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  1. L

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"?

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"? How many of you are one of their Club Energy installers they mention?
  2. H

    UFH Leaks 1 year after installation

    Hi - I little insight and guidance would be much appreciated. My wet UFH was installed over a year ago by a qualified heating engineer, he went through all stages and did the pressure test as well, everything has been working nicely without any issues. Now here is the unlucky coincidence - I had...
  3. centralheatking

    NEW YEAR PLANS for younger engineers

    50% of all GSR engineers are over 50 years of age. 10% of these engineers are intending to retire in the next decade. There is an impending skill shortage. Mix in there will be a massive scheme to convert existing domestic natural gas appliances to hydrogen enhanced natural gas there will be...
  4. centralheatking

    BBC .. Couples 48 year old boiler finally packs up

    An elderly couple are finally replacing their 48 year old boiler. Mr and Mrs Braddick bought their boiler in 1971 for £200 when they moved in. The couple say they never had any problems with it. Mr Braddick from Northam in Devon says he thought the boiler came with a 50 year guarrantee but he...
  5. M

    is it OK to leave heaters off all year round?

    Hello. I have 2 rooms where I do not spend much time in... one of them is like a storage room. and other is like a room where I keep my wet laundry for drying (leaving window slighlty open all the time). both of the rooms have gas based heaters (central heating based). to save gas I am...
  6. Dan

    FIXRADIO - Tradesperson of the Year Awards 2019 - Nominations wanted!

    FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Plumbers Category So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20 ;) but I'm sure other people can nominate on your behalf if you want to nominate each...
  7. M

    40 year trainee plumber looking for work in South East London/Kent and Surrey

    Good afternoon I am seeking part time work on Thursdays and Fridays in the above locations if possible please. I have had previous experience on the tools and have recently paid for and completed my City and Guilds 6129 diploma in plumbing and heating. I have all my own tools and a csr to...
  8. Rob Foster

    1.6M Heating Systems Fitted Last Year

    A repost hopefully this works this time 6.2m radiators sold...just blow the attachment up It shows just how small the renewable market really is centralheatking
  9. S

    Cleaning 100 year old cast iron rads.

    Morning people, I’m in the middle of a listed building refurb. The customer is having overlay ufh throughout and using the original cast iron rads as the supplementary heat. I’m removing the top and bottom entry bushes to have them at the bottom, there’s lots of dried magnetite coming out. I’m...
  10. A

    Boiler with 10 year warranty?

    I have been to look at a job, customer needs a combi swap. He has been looking online and has decided he wants a 10 year warranty. He wants worcester, vaillant or Ideal. I can't find anything with a 10 year. Is this possible? if so I'm sure it will mean the install has to meet certain criteria...
  11. leelister6

    It always happens this time of year!!!

    As usual, phone going mad with people needing work doing before Christmas. "Me bogs bin bust since February but me Mam's comin fer er Christmas dinner an she got dodgy bowels, can yer do me a new bog before she comes?" "Need a bathroom ripping out, plastering, tiling and new one fitting...
  12. M

    18 year old looking for training

    Anyone in burnley or surrounding areas thinking of taking on an apprentice my lads 18 yr old and has finished his second year at college .College are now saying they are not allowed to teach them gas in the 3rd year it needs to be an apprenticship for the work experience.thanks in advance. Or if...
  13. C

    Grant Boiler Knocking only a year in...sound files attached

    Can anyone offer any guidance please. System installed a year ago. Oil fired grant vortex pro. Recently started knocking - have read and I see it could be anything from kettling through to pipes. I attach sound files links as someone may recognise the sound: Dropbox - Boiler 2.mp3 Dropbox...
  14. M

    Old Trianco 35/50 boiler parts

    Hi Folks, As the post title suggests I have an old Trianco gas back boiler with a problem. The boiler is fine but the thermostat is not. I've tried everywhere I can think of to get hold of a replacement but everyone tells me it's obsolete - highly likely given the age of the boiler. the...
  15. M

    Anyone does some Plumbing Apprenticeship? i'm interested to get one next year!

    Hi Guys; I'm a Moroccan guy on a fiance visa, i live with my fiancee in South England. I'm looking for a plumbing Apprenticeship as i'm interested in Plumbing. If anyone needs or knows something about it, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for all.
  16. M

    which kit?

    hi im lookin to get an impact driver and seen these kits any advice on which is the better between the 2? http://www.toolstop.co.uk/makita-lct303w-10.8v-lxt-li-ion-cordless-kit-2-batteries-p13918 Bosch GSR 10.8-2-LI Drill Driver + GDR 10.8V-LI Impact driver + GLI 10.8-LI LED Torch in L-Boxx...
  17. J

    Young plumber of the year 2010

    Hi just wondering what was the views of the show last night on BBC3 at 22:30, Not sure if this was good or bad as yes they were young but some of the mistakes they made highlighted a few weaknesses, be good to hear the views of more experienced plumbers in the trade. I thought some of the...
  18. D

    Young plumber of the year.

    Just watched it. Not being sexist here but I knew from the get go they would make the girl win. She didn't deserve to. The final challenge was a joke even so she had to squeeze her pipe ends with grips to make it work. She was prompted to find the ring in the trap, and she burnt the wall in...
  19. J

    ideal 35+

    hi guys after posting on the forum asking about the ideal +35 he guess what l brought one fited last week hot water is great even with 4 taps open fills a bath in no time all with nice hot water also the heating side only has to be on 57c just nice before 75 when cold great boiler so fare time...
  20. M

    Duty of care?

    I popped into a shop for a paper and once inside I noticed a feint smell of gas. I mentioned this to the shop owner (small shop), who said yes there is an odd smell this morning perhaps its damp, can't be gas as we don't have a supply. I suggested she rang the emergency line to be on the safe...
  21. I

    Taking on BTSC

    Afternoon All Has anyone had, or knows of someone who has successfully released themselves from this contract?
  22. P

    Agency Work?

    Hey all, just wondering if any of you work for or know the better agencies to sign up too? I am one of the many employees at risk at the moment as the company i work for have gone into administration - Rok, so just trying to keep some options open. Thanks in advance!:)
  23. W

    Wanting to become a plumber.

    Hey guys. I first went to college hoping to become a welder but that went t+ts up and i couldnt find an apprenticeship for s**t so i worked here and there for a while but now i want to become a plumber, are there any courses i could take without waiting for college? What are the options for...
  24. D

    Plumstar Tom is now moderator.

    Many thanks for taking up the role Tom.. Please do take time to thank Tom for accepting to join the team..:cool:
  25. W

    hows business

    with all the cutbacks we read about i was wondering whether any of you have noticed a change in the number of calls your getting. were busy at the mo,but i think its going to be tricky next year:confused:
  26. P

    15mm & 22mm copper pipe prices

    Hi, anyone care to share the price theyre paying for copper pipe?
  27. R

    square copper h/w 'cylinder'

    as above, anyone seen one before?. must admit its the first time i have come across one myself. it was 4' x 2' rectangle, with rivets holding it together looked like a victorian time capsule but in a 50-70 year old house???:confused: fitted the cupboard nice though.:cool:
  28. D

    Accepting debit/credit card payments

    Hi guys, my work is changing to more call outs and servicing. I'm therefore looking into getting my customers to pay with their debit card. I know it's a matter of time before I get a rubber cheque! Have any of you guys got a mobile card reader machine? I've looked into it with Streamline but...
  29. D

    whole year failed level 3 exam!?! (tech cert)

    WTF just found out that last years group all failed the exam, so my college has a 0% pass rate! From what i hear a lot of the questions in the exam were not in the revision books followed by the course. Surely all the questions would be in the Viper or Corgi?. I just dont understand how no one...
  30. T

    MPK York

    Any of you guys know if this training group are still around . I have a number from the past which is no longer in use ?
  31. Z

    Quality of radiators from plumbers merchants

    Folks, I replaced every radiator in the house about 6 years ago, and they were all the standard white-painted steel radiators that are everywhere, I bought mine from a plumbers merchant. The central heating system is VERY old (over 25 years) but I have replaced pretty much everything apart...
  32. A

    Got a wet room to install ....

    hi, what system do you more experienced insallers out there use, got my first one next month (if quote is right !) What the best/worst and any advice, thanks all
  33. P

    Plastic & Insulation

    Hi all, quick one, is there any requirement to insulate Central Heating pipes in the attic if they are plastic??....going to anyway, just wondering if there is something written down somewhere
  34. D

    Changing my hourly rate - please take a look if you're a plumber

    sorry answered my own question.
  35. B

    27 Year Old Apprenticeships?

    Hi. I am 27 and live in the Glasgow area. I have started writing letters to dozens of plumbing companies and employers in the hope that one of them will be willing to take me on. I am desperate to get into the plumbing industry and secure a trade and proper career. Would anyone know if there is...
  36. shaky


    Done a landlord ticket today and condensate was dripping out of the flue when boiler was running who ever installed it did not put a fall on the flue so I NCS and explained to the landlord.
  37. N

    any help im confused

    hi everyone and sorry if this has already been discussed just i couldnt find any post about this really. im starting a plumbing course in a couple of weeks time at my local college. its an evening class and when i applied for this i was on the understanding that the course i was goiong for was...
  38. L


    Hi, How much would a general plumber be expected to earn (outside of London) for a 40-50 hr week? thanks Len
  39. S

    shower prob

    have a custmer that has an old shower not markings on it. the prob i have is that the mains connection is on the top left hand side of the shower but i can only find showers with bottom left hand side or middle left hand side of the shower but i need top left hand side. my question is, is...
  40. S

    Service Agreement

    Hi all I was asked this morning by a customer if I ran a "monthly paid service agreement" Similar to BG etc Do any of you run this type of scheme and if so does it work well ?? Their idea was to pay monthly then have boiler etc serviced annually
  41. P

    How much would you pay for a tap ?

    Just seen this posted on the tilers forum Keep the reciept for this baby incase in needs re-seating Vado V-Touch Digital Thermostatic Electronic Mono Basin Mixer Free delivery though !! and I bet if you tested the temp it would be slightly out,they always are :p
  42. A


    Hi guys, does anyone out there know how long you have to wait to recieve your certificate for completeing the NVQ 2, cheers.
  43. P

    The only way is up for natural gas

    'Householders face a £300-a-year rise in their gas and electricity bills and significant cuts in how much energy they use if Britain is to “keep the lights on” and meet its climate change targets, the Government has said.' Should think will end up much more !!! :( Energy revolution could...
  44. T

    Apprentice good news

    On a brighter note for guys / gals looking for apprenticeships, one of my apprentices has just been awarded a CIPHE engineering award . He is on a 4year apprenticeship with me ( I dont accept anything less than 4 yr!) :)
  45. D

    Lpg boats module

    Hi All. does anyone know of an assessment centre that does the lpg boats module in the south east.
  46. S

    Fga calibration

    Hi guys what does it cost to recal a testo 325:D
  47. C

    Plumbing Trends

    Something I wanted to ask (before entering the trade) was the trend patterns. I appreciate that we've gone from a boom to bust economy, but what are the plumbing trends? Has there been a time when the market has been over saturated with plumbers out of work, who then return to other jobs...
  48. J

    had an information session on 6129 last night

    Hi All, had an info session last night at college about the changes to plumbing etc etc. Ill try and explain it simply but if any of you want to know anything specific feel free to PM me. Basically the 6129 is not being scrapped, its just that as of next year it will only be available to...
  49. J

    Help me to Help myself(greater manchester)

    Hello im looking for a gas safe registered engineer who is willing to help me within the greater manchester area. next week i have assesments at 2 colleges for gas placement courses 1 is for the bpec foundation & the other is for the city & guilds tech certificate level 2 im a mature 43 year old...
  50. C


    Hey all. Just wondering if there is a certain period of time when plumbing companies take on apprentices and if so when that is ? Im going to start looking for a plumbing apprenticeship but was just wondering if im too late or if you can apply any time. Thanks