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  1. D

    Cannot remove kitchen mixer tap spout

    Hi A while ago I replaced the o rings in my kitchen mixer tap spout....simply by removing the grub screw at the back of the spout and removing it in seconds. BUT I tried to do the same job on a friends mixer tap which is leaking from the bottom of the spout where it meets the base. HOWEVER...
  2. J

    Installing seals in Barber Wilsons gooseneck spout

    Please let me know how to replace the seals in a Barber Wilsons kitchen "gooseneck" faucet. These are the seals that go in the base of the gooseneck, not the individual faucets. I have the kit from BW - four rubber seals/washers, two metal "half" washers and an aerator. If you have photos of the...
  3. J

    Monobloc twin lever mixer tap leaking from spout with taps off!

    Hi, I have a Twin lever Monobloc mixer tap leaking from the base of the spout, there are many answers to this problem online, however, the majority of issues are when the water is on and the tap is running, in my case, the base of the spout is leaking when the taps are off. Would this mean...
  4. G

    Leaking mixer spout....

    Hi the spout on my tap has a leak from the bottom where the spout meets the base of the mixer. I’ve took the spout of with the small screw at the back. Had a look inside and there’s no washer at all. So I’ve replaced the two washers that you can see on the tap, there’s an extra space that looks...
  5. R

    Kitchen Mixer Spout No Longer Able to Move / Turn

    Hello, I have a kitchen mixer tap that is currently very stiff to turn from side to side (the spout part). If I do try to turn the spout, the swivel base that is attached to the sink also turns. Obviously I don't want to damage my sink so I never try to turn the spout any more, but it would be...
  6. P

    What Size Is The Spout Thread On A Garden Bib Tap?

    Just a quick, basic one. What size is the thread on the spout of a garden bib tap? Is it the same size as a washing machine hose? Basically I want to replace one of these - with one of these - Pegler Yorkshire - I want to know if the screw-on hose fitting I have on the self-cutter will fit...
  7. G

    Free up a seized monobloc spout

    I'n trying to free-up the swiveling spout on monobloc kitchen tap. I've tried soaking it in PlusGas hoping it'd seep down & give me a shot moving it - but no luck. The only heat I've tried is boiling water - didn't want to spoil the brushed finish. Any suggestions to get it freed-up?
  8. R

    Bath Spout

    I need to replace a bath spout as it is badly corroded but having trouble finding one that fits as do not know the make and mixer is behind tiles. The details are:- Total length 170mm but can be longer Screw Thread Length 8mm Outside Diameter 220mm Screw Thread Guage 1mm I attach the...
  9. D

    Tap or spout problem

    Hi, my kitchen spout leaks if i dont really tighten the hot water tap. anyone advise me on, is it a tap washer problem or spout washer problem.? Thanks
  10. S

    Tap dribbles after being turned off.

    Hi again. I have just bought a new mixer tap and I have an issue turning it off. Every time I turn it off, I either get a dribble of water until the tap tube is empty, or it stops as it should but then any knock or movement of the tap then means that remaining water in the tap dribbles out. It...
  11. S

    Astracast arvus tp0369 tap spout seals

    Please could somebody explain how to replace the spout seals on the astracast arvus tp0369 tap. I can strip the tap as far as the cartridge but can't seem to work out how to get to the spout seals. I could try unscrewing the collar above the spout with some vice grips or to try and pull it off...
  12. T

    Help! Low hot water pressure in kitchen after replacing bathroom taps.

    Good morning I have an open vented gravity fed system and had a leaking tap on my bathroom sink so decided to replace both while I was at it. I turned off the valve to the immersion heater and ran the taps until nothing came out and just replaced the innards of both taps like for like and put...
  13. T

    3 tap hole bath taps

    'morning all! Got a set of 3TH bath taps to fit in an undrilled acrylic bath this week, what are the spacings supposed to be? Was thinking about 4" left and right of centre spout to give plenty of room as they are levers......
  14. M

    Plastic Aerator stuck

    Hi, I have been trying to remove a plastic aerator - there's no issue with scaling I just want to fit a diverter valve - I have used an adjustable wrench, which slipped and then tried Vise Grips which slipped with a cloth protecting the plastic aerator and mangled it without the cloth - still...
  15. C

    cold water tap

    Hi I have a problem with the cold water tap in my bathroom. All the other taps work fine but suddenly there is no water coming out of the cold tap on the sink. I have checked the filter on the end, no broblem there. It is a 2 tap 1 spout type. Please can someone advise me what I can do.
  16. M

    Soldering on to stainless steal.

    I fitted a replacement Heatrae Sadia Express 7 water heater some time ago. The old one had an extended spout but it was not compatible with the new one so a new extended spout was ordered. I fitted this spout, there is a pushfit fitting underneath for the spout, it felt a bit loose but seemed to...
  17. P

    freestanding basin taps

    Can anyone help me source some free standing basin taps i know there are free standing taps for a bath but i require them for a basin ie basin height any good suppliers any one can recommend thanks :smile:
  18. W

    O-Ring Replacement - Franke Triflow mixer taps

    Hi, the gooseneck spout on my Franke Triflow Doric taps has seized, and the spout can no longer be turned. Franke helpline advise that it was likely that the o-rings had started to disintegrate and were jamming the goooseneck preventing it from turning, and recommended that I buy the...
  19. J

    Installing 4 piece bath tap

    Hello Im hoping someone can help. I have bought some taps to replace the ones we currently have on out bath. i have to cut 2 extra holes for the new ones as it is a 4 piece. this i have no problem with i think :) To attach the taps to the spout they have provided 2 x 400mm flexible...
  20. S

    How to get top of tap off

    Hi can you help please? A- I have a leaky mixer tap in the bath where water is dripping out of the Middle spout. When I squeeze the cold tap as much as I can the dripping seems to stop however, as soon as I let go again water drips out of the Middle spout. The taps have a round head and I...
  21. K

    Kitchen monobloc swivel spout tap went to turn n hot tap and nothing no water at all

    HI I have a problen with this tap went to turn on ht water
  22. P

    Awkward Tap Washer Relacement

    Hello, can anybody advise how I can get to the tap washer on the attached tap? See picture. Thanks, Paul
  23. D

    Gate valve and tank draining

    Hi, tomorrow I am changing a leaking gate valve for my Dad, usually I would just bung the cold tank but as it's not my house I am going to drain the tank. Does anyone know of the correct way to refill as to avoid any potential airlocks. I know it is hit and miss but maybe somebody out there...
  24. K

    Tightening a monobloc mixer tap

    Hi brand new to the forum so would appreciate any help on this one! Trying to tighten up a monobloc ceramic mixer tap with a swivel body and spout (images included) by tightening the long nut underneath the sink! But in this case the whole tap tightens up stopping the spout from turning side to...
  25. T

    Franke O Ring help needed...

    Hiya All, I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice please. I've got a Franke Mythos mixer tap with a leak at the base of the spout. I think the fix is to replace the O ring kit. But having removed the spout I have no idea where (or how) the new O-ring bits and pieces might fit on... In the...
  26. L

    What make of tap

    Anyone any idea of the make of this tap. It needs new o-rings but there is no nut to undo to remove the spout and I don't know if the collar should undo but is seized. any help appreciated.
  27. T

    Replaced ceramic disc but tap still leaking

    Hello All It's 03:30 in the morning I have just joined and this is my first post. I have just given up in replacing a ceramic disc cartridge which I thought was going to be pretty straightforward but has turned in to a complete nightmare. I have a KWC Domo single lever swivel spout kitchen...
  28. R

    Dismantling a Grohe Europlus kitchen mixer

    Has anyone taken a Grohe Europlus kitchen mixer (model 33930 or similar) apart, below the level of the cartridge? I've got one that's weeping below the column, but above the sink. There's nothing leaking underneath the unit, so I guess the flexible tails are fine. I cleaned it up and put a new...
  29. P

    Leaking Monobloc Mixer Tap

    Good Evening, I've recently fitted a new monobloc mixer tap to the wash basin in the bathroom however when i turn the tap on water slowly leaks from the top of the tap. I've tried reducing the water flow to the tap but it doesnt seem to make any difference. Any idea if this can be rectified, thanks
  30. M

    bm5300 blanco eye kitchen mixer leaking

    hi guys, got a problem with the blanco eye bm5300 kitchen mixer tap , it is leaking where spout enters base where levers are. the more the tap is turned on the more it leaks at spout base.I am a newbie so precise step by step instructions would be great. I had the grub screw out from the rear of...
  31. J

    Plumbing Tools for removing kitchen sink taps

    I am having problems removing kitchen sink tap to access washer. I tried using pipe wrench and I still cannot remove the nut. Has anyone got any suggestions or tips to remove the nut.
  32. M

    Mixer Tap spout fitting wrong size

    Any advice as to how to drill / ream a brass mixer tap spot spigot. I've fitted 2 mixer tap units into bathroom wall. The tap spout fits into a central spout spigot with usual brass/ plastic / o rings making the seal. Foolishly I didn't check both fittings for size. but first one pushed in...
  33. P

    Loose spout on mono basin tap

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can help. I have just had my bathroom refitted and am generally pleased with the job. The only problem I have found is with the basin tap. (here is the link to the tap: Low Pressure Dual Lever Monobloc Chrome Bathroom Basin Sink Mixer Tap (RND 317) | eBay...
  34. A

    Ideal Standard Cleartap Leaking

    We have an Ideal Standard ClearTap A5051AA which leaks as the tap nozzle is rotated. The leak is from the mid joint - hopefully indicated by the arrow. (Not quite sure how visible this will be). What parts need to be replaced and what level of difficulty does the replacement present? Any...
  35. M

    Ideal Standard mixer tap won't direct full flow to shower

    I've an Ideal Standard Waterways bath/shower mixer tap. The pull to direct the flow to the shower head is inline (at the base of the shower hose) on the bath spout/tap. On activation only 50% of the flow goes to the shower. The remainder continues to discharge to the bath spout (and is wasted...
  36. T

    bathroom basin mixer taps

    Hello some help with some taps i haven't encountered before... they are 3 hole deck taps apparently mixer taps on a marble surface with cupboard below. The taps are either side of the mixer spout and joined underneath the marble surface. On top of the spout is the rod that pulls up and down to...
  37. C

    Low flow from hot tap

    Hi all, I have just popped over from the electricians forum hoping to get some help. I have a swan neck style mixer tap on a kitchen sink on a gravity fed system that was fitted about 6 months ago. The cold water flow is fine but the hot water has slowed down by about half. I have removed the...
  38. D

    Worcester Bosch 350 combi

    Hi guys, looked at a boiler last night. quite funny, I stopped in my local curry house for a take away and noticed everyone was wearing their coats. Anyway, went into the kitchen which was chaos, and looked at their pig of a boiler. The DHW side has been capped off and next to it they have...
  39. P

    Anyone experienced with Worcester Greenster HE Combi

    As above, customer reports that when he opens hot water tap boiler rockets up to 90 odd degrees and locks out. Now he says heating is messing about as well. he said boiler had no pressure so topped up to 1.5 and just before its locking out its going up to 3/3.5 bar. Im thinking primary side...
  40. S

    Retrofitting wall mounted bath spout and taps

    Hi, looking for some help. I am refitting our bathroom and I'm replacing the old bath with deck mounted taps on the side with a new bath and wall mounted taps at the back. The tap is in 3 parts, spout and 2 valves, complete with flexi pipes. My question is how do I retrofit them to the...
  41. D

    CH f&e tank overflowing

    Hi, Complete newbie but want to gain an understanding of what the problem might be before getting the pros in. Background: Solid fuel (anthracite) boiler for central heating (pumped) and gravity fed dhw, open vented, indirect cylinder. Recently noticed water coming out of downspout at...
  42. M

    Replacement bits and pieces for bathroom taps

    Hello all...here is a contender for the stupidest question of the day!! :o The taps in the wash basin in the bathroom have black screw-in rubber ends where the water comes out and they are looking a bit worse for wear...are they able to be replaced at all or does that part come with the tap? I...
  43. R

    Help requested with Bath Shower Attachment Valve Failure

    Hi all - I am new to this but I hope you can help me a little. I put this on the valves & taps forum but have had no answers yet but fewer peole seem to look at that so here goes again... with pictures! We have an old cast iron bath with the mixer tap with a valve to divert the water to the...
  44. R

    Bath / Shower Taps - Failed switching valve

    Hi all - I am new to this but I hope you can help me a little. We have an old cast iron bath with the mixer tap with a valve to divert the water to the shower head. A traditional style one - two taps connecting in the centre to the shower diverter valve & then to one central spout. This...
  45. D

    Oil and Renewable Heating Show

    This is on in Coventry next week (28th and 29th October 2010). I'm going, which probably now means everyone else won't be going!! You can register online (for free). Not sure what this does but if it knocks a few pennies of the entrance fee or something similar it might be worth it. I...
  46. H

    Type AUK2 air gap

    What exactly is a Type AUK2 air gap ?? Can anyone explain this please!!
  47. D

    basin mixer taps 100mm centres

    can anyone tell me were i can these taps from,they were installed 1940 and have 100mm centres, please help
  48. B

    downspout into soil stack

    standing outside a house in chester noticed the rain water downspout ran straight into the soil stack,it was the just above the wc waste outlet is this legal bob:confused:
  49. J

    Kitchen taps

    Hi there, I have found a little leak on my kitchen taps, they are made by Franke and are mixer ones. I took the lever off the top and the casing and the brass nut so I could get the little cylinder operating thingy out. Below that was the holes where the water comes out but I couldn't get the...
  50. S

    Shower mixer problem

    Hello all, I need advice on a bath tap/shower mixer unit. I have recently moved into a flat where the bathroom comes with a tap/shower mixer unit which has a "diverter" consisting of a button which you pull up to divert the water up through a flexible 'metal' pipe and the attached shower...