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  1. N

    Can a conventional system boiler be a closed system?

    As per the title? I've only ever seen domestic system/conventional system boilers with an F&E tank and combi boilers which are closed systems. Is there any reason a system boiler cant have an expansion vessel fitted and be made a closed system? Or Is there any reason you couldn't install a...
  2. Stants

    Trouble draining Heating system

    Hi all I have an old Vented system header tank etc...... ( im very soon replacing the whole lot ) I need to move the header tank so tried to drain down the system and the Tanks not emptying put hose on downstairs Rad to drain, and water came out but I'm pretty sure all I've done is empty...
  3. M

    Best with combi or system boiler?

    I’m after some advice. We are replacing our 21 year old Ideal Classic boiler and have been looking at the pros and cons of combi vs system boilers. House is a 3 bed detached, 9 radiators, 1 bath tub, 1 shower. Boiler is currently on an external wall and we will be looking to move it into the...
  4. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  5. D

    Is this safe? Open vented CH system has overflow capped.

    Good Evening All I have a general question - I have searched the inter web and can't find an answer, Recently I had an issue with a scalding hot header tank on an open vented system. Boiler is fairly new, British Gas advised that it is being caused by sludge. They cut out the offending pipes...
  6. T

    Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  7. M

    System dropping pressure every few days

    Posting this on behalf of my Nan who has been experiencing issues with her central heating system periodically for the a number of years, and thus far no-one has offered a solution that has provided a permanent fix. She lives in a 1970s bungalow with central heating throughout. The combo boiler...
  8. J

    combi to system conversion

    WB 12/14 Heatslave can't cope with two showers so fitted an unvented HWC on S plan, but need to shut off hot water section of combi. Boiler engineer has visited and was going to do the work, but he does not respond now, not upset him that I am aware of. Can anyone advise on the process, is the...
  9. B

    Solid fuel appliance linked by H2 control system to oil fired rayburn

    I am after advice about a heating system I am looking to put into a recently purchased house. Ideally I would like a multi fuel log burner something like a stovax Stockton 11 with a back boiler connected to an H2 control system and that connected to an oil fired rayburn 680K. I have sourced the...
  10. T

    Heating System Design

    Hello to all I am currently refurbishing and old victorian farm cottage and propose to install a new heating system as per the attached diagram. I would appreciate advice/opinion as to the validity and efficacy of the proposed design attached. To pre empt some likely questions regarding heat...
  11. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  12. L

    Noisy Pipes on central heating system

    I'm having some rumbling and water trickling noises in radiators on my central heating system. When the hot water clicks on there is no problem and if the central heating clicks in at the same time again there is no noise - but if the central heating doesn't come on and the thermostat is turned...
  13. M

    Impartial advice on new heating system

    I am renovating an old stone cottage in North Wales and need to install a complete new heating and plumbing system. I'm looking for impartial advice on the total system design and components. I would like to have a system that is cheap and efficient to operate. However, there are some aspects I...
  14. T

    What system have I got?

    Hi folks, I'm a householder just trying to learn at the moment, so just hoping you can educate me a little. My house has an old gas boiler (Ideal S E-Type) and Grundfoss pump in the kitchen which supplies the hot water and ch. The hw tank is in an airing cupboard upstairs next to bathroom. I...
  15. J

    Ideal Logic System S24IE

    This boiler was flooded through the condense drain which was connected to a gutter downpipe that was blocked at the end. The people came home to a flooded kitchen. Water came back up the condense tru the trap up the heat exchanger and out tru the fan and gas valve connection imside the casing...
  16. D

    Low loss header connection Inc pump to unvented system

    I am fitting my first low loss header onto an unvented system including ufh and 300ltr tank. I have picked the job up after the ufh has been layer, tested and screened over. All I have to work with is the manifold with flow and return pipes and pre installed rad circuit all of which feed into...
  17. Tommo25

    Bunging open vented system

    question for you veterans, what are your tips and tricks for when you don't get a good vacuum when you bung the tank. (Sometimes its not a round hole, sometimes hexagonal or got little tabs on it preventing a good seal). I've cut an isolation valve in on the outlet in the past, however...
  18. L

    Problems with Honeywell Evohome system

    Hi, I’m looking for advice about our Honeywell Evohome system. It has never been quite right & looking at info online I think the BDR91s have been installed too close together. At the moment we have a problem with the hot water connection - on the base unit it is just showing an egg timer rather...
  19. L

    Problems with Honeywell Evohome system

    Hi, I’m looking for advice about our Honeywell Evohome system. It has never been quite right & looking at info online I think the BDR91s have been installed too close together. At the moment we have a problem with the hot water connection - on the base unit it is just showing an egg timer rather...
  20. H

    Unvented cylinder in celler

    If I install an unvented cylinder in a cellar and a system boiler on the ground floor above will the system still work?
  21. M

    Help and advice on replacement boiler and system.

    Hi, Any help, advice or personal experience appreciated. We are supplied by a lead pipe but on a shared supply. I am about house 4 out of a run of 6 or 7. When tested by Affinity Water no other houses seemed to be drawing water. If you were to run a hose and another house draws water the...
  22. soother

    System Sealant tales?

    Every time system sealant is mentioned as a fix for central heating leaks there are warnings that it will clog up the system or seal up something that it shouldn't. Do you folks have any horror stories or experience of these bad effects?
  23. L

    JG pipe on system boiler?

    I'm going to be piping up a new external Grant Vortex oil combi boiler soon and have just looked at the tank, sealed type, which has a 28mm pipe for the boiler. It's a big 5 bed house with loads of underfloor heating so I'm assuming I need to use the 28mm pipe as on the tank. Question is I have...
  24. O

    One pipe system .... questions

    Bought a 1960's Bungalow back in 2002 ...which came equipped (fitted by BG back in 1995) as follows : One pipe system (3/4" & 22mm) comprising of : Ideal 60N e type free standing gas boiler in Garage 10 radiators , all fitted with Danfoss TRVs SMC 24 hour Timer/ clock /controller SMC Commodore...
  25. J

    Hot Water Issue. Dual Valve System

    Hi All I have an issue with my hot water. I have a gas boiler situated next to a hot water cylinder fed from a water tank in the loft. There are two separate valves one for the heating and the other for the hot water. (No 3-Way Valve) Both valves open when asked to via the controller (Hive...
  26. L

    Will lowering water tanks by 15cm have any noticeable effect on gravity flow system?

    Hello, I live in a building that is a conversion of two terrace houses into several flats. We have 7 levels (basement, ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4rth, and 5th), and each level has two flats, except for the 5th floor, which is the attic and on one side there is a small studio and on the other side...
  27. D

    Can this type of system be used for cooling too?

    Hi all, I hope you're keeping well in this madness! I wanted to ask a (probably stupid) question. I live in an apartment with underfloor heating, I've pictured what I can of it as I'm sure that'll make more sense than me trying to describe it. During summer, I rely on a mobile aircon unit and...
  28. J

    Advice on optimal system for large house?

    I am looking for advice on the best boiler system for my home. It is currently: a 4-bedroom mid-terrace period house of stone construction 1 toilet on ground floor 1 bathroom with bath and electric shower on 1st floor 28kw combi boiler fitted in kitchen 2000 sq. ft. with fairly high ceilings...
  29. S

    Ideal logic losing water!

    Ideal Combi bolier. When I repressurise the system to 1bar it almost immediately dumps the water out the condensate pipe before even switching in on at mains. HELP!
  30. S

    Air lock in toilet system

    All 3 toilets won't refill as there is an air lock in our system. They are fed from a water harvester in the garden. The water travels to a tank in the loft and then filters to the toilets. We've had it happen 3 times in the last 2 years. A plumber comes and attaches a hose to the sink tap...
  31. B

    Gas supply and automatic interior switc

    Gas heating is set to come on 2hours per day via interior automatic switch. I would like a neighbour to go and turn gas supply off at mains as she has no key. I am away. Is this safe? but i but I want a neighbour to
  32. C

    Gledhill inlet control valve leaking on pressurised system

    The plug on the opposite side of the red cap with 4.5 is leaking. I have tried tightening it but unsuccessful. My postcode is BA3 4JL, west of Radstock in Somerset. Hopefully a plumber would like the job - social distancing guaranteed during the job! 1587214286 Plumber found, please cancel...
  33. R

    Banging noise from megaflow system

    Hi First time post, looking for some advice please. My hot water system has started making a clunk clunk noise it's quite frequent and "clunk's twice ". It seems to be coming from where the red valve ( in pic ) . I think it's a release valve ( not sure) . Also the guage seems quite high not...
  34. L

    System sucking in air - suggested fix is convert to closed - looking for more info

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here, a layperson homeowner, stopping by in desperation to try and get a better understanding of my options regarding a diagnosis. I have a conventional gravity heating system (cold water tank). British Gas put in a new boiler and replaced most of the other bits...
  35. J

    Another leaking unvented system!

    My unvented system is losing pressure. I have been checking to see exactly when this happens and it seems to be losing quickest when washing machine or dishwasher are in use. Pressure drops from just above 1 bar to almost zero over a period of a few hours. I have to bleed the towel rail (highest...
  36. T

    Heating System Noise

    I have a standard open vented system. I recently replaced a radiator and took the opportunity to drain the system and refill with fresh Fernox (something I have done before). The water was pretty clear and there was no indication of any problems when I drained the system. I had a few problems...
  37. N

    Air in Open Vented HW system

    Hello all. Just looking for some advice on an Open Vented system in a house we moved into before Christmas. We've had a few dodgy parts changed on the system by a plumber, but he's now out of the country travelling for a few months, and I wanted to some extra advice / pointers. Initially one...
  38. M

    What shower system is this?

    Hi, I've just moved into a house an there's a problem with the shower. It's a 'rainfall' type shower head and the shower appears to be fed from the instantaneous boiler. When the shower is switched on at the tap the water literally dribles out, but is warm. After a couple of minutes, the flow...
  39. D

    Inhibitor in pressurised heating system

    Hi All, Hope you are all safe in these scary times. I need to replace a pressure relief valve and then put inhibitor in my system. I have seen videos on how to add inhibitor using a bit of hose and a hand pump sprayer. The bit I don't get is exactly what part numbers I need to order to fit...
  40. D

    Baxi Megaflo 28 System ErP General Query/Help

    Hi! So I have just moved into a new house and it has the above boiler fitted and I am trying to understand it as best as possible. The control is set to water and central heating, Normally there is a temperature control for the central heating and then one for the water, but this is combined...
  41. M

    Constant Air In Heating System

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, looking for advice to avoid spending thousands (just yet anyway). I have an old Back boiler system (Baxi Boiler), tanks in the attic for rads and hot water as well as immersion tank in airing cupboard. A few weeks before boiler service, the heating started making an...
  42. Lumen

    Lowering Expansion Vessels on Unvented System

    Hi Chaps, Wife has been nagging me about having shelves in an airing cupboard for about a year now. We've had unvented cylinder fitted last year and both expansion vessels are very high to fit a towel shelve (as it will be just below the top of door frame). Can the expansion vessels be lowered...
  43. S

    unvented clyinder losing pressure when system is ideal

    when my unvented hot water/heating system is losing pressure when it is ideal. i have got Advantage Cylinder is manufactured in the UK by RM Cylinders and MAIN 15 HEAT boiler. we have set the central heating and hot water turned off from 10 am to 5 pm. when I come back and look at the...
  44. M

    Changing radiator on one pipe system

    I have a rad. To swap and pipework for the rad. To hide in a wall on a one pipe system. The rad. That is in is a 1600 double but only 300mm heigh. Its an original rad. From when the system was put in 70s I think. Will a 1600x600 double panel/convector work on this system? 1582573054 Or do I...
  45. O

    Bemused and baffled by overcompliacted domestic heating system

    Hello All, Moved in with the good lady and inevitably took on the role of house trouble shooter. Since the aforementioned moved in just over 1 year ago the radiators have never worked. I've attached some pictures. Can anybody help me out here as not sure where to start. In the homeowners pack...
  46. S

    Mira digital shower with gravity fed hot water system.

    Hi, I’ve been to quote for an en-suite for a customer and they like the idea of these digital showers . I’ve not fitted many of these digital showers and when I have it’s only been on unvented systems. Was wondering is the pressure and flow good on the digital showers ? I know you can get...
  47. elvis80

    PEX-AL-PEX for hot water return (manifold system)

    (Bear with me this is my first post on here...) We're putting in a manifold system for the H+C in the bathrooms of our new house (self-build). What are everyone's opinions on using PEX-AL-PEX pipe for our hot water return system, please? Good or bad idea? The pipe says: Tmax 95 degrees C / 10...
  48. R

    URGENT Zero water pressure on boiler gauge

    Gas boiler shows No Water Pressure. The water feed to feed the system doesn't move gauge. Water dumps overboard. A banging noise starts when the valve to top up the system is opened.
  49. B

    New Unvented lpg system

    Hi there, looking at installing a new lpg system boiler servicing an unvented hot water tanks and heating system in what will be a 6 bed 4 bathroom holiday cottage. Merging two cottages together, both currently working independently from two Combi lpg boilers. Would like to be able to tune down...
  50. S

    Flame failure after draining system

    Hi I drained my heating system to replace a radiator and now ive got flame failure on the boiler (potterton promax fsb he). I've repressurised it and bled radiators. Any ideas?