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  9. S

    Salamander negative head pump

    Hi all hope some one can help, i have fitted a tee a salamander negative head pump to a customers house about 3 years ago, it ran fine untill the last 3 months but now after every shower the second error light comes on, I have fitted a new pressure vessel and it already has a salamander flange...
  10. B

    Potterton F50

    Hi My elderly mothers boiler has stopped working and im looking for some advice. She has a potterton f50. This has been an on going issue for a while now and its finally kicked the bucket. She called me up as the the fuses had tripped. Clicked the breakers and the boiler isnt turning on...
  11. M

    Portfolio Building in Bucks/Beds - Previous plumbing experience / will pay

    Hello, My name is Mitch and live in Milton Keynes, I have previous plumbing/bathroom fitting experience and have installed a basic central heating system on my narrowboat. I have decided to do a gas course which starts on the 27th March and am looking for somebody to shadow whilst I gain...
  12. S

    Four Bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 8 Occupants and Water heaters - Water Pressure?

    Good Morning, I'll be staying with my brother starting next week and I know mornings are going to be mayhem. Theres already 7 people in my brothers family and then you add me to the mix,with all young children school rusnsnd 3 adults working theres going to be a rush with the bathrooms and...
  13. M

    steve. midlands gas.

    Just joined this site seems very informative and a good source of trade information and advice. looking forward to using it. based in south birminghman.
  14. R

    Trainee Plumber in Brighton.

    I'm looking to get on site to start my plumbing career everyone has to start somewhere just need to be given the opportunity. Ive finished my first year of college and only needing to go back for the second year to complete two outstanding exams and my final assignment which is a bathroom suite...
  15. S

    Free labour for plumbers!!

    STEVEN BAILEY Dear sir/madam I’m currently studying an nvq2 plumbing course. Just passed the wregs exam (waiting on the card coming in the post) . I have 5 weeks left on the course which will qualify me as an nvq2 plumber. Looking to get some experience along side qualified tradesman like your...
  16. M

    Can anyone please help me get my heating to work? I'm cold

    Hi, I hope it's okay to ask this on here! I have a Worcester green star 37cdi boiler, I still have hot water but heating is not working. I think it might be the wireless stat as I just changed the batteries in it. It's a pretty basic stat glo worm make. The only buttons on it is a up and down...
  17. M

    Noise from pipes when flushing

    Hi, I am new to this. Just wish to know how to stop the noise from the pipes going right through the house when flushing the toilet
  18. A

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, new to this forum, thought it would be a good idea to join a forum so I can get the latest news and advice in the industry and this seems to be the ideal place as its a very active forum. As It happens I'm actually looking into buying a powerflushing machine would any one be...
  19. J

    linking mf burner & gas system

    Im fitting a new heating system to my house Im gas safe registered & plumbed a few multifuel burners, but never mixed the 2 Can I use a low loss header on the mf side to transfer the heat over to the flow on the gas system. I appreciate the need of extra pumps, pipe stats, check valve, its just...
  20. R

    Pipe lagging - asbestos?

    Hi, All the pipes in my loft have the foam insulation, except one that is lagged in something else. Is it asbestos? If not, what is it? Many thanks, Russ
  21. U


    Hi my name is Wayne and I am fully qualified up to level 2 in heating.and ventilation! I am looking for.an apprenticeship to gain level 3. I live in Flintshire, North Wales. If anyone can help me in would be extremely grateful. Thanks in advance.
  22. D

    new gas safe operative

    Hi all new to this forum. I am a newly qualified gas safe engineer and am finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get going in the industry ,have done a few bits and pieces , but no where near enough to pay off what ive spent , seems like the training centres are the only ones making big money by selling these...
  23. B

    1998 warmflow BF 70/90 baffles.

    Hi all, new member's 1st post. On removing the boiler top for cleaning etc. I found a number of the baffles damaged/burnt/rotted away?? The damaged portions have become brittle and turned a strange blue in colour. Is this just ageing wear and tear or a sign of a burner malfunction? Being a very...
  24. B

    Central heating system - advice requested

    Hi I have an approximately fifteen year old Glow Worm Hideaway 80B with a F&E cistern in the loft, and have been having problems that I cannot get to the bottom of. The issue is that heating only turns on if the hot water is turned off and then on again in a certain order (and only if there...
  25. O

    German plumber seeking job

    Hello all, My name is Ronny Gottschling and I am a German fully qualified plumbing engineer. I am looking for work in North, South, East London to Build a bigger and trustful relationship with customers. I am a hard working, efficient and clean worker who is punctual and does not resign very...
  26. G

    Triton cara shower fluctuating between very hot to very cold.

    Based in Co.Down. Shower has been perfect for a few years but just started to misbehave last evening. Any ideas welcome
  27. L

    Gas engineer Manchester stockport

    Hi all! I am relatively new. I am looking for full time employment as a plumbing heating engineer. I am gas safe and have all my ACS's. I am 28 and live in Macclesfield near Stockport Manchester . Any help would be great . Thanks.
  28. Y

    Rubber Gasket - Soil Stack

    Hi all - first post here so please be gentle. A rubber gasket/reducer has broken free from my soil stack, above the roof line and before the vent/terminal. It looks like a reducer/gasket to keep the joint between the larger outer pipe and the smaller diameter inner pipe water tight. Does...
  29. J

    Advice on training

    Post Gas training Lomax wallsend Hi everyone I am John. 33 from newcastle with little experiance I am currently deciding weather or not to take up a 6 mth course to become gas safe. After 22 week course you get awarded BPEC gas foundation certificate. ACS ccn1 & Cenwat certification. After...
  30. S

    New boiler advice for 3 bedroom home

    Please can some experts advice me on boiler replacement size for a regular size 3 bedroom home feeding 7 radiators. The boiler will be fitted inside a kitchen cabinet with rear flu out the back. The boiler Ive been looking at is the glow worm flexicom 24hx. Please could anybody advise me if the...
  31. U

    can anyone help in South wales

    My names Ryan an live in Maesteg South Wales I'm currently in college part time doing my level 2 and have been looking for plumbers that work evenings or weekends that would like an extra pair of hands and for me to gain experiance and knolage in plumbing I'm 24 and have opted for a career...
  32. A

    Looking for work as a plumbers mate in the Essex area

    Hi Forum Im Alan 32 from Essex looking for work as a Plumbers mate/Improver Ive Completed my City and Guilds 6129 Level two and also got a Cscs Card. Ive had some experience through Agency work but find that is only a short term fix and now im looking for more long term and gain some valuable...
  33. P

    shower waste full of water is it normal ?

    Hello, I just had a new shower tray fitting with 90mm waste, I find strange that the waste cup is always full of water and also the pipe. The water is exiting the tray but not really fast. Is it expected? Picture below Thanks!
  34. G

    Mature level 2 student looking for apprenticeship/work experience

    Hi everyone My name is Gregg and I currently doing my level 2 in Leicester. I am desperately looking for some work experience/apprenticeship/anything that will give me some experience! I am in my 30's and dedicated for a change in career. Have my own car and am willing to travel as needs be...
  35. M

    leaking bath

    Good morning This might sound daft, my plastic roll top bath apears to be leaking through the bolts on the steel feet. Has anyone had or heard of this, any ideas would be grateful
  36. F


    Just getting used to the site
  37. J

    Getting more plumbing and heating work help :)

  38. S

    Hi Folks!

    New member hailing from Essex!!
  39. B

    Problem refitting Alpha CB28 diverter valve

    Hi, I have been trying to fit a replacement diverter valve this afternoon. Deep joy. i can get it in place, all the threaded unions seat up nicely, but the pipe with o ring that pushes down into a vertical receiver pipe is weeping? Tried packing it with grease, but no joy and don't want to...
  40. M

    Female looking for a plumbing apprenticeship in Essex/East London area??

    Hi there :) I'm from Romford looking for a plumber in Essex/East London to take me on as an apprentice- any takers?! I'm 20 years old, female and most importantly hardworking! But am finding it so difficult to get my foot in the door :( Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  41. parkesy_plumb

    Dream come true ...

    Finally GSR :rockon2:. Amazing feeling after working really hard for years n years. Look forward to some hints and tips in the private forum guys. Parkesy
  42. M

    Hi all

    I have just completed my technical certificate level 2 at college (City & Guilds 6035). As you may know, in order to complete my full NVQ I now need evidence of doing some level of work in a real work environment. I have one year to find this before my technical certificate becomes invalid. I am...
  43. D

    Dual fuel radiators.

    Hi any advice will be appreciated. I am an electrocian so please go easy. A customer has had a dual fuel radiator fitted in their bathroom. All i wanted to know was if the c/heating is turned off how do you stop the heating element heating the water in the flow and return pipes. Is there any way...
  44. V

    Soudal Fix All

    I have bought a tube of the above to stick down my kitchen sink (fixing lugs missing), but I'm wondering how easy it will be to remove the sink in future if it becomes necessary. The sink has been stuck down with general purpose silicone for the last 10 years or so but came loose while changing...
  45. G

    baxi 105he flame failure,help please

    Hello,first time on here. Firstly I am GSR and if you want I'll post my register number and licence number. I really need some advice,I was called out to the above boiler today which had a flame failure neon flashing,it Isn't the pcb because the boiler fire's up and it...
  46. T

    Basin tap hole needs enlarging.

    Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:10 pm I am going to fit a monobloc mixer to one hole in the basin to replace the two existing taps. Online supplier told me the new tap would fit a standard hole, however my holes look to be 30mm and I estimate I need it to be 40mm. I can't return the tap so I...
  47. M

    Replacing a water tank ballcock

    Hi All. I have a fast dripping overflow. Apparently the ballcock in the cold water tank is rusty and 'on it's last legs'. How easy a job is it to replace DIY or how much should I expect to pay a plumber to come out and do it? Thanks :)
  48. A

    Mix and match shower question

    Hi I'd like to replace a 25 year old Hansgrohe shower with a (very old) broken ibox style valve with the following: 1. An Aqualisa Axis Thermo Concealed Shower Valve AX3100 2. Vado 300 x 200mm oval shower head with shower arm AQB-OV/30/SA 3. A Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 1.5 bar twin...
  49. T

    Luke warm Bristan shower- advice needed

    Our shower was lovely and warm after I moved the temperature control pin fully to the left but there wasn't much of a range of temperature. This was fine for the winter but I wanted to change it for the summer. So I opened it up again to see if I could fix it but now it's luke warm or cold...
  50. P

    Salamander Pumps

    Hello All, I have signed up to this forum today to offer advice and guidance for anyone struggling with a Salamander pump. Please feel free to drop me a message or a reply to this post if there are any questions at all you need answered ranging from Pump selection for a job to problems with an...