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Glow Worm 30cxi- No Display

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Gas Engineer
Hi all

Sorry for this being vague, but on my way home from work got a call from a friend who said they had had a power cut and the heating/hot water had gone off. I thought it would just be a case of resetting but my friend said she had gone to the boiler after the electric had come back on and it was making a 'whirring' noise also the display that shows the fault codes was showing flashing 'gobbledegook' ( her words not mine!!) also the green running lamp was flashing. she then turned the main switch off then on again, now the boiler is completely dead with no display. Checked fuse in spur and thats ok.

Any advice welcome Possible PCB ?

Thanks in advance


Send a pm to gasman or redsaw with your details for entry into the inner gas safe sanctum where things can be spoken away from diyers :)


Closing this thread until the OP gets his yellow badge up. Then I'll gladly reopen and move it to the private forum.
Not open for further replies.