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  1. 6

    Client wants aircon any advice ?

    Hi all, been asked by a client to install aircon in a single room in their house. There’s a loft space above and ideally the unit would be wall mounted externally and ducted into the loft, with a ceiling grill in the room. Thinking about getting a Daikin/Mitsi Rep out to spec it, keen to hear...
  2. G

    Quietest system boiler advice please.

    I have a long-standing customer whom I dont want to loose. I dont normally fit boilers but in this case, I might have to. She has an old noisey Baxi Solo boiler (from memory 18kw) that wants replacing before the kitchen gets done out. As its to be re-sited onto a bedroom wall, she wants it to be...
  3. C

    X800 - x400 or F3

    Which would you guys recommend for the job, got an isar that's got a partially blocked main heat exchanger as you can hear it whilstling when you run ch or dhw. My plan was to try a cleaner in it and leave it for a couple of days as the customer is home for a day on Tuesday and then back on...
  4. R

    Combi swap - Leeds area

    Hello I need a boiler man to do a job in Leeds area There's a feroli in a present but it needs a new boiler. Customer is known to me as close as family. Grew up next door neighbors Cheers Rct
  5. M

    Chasing rad pipes into walls

    Good evening all. I have a client who has just bought a pretty big house. Lots or rads. Any way, the bottom floor is concrete and all pipes drop down walls and along skirtings. She hates it. She wants them hidden. I said we could batten the skirting out and run behind there. She doesn't like...
  6. M

    40kw combi with just a towel rail...

    Evening chaps, just wondering if this will be ok. The lady is in a flat that has a big heating system for all flats which is getting taken out. As she has just had her flat decorated she doesn't want to take up floors or wall mount pipes to put in rads and so just wants a big as shower and so a...
  7. sammathias

    One gas meter feeding two propertys?

    Just a quick one, i have a landlord who wants to install heating in his second property but wants to use next doors gas meter, (which he owns) to run the gas supply from? Is this legal?? Thanks
  8. R

    Gravity hot water

    I inherited a gravity system in a hotel i look after. a 64 kw oil boiler heats indirectly two high level horizontal cylinders which when hot gravitate hot water through 11/2 flow and returns to two more cylinders at opposite ends of the hotel. As i say all by gravity not a pump in site and has...
  9. D

    glow worm 30cix

    Hi can some one tell me can I ditch the programmer and just use a thermostat to control this boiler.
  10. C

    shower pump

    customer called me , wants me to go over to fit a new bathroom, he wants a shower pump fitted, the hot water cylinder is in the room next to the bathroom so at about same level as shower valve would be, and I take it that the header tank is in the attic,, do I need a positive head or negative...
  11. BN9Pete

    Flexis, why do people do this?

    I have seen this done a few times lately, a flexi coming out of a tiled boxing connecting a WC cistern. Nothing wrong with using a good quality flexi if fitted correctly, but this is just wrong.
  12. T

    Bit of a nightmare

    Customer wants a low profile walk in shower tray started to first fix the pipes and waste, problem is my waste, pulled floorboards up I have about 3 inch gap to position waste and run the pipe out the wall, I was thinking run wwaste thru the wall and connect to a flexi waste, but there is a...
  13. Neil T

    towel rads need a boost

    I've been to see an old customer who is having a problem with a couple of towel rads in a bathroom. It's a 'very' big old victorian house with 3 floors and basement (looks and feels like a hotel inside) and has 2 boilers in basement. Heating works perfectly for rest of house and customer...
  14. L

    Electric underfloor heating, timber suspended floor, tiled finish

    Advise please? Client wants a wetroom, no problem. Now wants to add electric underfloorheating to the order. Can sombody give me advice. As i dont want the tiles lifting 6 months later. I know im going to have to strengthen the floor initially but what layers will i need next, i take it a...
  15. A

    Plumber Wanted in Oxford To Fit Shower Power Booster

    I have a customer in Oxford who wants to fit a shower power booster. She would like a plumber who has fitted one before. If someone wants to contact me I will let her know.
  16. B

    Immersion Heater programmer

    Hello, i have a customer who has asked me if i could supply them with a new Immersion heater programmer with a 5 minute boost facility. She used to be on economy 7 and has recently had solar pv and had the economy 7 taken off. She is very conscious about how much electric she will be using so...
  17. M

    Low pressure mono bath and basin fillers - ideas?

    Hi all, I've just been to a customer who wants me to replace some aged taps in her bathroom. They're both mono mixers (pics below) and she wants them replaced with something more modern in chrome (although she doesn't want to spend a fortune - nothing new there!). The trouble is, it's a...
  18. C

    shower door runners help

    Anybody know where i can get new ones of these for a shower door?? cant find a name on it anywhere! the door is hanging off one of them at the moment!
  19. E

    custom gas fire

    Hi guys have a customer who wants to fit a old cast iron fire place, and wants me to fitt a coal efect burner in, does any one know were I could get custom burner made. Iam in the north east if that helps. Thanks every one
  20. kozak1968

    Flues in voids in private houses

    Whats the procedure if a homeowner has a flue in a void, wants the boiler serviced and doesn't want any inspection hatches fitted.
  21. D

    System planning

    Hi all just wondering how many of you guys plan and size pipe work and what methods you use to size pipe work. And is it essential to size pipe work for heating systems and extensions to hot and cold pipe work?
  22. B

    what should i be charging a builder

    hi guys, ive managed to get some work off a builder that does a quite a few extensions. One problem is the fact that he is family (cousins husband) I want to charge him a fair price but not go silly otherwise he might not ask me again. upto now he wants me to install under floor heating on a...
  23. E

    High flow rate combis

    Just got a job doing a 4 storey house that's being completely renovated by a builder, the spec said 24KW system boiler and 300 litre unvented cylinder, which for them is about right. Met up with the customer today and says he wants a combi as this is his holiday home therefore on arrival he...
  24. M


    I have a customer who wants me to change the old WC above. He wants to use an Armitage Shanks Sandringham (as sold by B&Q in their 'bathrooms to go' range). The only problem is that I can't find out if this WC can cope with a vertical soil in the position it currently is (200mm from the centre...
  25. E

    Potterton lynx 2

    Got called out to no heating or hot water , On doing my checks I could hear the relays cracking , then all of a sudden a tiny flame appeared on the board , Customer said do you think the PCB is no good , Is it worth changing PCB or the boiler
  26. quality


    Hi guys I do not do bathrooms at all but have been persuaded to replace my brothers basin and WC pan. He is quite specific in what he wants and is obviously not wanting any cheap pottery. Where do you guys buy your stuff from and is it any good ? Thanks in advance as always
  27. R

    ecoTEC frost protection vs. fuel comsumption.

    Ok, got a landlord who has a boiler in a outbuilding and wants to prevent the boiler from firing all night due to the internal frost protection activating at 5deg., heating all the pipes to 30deg. He wants to save on fuel consumption. I've had to install an electrical relay system but need to...
  28. A

    What to do about my ACS?

    Been plumbing for 10 years, and have my city and guilds level three. Last year employed a guy with acs and registered my company on the ga safe register. All been going great, then realised my engineers quals are out in feb next year, and he wants out of the trade. Fair enough, about time I...
  29. K

    shower enclosure problems

    hi all my customer has broken the slide door on his 1000x800 shower tray enclosure. he wants the door now to be on the 800 side so my question is does anyone know of a manufacturer of a 1000 side panel. i fear not but cust wants it this way because the donut who fitted it has put it in a stupid...
  30. P

    2 zones ?

    I'm just about to do a quote for a flat with a loft conversion ,living area downstairs 1 bed 1 bathroom upstairs .The customer wants a combi ,do i have to allow for 2 zone valves and 2 room stats to comply with the new minimum of two heating zones change of the part L regs ?What is everyone else...