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Trying to find a local plumber?

Trying to find a local plumber?

If you're trying to find a local plumber then for now please post a thread request in the main Plumbing Forum. We'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We are currently updating our member profile pages and will make them more easily accessible to unregistered users, and more helpful for those seeking a professional qualified local plumber or gas engineer.
A lot of the boiler manufacturers have a searchable database of registered gas engineers for mrs jones to search. As well as checkatrade and similar sites. But the guys on there aren't always gas safe registered so they need to check they have a gas safe card that has been renewed. Big fines for messing with boilers when it's expired, not just when they haven't ever had one.


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Checkatrade don't check against the official database, only what the installer claims. They cover their arse and move on.