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worcester bosch

  1. Dan

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Worcester BOSCH Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about Worcester BOSCH boilers.
  2. S

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave 20/25 Hot Water Not Working

    Hey there, I have a boiler (Heatslave 20/25) that had low pressure. I topped the pressure back up to 1 bar using the external filling pipe but the heating still won't come on. Do I need to reset anything? Thanks for any help
  3. M

    Opinions Re: Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Combi

    Hi, would welcome some advice/opinions please. I currently have a Remeha Avanta plus 28c (combi) which is 11 years old, still working in a fashion but beyond economic repair. I have the opportunity to have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i (Combi) installed using the boiler grant scheme...
  4. G

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i Junior cuts out during use with reset button flashing red

    Hi So this morning I was having a shower and suddenly my hot water went completely cold. I jumped out and had a look at my boiler. I noticed that the burner had stopped and the reset button was flashing red. The blue oval shaped light in the middle was on and stable (it was blue). I reset the...
  5. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  6. Ryooo

    Heatslave 25/32 No HW

    Hi guys just installed an oil 25/32 external Worcester Bosch Heatslave External boiler. I can't get hot water. Central heating is fine. Comfort rf fitted and seems to be working fine. Link wire has not been removed. The sensor is not registering the dhw lts per minute display. Any help...
  7. R

    Worcester Bosch wires melting

    Hi about an hour ago all the lights in my house tripped out. I went to the fuseboard and one switch was down. Flicked it back and it tripped out immediately. few moments later theres and acrid smell and a little smoke in the room tracked the smell down to the boiler, took the cover off and...
  8. J

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Combi Anti Cycling

    Acquaintance has problem with a 5 radiator zoned system which takes ages to heat up. The boiler (don't know output) fires up normally and after ~ 20 minutes reaches its setpoint of 65C, over the next few minutes it will creep up to 70C and then cut out, again fairly normal if min boiler output...
  9. J

    Worcester Bosch combi - HW suddenly runs cold for a few seconds

    Hi - I've searched the existing threads but not found an answer... I've just had a new W-B combi installed and it's excellent. But the question is about what's "normal". My wife and I both take a shower each morning, one after the other, and the shower is turned off for 10-15 seconds while...
  10. G

    Worcester bosch 42cdi

    HUMING through pipes when boiler not on programed to be on 42cdi switched to eco runs heating and hot water all day ok at night after heating switches off we can hear the HUM through the pipes iv looked at boiler with no burner light on but I think pump is still running any help
  11. D

    Worcester Bosch greenstar 30si locking out

    Having problems with this boiler with the hot water running for about 5 mins it locks out .then after a while I try it again it works for another 5- 10 min then locks out again CH is ok , I’ve done usual checks the gas valves ok and the amount of pressure is there is fine ,and ohms is about...
  12. C

    Worcester bosch greenstar 28i Junior no HW

    I have a worcester greenstar 28i junior boiler in my flat, its about 7 years old and has never put a foot wrong apart from losing a bit of pressure over the course of the week. I've moved out of the flat and its been empty for about 8 months, boiler unused. Tried the Hot water at the taps today...
  13. A

    Worcester Bosch filter fitted too high?

    I have had a new 32 CDi Compact WB boiler fitted recently,along with a Greenstar filter. The filter has been fitted very high up, about 4-5 cm from the ceiling. Watching youtube videos, it seems the lid has to be unscrewed and the filter lifted out from the top. Can the filter be unscrewed (top...
  14. K

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave Green star 18/25 continuously locks out

    Since moving to our property in Dec 2017, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18/25 Heatslave, has had a recurring lockout problem, which 3 OFTEC engineers have not been able to diagnose/ resolve. Typically at night when on manual,with no hot water running and with NO HOT WATER demanded of it. The...
  15. G

    worcester bosch heatslave 15/19 oil baffle arrangement

    I didnt remove them, but when I went to replace them,they are kind of flat with trianglar shapes on them they seem to sit right in front of the flame. The handbook gives the order that they go in but Im sure they are supposed to be above the blast tube and not in direct line of fire. Ive just...
  16. A

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i LOSING PRESSURE

    Hello. This is my first ever post. My boiler is just over 5 years old and started losing pressure a few days ago (daily drop of approx 0.5 bar). A Gas Safe Engineer carried out a full service. EV needed to be re pressurised and he said that all was well. A few hours later pressure dropped...
  17. C

    Nightmare time with Worcester Bosch repairs

    Hi Was wandering if anyone can tell me if a competent boiler repair man should be able to detect a leak on an isolation valve to the boiler fairly easily. Worcester Bosch repair men came out 10 weeks ago to repair what was a leaking left flow unit. They also took boiler apart and replaced a few...
  18. C

    Worcester bosch and Nest

    I had a new Worcester bosch oil boiler fitted a short while ago and then had a Nest thermostat fitted by a proper electrician and also put the app on my phone. I'm still a bit mystified how Nest operates.....sometimes it shows pre heating but even when it shows "heating in 1+ hrs" etc, it...
  19. D

    Worcester Bosch 35cdi leaking around main heat exchanger

    I'm looking for some advice please. My boiler seems to be leaking from the main heat exchanger. I've posted two photos. The first shows seepage of water from underneath the heat exchanger housing. In the second photo, I've removed the condensate trap and placed a towel to wick away the drips...
  20. M

    Worcester Bosch 24i tepid water

    Hi We have a worcester bosch 24i 10 years old, the CH works fine everything looks ok with the boiler, the hot water though is tepid, this has just happened today. The diverter valve is operating correctly when you turn on the hot water tap on , so it is a mystery. Any ideas? Chris
  21. M

    Worcester Bosch Controls

    I have a Greenstar Comfort 11 RF controller and I am trying to set the holiday function.The problem is, at the end of the setup procedure do I leave the controller in the OFF position or the Auto position? I ask this because if it's the OFF position one can't set it until your about to leave...
  22. D

    Worcester Bosch 28i series 2 not heating radiators

    Hi, I have a microbore heating system with the above boiler, now 18 years old. recently, I had 3 radiators replaced and all worked fine for about 3 weeks. Now however most of radiators are only getting warm, some hardly at all. The pump is running and the whole system has been bled and topped up...
  23. Mikesaint

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 12 Ri yellow cap

    Hi, anyone able to assist naming and tracking down a part for this boiler. It's between the 'mains cable inlet' and the condenser drain. It has a yellow plastic screw on cap which has split and is leaking. Seems a simple part to replace but I can name or find it on any parts site Thanks
  24. T

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24Ri LPG Leaking From Inside

    Hi I'm worrying about my wall-hung boiler which has leaked a couple of times from somewhere underneath the green on light. I believe this is to do with the syphon trap leaking condensate, can you suggest what it might be? Just my luck over Christmas !
  25. B

    Which Worcester Bosch Boiler For Our Home? Please Help!

    Hi All, We may need to replace our boiler - the OLDER version Worcester Bosch 35Cdi (see images attached) Our home is a 1920's Semi 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 5 x Large (1800mm) Double Panel Radiators 1 x Large (1800mm) Single Panel Radiator 3 x Medium (1400mm) Double Panel Radiators 2 x Short...
  26. R

    Worcester Bosch 30i for a 4 bed house?

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of replacing my ageing potterton conventional boiler with a combi. We've had a couple of quotes but there's one company in particular who we're thinking of hiring to do the job. We have a 4 bedroom house with a single bathroom and 11 radiators. This...
  27. Michael Groves

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri boiler short circuit

    I’m an electrician. I’ve been called to customer home to trace a short circuit. When I disconnect the boiler and put my meter across live and neutral I get 118 ohms. I called Worchesterbosch tech support and the guy said yes that’s normal, no hold on I’ll ask my mate. Then apparently said no...
  28. L

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar - No CH

    Hi Guys, Wondering if you could offer some advice, we have just bought our first house and we are having a nightmare with the CH. I will be having the full system replaced in the next 12 months (when we have the £'s), but for now, I am hoping to keep the old system going. We have a Worcester...
  29. M

    Worcester Bosch Guarantee

    Had a WB Greenstar 30 Si fitted end of July with installers invoice stating a 10 year guarantee. Have received an email from WB acknowledging registration of the products guarantee but absolutely no details of time span or terms and conditions. Can't seem to get any sense from their...
  30. D

    Worcester Bosch35CDI Mk2 Room thermostat

    I have a remote/wireless room stat for the above boiler. Granted it's a few years old but still working. Anyway the stats info sometimes disappears and when I push the battery compartment up it sometimes comes back to life. After taking the batteries out and prising the terminations out it...
  31. M

    Long term noise levels Worcester Bosch 28CDi vs 30i

    Hi Choosing a new replacement Worcester Bosch combi boiler - both are about the same price. Anyone have experience of what the noise levels are like - the WB website says 52 decibels for the small one and 50 decibels for the larger - but what are they like in real life over the longer term...
  32. T

    Help with Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24

    Hi All, I need a little advice. With the current weather the boiler at my girlfriends kept going into error mode last night and from what I can see the following has happened. The condenser out goes into a waste pipe with a U Bend, the said U bend then had the wasing machine waste pushed into...
  33. S

    Worcester Bosch 24i water going cold

    Can anyone shed a light as to why a Worcester Bosch 24i junior dhw sets off hot then after about 2 minutes goes cold then heats up but only slightly. Occurs at all taps and shower.
  34. G

    Clock not working on Worcester Bosch MT10RF/mechanical RF thermostat

    Hello The clock has stopped working on my Worcester Bosch MT10RF/mechanical RF thermostat. I have changed the batteries but the clock still does not work. There is a radio link with the boiler as the light is green. And I can switch the heating on by just using the bottom left hand switch to...
  35. T

    worcester bosch 350 programmer

    Hi guys. For those of us that are still involved in one way or another with these combis, heres a workround if youve got a timer/programmer that has a flat battery. The problem with a flat battery is as you know in the event of a power disconection the programmer losses its settings and...
  36. S

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri Frost protection

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri regular boiler installed within my garage. There is also a Honeywell T4360 Frost Thermostat installed just above and to the left of the boiler. The problem I was having was that the Frost Thermostat was kicking in in cold weather and firing up the...
  37. R

    Worcester Bosch heating not staying on

    I have the WB green Star 24i with a manual timer. We only have it set on/off and not use the timer, the issue we have is that it runs fine but when the heating switched off it doesn't come back on. The only way is to push the on switch on the timer upwards from the on position and it fires up...
  38. T

    Worcester Bosch combi timer issue

    I have a WB combi boiler. We never use the timer which is the mechanical type on the lower front of the boiler but have it set to constant and use room sat to turn it on and off when required. This method of use suits us well. I noticed recently that the constant setting has stopped working and...
  39. M

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar (conventional) Not Firing

    Evening Guys, No heating or water from our Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30cdi conventional boiler. When starting up the boiler the pilot light comes on for around 30/40 seconds. There is then sharp gurgling noises and the ignition from the pilot light goes out. I did a quick video here which I...
  40. S

    Worcester Bosch boiler change query

    Hi all. Just signed up to this forum to ask some questions so all new to me. I have a Greenstar 30si boiler at the moment which is about 11 years old. Recently had problems with central heating system pressure and so a GSE changed the pressure relief valve and expansion vessel which involved...
  41. Stanios

    Worcester Bosch not so great customer service

    One of my regular customer rents out a house with worcester bosch air source heat pump that does heating and hot water. I am quite an amateur when it comes to anything other than gas this is in fact the first air source pump I've seen in a domestic property. The unit started having trouble...
  42. N

    Problems draining old Worcester Bosch highflow 3.5 combi boiler with header tank

    Hi all. First post from a first time home owner, and very amateur DIY'er. I've inherited an old Worcester Bosch highflow 3.5 combi boiler when i bought this house. I'm needing to drain the system to give it a general clean, and to practice for fitting a new towel rail, and unblocking (or...
  43. gas tec

    Worcester Bosch G3 unvented course

    I need to renew my unvented cert, looking online Worcester Bosch do the course for £100. Which is a lot cheaper than I paid last time. I know they are all the same but it seems too cheap. Has anyone done the course with Worcester?
  44. U

    Worcester Bosch in Oxford

    For anyone interested in Worcester Bosch products or renewables, Worcester Bosch are holding an energy event at the Kassam football stadium on the 12th of May 7pm till 10pm. all you have to do is register on 01905 753104, also by calling this number they may well be able to tell you if there...
  45. S

    Gloworm 30hxi or Worcester Bosch 24ri ??

    Need to replace our horrendous Baxi Envoy (a condensing boiler) which has almost put me on tranquillisers - I think I know how all Heateam engineers like their tea/coffee by now!! Reliability is the key. 13 radiators, 1 bathroom and 1 ensuite. System Boiler not combi. Have had Gloworm 30hxi...
  46. A

    Baxi training centres

    Has anyone attendeed Baxi training centres, are they any good