someone has removed this type of toilet seat before as I don't want to risk breaking the pan. I have taken out the 2 Allen key bits left and right and I assumed it would just lift off but it doesn't does anyone know or can help please? Pictures are attached david
  25. Chalked

    Macerator below toilet

    Got a basement shower room to do. Its ta going to need a macerator. The customer wants a low level tray, and to do this they have left out a channel 6 inch below the back of the toilet. The macerator will go in that and the shower waste can run to it. Can this be done, so that the macerator...
  26. jaydebruyne

    New heating controls and wiring

    I just need confirmation I'm doing this right as per my drawing.. Not sure if this is clear enough.. but... I've replaced an old mechanical timer and room stat and had to rewire as custard wanted them relocated. I was trying to do this without a wiring centre and it kept blowing the fuse...
  27. B

    Job vacancy for plumber

    Hi all, hope I am OK to post this here! We have been looking for a couple of new employees for several months but have not yet found the right candidate. We are based in Liverpool but cover the whole of the northwest. We are looking for hard working, honest individual to join our small family...
  28. L

    ID challenge - Can you name this throne?

    See pics below. I suspect both came as a set. Looking to confirm the toilet manufacturer. Sink says Serel underneath. Can't check the toilet. Need a new (proper) seat - but want to get an original/right size - so need confirmation first. Whomever gets it right - I'll buy them a thing*...
  29. T

    Mixer show bangs ...

    Hello, Please could someone give me some advise. We have a combi boiler but for some reason the previous occupants left the cold water tape in the loft. We changed the shower to a mixer shower and ever since the shower bangs when being used. The tap are fine but the shower really bangs. The...
  30. P

    Radiator extension...

    Hello all ... We are plannning an extension on the side of our house, the new extension will need 4 or 5 rads. The boiler will take the rads - worcs bosch 38cdi. The nearest rad to the new extension is in out en-suite - which we are renovating in the next week or two. My plan...
  31. S

    Leaking Flue Pipe - is this dangerous?

    Hi There, i would like to ask that if the flue pipe from my combi boiler is leaking water from an extension pipe is it safe? Is it leaking anything else as the boiler is in my bedroom. advice would be appreciated as I've been given 2 pieces of advice that contradict each other & im concerned...
  32. U

    Boilermate 2000 difficulties after draindown

    Hi Chaps, I'm in need of some advice if anyone has a minute or two. A decorator drained down my boilermate 2000 to allow him to install a new radiator and now the boiler won't fire up. The boilermate is showing 3 illuminated LEDs but nothing on the little LCD screen and it feels like...
  33. M

    Removing diverter valve on Victorian style bath mixer

    The bath mixer badly needs descaling and the washers replaced, however I'm struggling to get the diverter valve off. I've attached a photo of the complete unit and one with the handle removed - it looks to me like I should grip the outer nut with one spanner and loosen the inner nut with...
  34. F

    Additional PRV

    Hi there, just looking for a bit of confirmation. I've got a Combi with a PRV letting by. It's not the easiest position to replace so I'm thinking I'll just add an additional one on the PRV pipe work. Apart from making sure that it's set to the same max pressure is the one inside the boiler I...
  35. Chalked

    Ground scource

    Can anyone recommend a ground scource installer in the east yorks/ south yorks area. I have a new build that the customer is set on this. large new house with plenty of land . Would rather fit oil, but customer is always right!
  36. M

    Piping up heating system

    When piping up a heating system do you pay much attention to which side of the rad. you take the flow and return to. As to say if you were fitting trvs on the left of the rad you'd take flow to the left side of every rad. Or just get a flow and return to every rad and don't bother about which...
  37. S

    What fittings do I need for shower jet heads??

    Hi I have builders in doing an attic room who can also do general plumbing but say they are stumped with the shower/jet/ and hand shower set up. All that came from the place I bought the items was the shower jet heads with a 22mm thread on the end nothing else. What does this screw into? Can...
  38. S

    Please help with my shower/jet set up!!!

    Hi I have builders in doing an attic room who can also do general plumbing but say they are stumped with the shower/jet/ and hand shower set up. All that came from the place I bought the items was the shower jet heads with a 22mm thread on the end nothing else. What does this screw into? Can...
  39. G

    Worcester Bosch horizontal flue compatible with Vaiilant Ecotec plus 637?

    Hi, Have had new system installation done 2 years ago and all has been well until now. Vaillant Ecotec plus 637, sealed system, pressurised water cylinder, dual heating zones, external controls, secondary hot water return ring, 26 rads Victorian house, all new pipework, hard wired CO...
  40. stani

    Log burner

    Does anyone have an idea of the possible manufacturers of this stove?
  41. S

    Firebird enviromax unused for 2 years causing trouble after oil tank filled

    Hello all I have recently moved in to a property that was vacant for 2yrs. After spending £600 having a service, replacement hot water flow switch, pump valves, top up valve, oil pump, solenoid actuator and several weeks of the engineer coming back and forth before we got any heating, it worked...
  42. T

    Grant combi flue

    Ive not got much experiance fitting grant combi's. I tend to prefer worcester combi boilers but a customer has specified a grant on this occasion. Ive had a quick online search but could not find the info im after. Do the grant combi's come with a sided flue exit option? Idealy id be looking at...
  43. M

    Accused of stealing cash!!!

    Well there's a first for everything but today and up to me writing this I am being accused by a customer of stealing cash. Serves me right coz when I turned up to the job I should have turned away-really run down Caribbean takeaway. so he asks me to cap a gas pipe. Simple..I ask him where's...
  44. M

    Mixer Tap

    Hi all. I have zero plumbing knowledge. Basically, fitted a new mononloc tap in kitchen as it was causing problems not isolating the cold feed. Water is now fine (heating was never affected, ideal combi). I know I've fitted it correctly under the sink as the hoses would only go on one way, one...
  45. Deleted member 7121

    Bar shower

    Does anyone make a bar shower with hot on the right ? Thanks in advance
  46. P

    Toilet not flushing everytime

    Hi all Just fitted one of these macdee-by-wirquin-universal-dual-flush-siphon and it does not want to flush every time any suggestions please.Thanks Phil.
  47. T

    Cannot stop slow leak...

    Hi there, I'm trying to finishing plumbing in a shower valve but there's one fitting that I just cannot seem to get to stop leaking (albeit very slowly...two single drops in 24 hours). I've changed fittings three times, I first used PTFE tape and now jointing compound but still can't get it to...
  48. C

    Boiler not responding to thermostat

    Hi All, I'm hoping I can get some tips on this one as I'm at a complete loss - it's a little tricky to explain so bare with me. So basically I have the following Usually this 2nd dial is turned all the way to the left - I'll explain why it's to the right later. During the...
  49. M

    Boiler controls ??

    Hi all. Do any of you guys fit boilers without a temp stat in place? 3 people I know have had fairly new boilers without any temp controls fitted just mechanical clocks.