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  1. C

    Which way is open for this valve

    the red lines can be at 12 O'clock or 3 O'clock? I want it open. Thanks, Chris
  2. P

    First fix pipe work testing

    Hi Just using a rothenberger RP50 to test first fix radiator pipework. part HEP and part copper. what is the correct procedure? Struggle to pump it up to 4.5bar! Used pump to put water in the system then vented the air and then pumped up but became very hard to pump. Long time since I did this...
  3. C

    URGENT Old radiator and no key, how do i bleed or just replace?

    I have a very old radiator for which we cannot find a key for. It desperately needs bleeding, any ideas on how I can do it or is it time for a new radiator?
  4. T

    Which UFH system should I choose?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get everyone's opinions on underfloor heating. I am looking to install a water based underfloor heating system in the kitchen. The walking area of the kitchen where the heating will be around 5 square metres as confirmed by my builder. I'm also looking to install an...
  5. scott_d

    Which waste for this tray?

    Can anyone suggest a suitable waste/ Trap for this shower tray? The info is a big vague https://www.wayfair.co.uk/diy-plumbing/pdx/belfry-bathroom-square-quadrant-shower-tray-with-hidden-waste-befy7391.html
  6. G

    advice please on which column/vertical rad to buy

    the wife has decided she wants one of these in the kitchen size approx 24" wide by 72" high, all measurements imperial as per Mr Mogg. Flow rate not a problem as all pipework copper 15 and 22mm put it in myself. just need recommendations as to which manufacturer
  7. S

    which to use, 10mm or 15mm pipe?

    As per the attached pic, Im planning to run two radiator pipes inside a chase that ivew made in a partition wall so that the pipe work will all be hidden once ive finished the bathroom. The old pipe work is 10mm microbore with 15mm adapters and a short section of 15mm where the pipes came out...
  8. J

    Combi or unvented, which is cheaper to run

    Interesting thought I currently have a 28kw combi, 1 bathroom, 2 up 2 down semi. I'm g3 and gas safe. I fit unvented and replacement boilers all the time. I'm thinking about replacing my combi with a small 120 litre unvented cylinder in the loft. An unvented cylinder usually draws about...
  9. A

    Full bore isolating valves- which way round to fit?

    Hello chaps, Just fitting some full bore isolating valves. No arrows on the casing for water flow direction. The screwed joint is one side of the ball valve. Is there any preference with which way to fit them ? Does it matter? Cheers
  10. Crooksy88

    The correct order in which to place seals?

    I have a shower tray waste I'm putting together. Unfortunately the waste came with no instructions as to which seal goes where and as my first attempt resulted in a leak I thought I would get some professional advice ;). A is the drain slot in the shower tray. B is a rubber seal with grooves C...
  11. Rob876

    Which adhesive and/or sealant would you say is the best?

    The question is in the title.
  12. P

    Seized Mira 88 which service pack

    I've got a customer who needs a mira 88 servicing. It had stopped regulating temperature properly for a couple of months and just recently its completely seized up, the dial will not turn. There's two service packs available, the cheaper one (936.12), which has all the o rings, spring, spindle...
  13. Lee Davies

    Can't decide which drill set to purchase

    Hey all, looking for a bit of advice from people who have these brands or these particular sets. I am torn between either the ; MAKITA DLX2145TJ 18V 5.0AH LI-ION LXT CORDLESS COMBI DRILL & IMPACT DRIVER TWIN PACK Priced at £299.99 Or MILWAUKEE M18CBLPP2A-402C 18V 4.0AH LI-ION REDLITHIUM...
  14. P

    Recommend a new gas boiler

    I have a micromat EC31 system gas boiler (30kW heating 36kW DHW) and spares are getting scarce, boilers not manufactured any more. The existing boiler is weather compensated, separate Ch and DHW circuits within the boiler (so new boiler would require a diverter valve) and the DHW (200l Gemini...
  15. A

    Which Dual Flush Push Button Do I Need?

    Hi, I have a dual flush push button that needs replacing (or perhaps just the rods only) and I don't know which kind I need or where to get one. I don't know which make or model toilet I have as there are no markings on it other than "L34" stamped on the underside of the cistern lid and what...
  16. B

    Any guesses which (Northern Ireland) plumber company this might be??

    I'll try to keep it short: Back in 2014 we had an electrical company from Northern Ireland do some work for us in the Luton and Bedford areas of England. I don't remember their name (hence the question), all I know is they used to come to the area SEVERAL weeks in a row in the summer and they...
  17. J

    silicone - which one do you use?

    Hi all, Just wondering what your silicone of choice is, for sealing around a bath. I'll obviously be after anti-mould. I don't mind spending a bit more for quality. Recommendations much appreciated. Thanks, Jennie.
  18. C

    hi all,i have a alpha intec 28x which will fire in test mode

    Hi, the boiler is a alpha intec 28x which will work in test mode but not in normal mode and it gives plenty of hot water
  19. J

    Which Brand of Radiator?

    Just wondered if anyone can recommend a decent radiator brand. Just built an extension and need modern radiators. Our plumber has recommended Purmo. Thanks
  20. B

    Which Worcester Bosch Boiler For Our Home? Please Help!

    Hi All, We may need to replace our boiler - the OLDER version Worcester Bosch 35Cdi (see images attached) Our home is a 1920's Semi 5 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 5 x Large (1800mm) Double Panel Radiators 1 x Large (1800mm) Single Panel Radiator 3 x Medium (1400mm) Double Panel Radiators 2 x Short...
  21. D

    Which order to connect my returns?

    Hello everybody. I am just about to install an unvented cylinder. 2 heating zones, one hot water zone. It's an S-Plan system, with an auto bypass. I remember reading about a rule of thumb when connecting my returns back to the boiler, but can't quite remember exactly what it was talking about...
  22. M

    19 new TRVs needed. Which?

    I Need to fit 19 new TRVs on my system as the old ones are pretty shot. Some are alot newer on the lower floor but I think it's best to fit all new TRVs and Locks. Which TRV would you guys go for. I want something decent and reliable. Happy to spend upto around 20 a set. Drayton 4 come up...
  23. D

    which combi to chose to replace WB 35 cdi?

    what is difference if any between glow worm ultimate 3 35C and energy 35C erp combis my inlet mains 3bar flow rate 16l/min 2 showers, bath 12 rads
  24. J

    Which way does this seal go. Flush pipe seal

    Hi. A quick question if I may. Which is the correct way to install this seal. A or B Its the seal that seals the flush pipe to the cistern outlet. I hope that's clear Thanks D
  25. mbc0

    Which Outlet Should I Use From HW Cylinder?

    Hi, Just after an opinion on where to tap off the HW Cylinder to feed a downstairs shower (Pumped) I fitted a new Cylinder last year with an extra 22mm tapping (marked 2 on the picture) to feed a shower pump in the upstairs bathroom for the shower and basin tap. I am now installing the...
  26. B

    Two Pressure Valves, Which to Believe?

    Hi, I have two pressure valves on my central heating system. One is built into the boiler and the other is separate, located less than a meter away. Both go up and down with the heating, but both show different values and are out by about 0.5 bar. The one built into the boiler is always...
  27. B

    draught meter which to use

    can you use a kane 3200 draught meter on natural draft oil boilers ?
  28. R

    which single skin oil tank.

    Planning fitting a new single skin oil tank and was wondering if anyone has ever seen one of the upright vertical tanks splitting.Seen lots of pictures of the horizontal type splitting at the ribs, was wondering if the upright shape is less susceptible to it.Does brand make any difference, i am...
  29. T

    Which radiators to purchase

    Hi I have a Living room Size: L 6mtrs W 5mtrs H 3.25 mtrs Using an online calculator basic heat calculator = 4719 watts(16103 BTUs). There is one Wall Window (Top opener) 1200mm x 1100mm 2 x Velux Roof lights 1180mm x 1140mm All Windows Double Glazed. The ceiling is vaulted 3.25 high...
  30. P

    Which Grant boiler has top (vertical) exit flue

    Simple question, I hope. Which Internal Grant system combi boiler has a top / vertical flue option? We need a 21Kw but it can only vertical. Grant's info doesn't seem to make it very clear. Thanks in advance.
  31. J

    Which size gas terminal?

    Originally, I though this was going to be a straight forward question and then just now I checked something. To cut a lengthy explaination short...a friend has what we thought was a living flame fire, which sits within a brick chimney breast. Work is being done on the chimney on the roof and it...
  32. Last Plumber

    Lazer Measures. Which one do you recommend?

    If you have one of these, which one did you buy and was it worth it?
  33. D


    Hi I know this is a simple question but is it a quarter turn clockwise to turn this off?. I know the screw type ball valves under the sink turn to OFF with either a quarter turn left or right...BUT is it the same principle for the full bore lever type...OR is it ONLY a quarter turn clockwise...
  34. J

    Burning / soldering mat - which is the best?

    Need to buy a new burning / soldering mat which is the best on the market for both Mapp & Propane?
  35. K

    Which boiler would you recommend?

    Our old baxi boiler has broken down and can no longer be repaired, we have had a gas engineer out to quote us on a new boiler. I know nothing about boilers and just want a good one to supply us with Heating and hot water, I don't need anything fancy. These are the 3 boilers he quoted us...
  36. B

    Which flexi hose for new bath taps?

    Hi, I'm installing new combi taps on my bath Swirl Period Deck-Mounted Lever Bath/Shower Mixer Tap | Bath Taps | Screwfix.com Would this flexi hose be suitable - the inlet pipe is 21mm Flexible Hose with Valve 22mm x ¾ cheers Brendan
  37. O

    Which side of radiator should thermostatic valve be?

    which side of radiator should thermostatic valve be? Does it matter?
  38. R

    Which way does the mains flow on this boundary box?

    Can anyone tell me which way the mains flow please? i have a feeling its to the left of the picture but if anyone could confirm that would be much appreciated :) I am trying to work out which is the service pipe to the house . Not very straightforward because of the pipe arrangement. I am...
  39. V

    Which fitting do I need?

    So landlords hob is connected via hose and bayonet. Told him against regulations and he wants me to change to rigid pipework. The bayonet goes into an iron fitting and then o to some threaded iron pipe. What fittings are available to connect the copper to the cast iron Thanks
  40. H

    Which brand of 22mm copper best for bending?

    Hi everyone. What is the best brand of copper pipe for bending. Size 22mm? Screwfix and city plumbing are Wednesbury but found quite a few negative reviews about ripple when bending. Jewsons are Melleur which I can’t find any reviews about. Wicks don’t say which brand but agin lots of bad...
  41. D

    Which boiler solution for us?

    Hello Current status: We have an ancient boiler/heating system in our converted Edwardian house. It needs replacing. We currently are a first floor flat in a converted house and have been informed we have shared supply of water and measures outside of property are 3.5 bar and 25pm...
  42. B

    New wet UFH, advice needed

    Hello, I am in the process of renovating my house and I now have to choose the UFH system/components. I am doing everything by myself, I am on a tight budget and i have never done one before. I have gone through several manufacturer website, installation guides but I can't figure out which...
  43. E

    which insurance company?

    Me again! So looking into various compare sites to find insurance, wondered if anyone has any hands on experiences with companies? Mainly who will pay out if it all goes tits up! The last thing I want is something to go wrong and the company won't pay. We all hear nightmare stories like this...
  44. F

    Advice - which electric central heating system is this?

    Hi all, First post, just after some advice - it would be much appreciated! My old man has just bought a flat, it has what appears to be a separate hot water system, with its own timer/controller in the airing cupboard. Looks pretty straight forward. Just trying to work out the heating system...
  45. T

    Which is correct order to re-pressurise boiler & bleed rads

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone could give me a step by step guide on how to re-pressurise my boiler and also bleed radiators? Have detached a rad and reattached it. Have not at this stage opened the lockshield valve nor bled the rads. Do I: Check all nuts are tight so no leaks Open lock...
  46. C

    Which pipe cutters??

    Hi all! I have at the moment Rothenberger copper pipe cutters. They are very stiff and the 22mm one has now completely jammed. It's driving me mad! So I'm looking to replace them. What brands do you have and what would you recommend? Don't want to be wasting my money when...
  47. Tommo25

    Which wet and dry vac?

    My 8 month old karcher wd3 decided to spit black radiator sludge over customers carpet the other day :mad:. So I'm on the market for a new vac. I've heard good things about the nematic Charles although it seams a bit pricey! Ideally I would like one where you don't have to keep changing filters...
  48. S

    Kopex Pipeslice which to go for?

    Hi What is the difference between the kopex pipeslice available on amazon etc and the kopex by JTM listed on the JTM plumbing website( Kopex) . On closer inspection on the picture has rothenberger on picture. Many people say kopex are the pipeslice to go for would you agree?
  49. DiamondHead

    Leaking radiator on which I closed the valve

    I have a radiator on the landing that was leaking on the right hand end beneath the temperature dial 6 months ago and I was advised to turn the valve on the other end off because I don't use the radiator and it was either that or replace parts. Problem solved. Until now when the valve itself, on...
  50. D

    Which portable pump to buy?

    Hello all. I'm aheating engineer and as such need to drain cylinders and cisterns on a fairly regular basis. As most of you will know it can be a nightmare, especially when drain-offs are knackered, if they were ever fitted at all. Ground floor cylinders and back boilers can also be...