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  1. G

    Opinion sought on adding TRV's

    My CH system has nominal 9.5 KW of radiator capacity and 13 radiators plus the indirect hot water cylinder through a diverter valve. All but 4 radiators have TRV's fitted. Those that don't are the downstairs toilet (0.29 KW) Hallway that has the system room stat (0.84 KW) kitchen (1.25 KW) and...
  2. G

    Replacement hot water cylinder query

    I'm going to replace my hot water cylinder with as close as I can to like for like. Replacing as it doesn't have an immersion heater. It's a copper vertical 140Litre tank in an indirect vented system and the inlets and outlets seem pretty standard, except it has an outlet for the shower that's...
  3. P

    Monbloc Tap Securing Query.

    Hello, I have a kitchen mixer tap with filtered water that needs replacing. It is mounted through granite worktop. The hole in the granite I'm guessing is 22mm. Certainly not wide enough for the ~32mm pipe that comes with the new tap. The tap that is currently on there appears to have horseshoe...
  4. C

    Macerator / saniflow query

    Hi all, hopefully someone will be able to help me with this question. I have already done a lot of digging around this site and others and not found an answer.... Yes a macerator pump is needed (absolutely no room to get a normal waste pipe back to the soil pipe) I appreciate all the associated...
  5. G

    Mystery drain cover query

    I have a strange drain cover that looks like a spout in my front garden. See pics. I've always thought it looks like something from the tellytubbies. Its a couple of feet from the main manhole at the entrance to my property. I don't know what it's for but I assume it's some kind of vent. I...
  6. ColdEagle

    tiler recommendation query / wetroom flooring

    hi there, a quick query, if i am looking for someone to provide a quote for tiling a wetroom floor do i post over on tilersforums? are the guys there as reliable and helpful as everyone here? or can you guys also provide recommendations for legit reliable and proper trades-people? i have been...
  7. T

    Evosta Circulator Squeeking, Setting Query

    Hi, I had a new boiler installed at the beginning of 2018 and the plumber installed a Dab Evosta circulator. A few nights ago it started making a high pitch squeak which can be heard throughout the house. I therefore looked it up and found the instruction manual. I tried bleeding the pump...
  8. P

    Vado Sense SEN-100E/SB-C/P tap query

    hello, Can anyone advise which way round the 'internal guide' should fit as it doesn't show in instructions. The guide has a flat side and a recessed side (see photos) I spoke to Vado customer services but although helpful could only assume flat side down. Any Help please.
  9. P

    counter-top basin waste query

    Hello, I have purchased a counter-top basin which has a waste hole diameter of 45mm but the drain waste assy sold with it is 32mm diameter threaded. Is it normal to use a much smaller size waste (13mm smaller) or should I be using a larger size. Regards.
  10. R

    Thermal Store “Boiler-Pump” query

    Hi, I'm a newbie and need some advice please. My 4 bed house has gas central heating with the Regular boiler (BG 330 set to 18Kw output) located in the garage. The boiler is connected directly to the header tank (vented system) and is also connected via a dedicated system pump to a thermal...
  11. T

    Radiator Efficiency Query

    General enquiry. How come Wickes radiators claim the highest BTU efficiency. Is there any benefit in going for brand such as Stelrad??
  12. S

    Plumbing a new kitchen query.

    Hypothetical scenario; Trades on the job are plumber, electrician, plasterer and kitchen fitter. Kitchen has an integrated dishwasher. Plumber in 2nd fix fits cold isolation valve and provides waste pipe connection in unit next to dishwasher (under kitchen sink). Nothing had been...
  13. R

    Boiler thermostat query

    I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi30 conventional boiler and have a query about the boiler thermostat performance. When the room stats are calling for heat and with the boiler temperature control at maximum, the temperature display goes up to 77 deg then the burner is turned off. All good...
  14. P

    Plumbers costs query

    Hello all, Could anybody please advise an approximate day rate cost of a plumber would charge in the South East England area (specifically Sussex)
  15. S

    Recessed gas meter box query

    Hi, I have just had a recessed gas meter box installed in preparation of being connected to the mains gas. The spigot has not been fitted exiting the rear of the box. It is a low pressure so would have expected this to have been fitted. Can this be retro fitted and by who? Is there any harm...
  16. D

    Stelflow Thermostat query

    Recently had two "engineers" look at a hot water problem. To the left of the temperature setting knob on cylinder stat there is an unscrewable cover, which exposes what looks like a reset. Neither of them knew what this was for! One managed to trip RCD on consumer unit while looking at...
  17. S

    Outside tap screw query

    on an outside tap what is the reason for the small screw underneath the tap body.
  18. D

    Does valve or thermostat fire boiler please?

    Need to get someone in to change motor on valve as no hot water unless valve is manually locked open but it may be a while as plumbers busy. Will locking the valve open cause the boiler to fire or is it the thermostat that fires the boiler? Currently using immersion but would prefer gas as...
  19. W

    Shower isolating stopcock query

    I have a isolating stopcock in my bathroom but it switches off both the w.c inlet and the shower. As the shower plumbing is buried in the wall under the tiling, will my only option( for a sole shower isolating stopcock ) will be to install it in the loft? Would be glad of your advice.Thanks
  20. M

    Soil and vent pipe query?

    Hi all. I'm struggling for inspiration on a very small bathroom. One of the issues is that the soil pipe goes straight up the middle of one of the walls. My question is, can a AAV be used on the main stack to a house? I've always thought it's a no no but I'm being told other wise. Any afvice...
  21. DaveH

    Another NEST Install query

    Good day everyone. Some very interesting reads on here regarding Nest, so thanks in advance for all those who have already posted. In short, our house is about 30 years old, we've been there about 8 years. About 4 or so years ago we fitted an OWL Intuition system which is still working well, I...
  22. F

    Sealed combi drain and refill query

    I know this topic has been thrashed out quite a few times however every situation is different and unique, so here is my story, its a little long but wanted to add some backgroun information first. My property is a end semi-detached, has an Ariston Micro Genus Combi 23 MFFI with 9 radiators (5...
  23. P

    Franke Askona mixer tap query

    hello all, I have recently had fitted a Franke Ascona mixer tap only to find that the hot water is not coming out with any force. I spoke to Franke and they advise that the tap is designed for high pressure on both hot and cold but I belive my hot water is low pressure. Thy suggest using the...
  24. T

    Radiator heat output query

    Hi, I need to replace a bathroom rad asap but cannot get the original size of 900 height x 500 width in time for plumber to fit. Original was a basic single convector rad & didn't throw out much heat anyway. My question is if I got a 700 x 500 but a wickes premium type 22 double panel would...
  25. L

    Underfloor heating query

    We have recently had a new unvented pressurised system put in our house to replace the old one. I'm trying to understand how our heating will now work to the underfloor heating part of the house. We have underfloor heating in the conservatory that seems to be controlled by a thermostat on a...
  26. M

    Query about Level 3 qualifications.

    Hey folks. I noticed when looking at my level 3 certs it said something along the lines of 'water regulations and unvented qualified' does this mean I can apply for the cards to show I'm qualified for these? No idea how it works by the way. Cheers.
  27. R

    Hot water cylinder coil query

    Hi there I run the maintenance for a company and at the moment were having problems with a vent pipe on the roof splurging warm water at intermittent times. Its a large building with 3 cylinders providing hot water to 6 toilets and 3 kitchen and as you can except pipework all over the place...
  28. G

    gas pipework installation

    can anybody tell me if its within regulations to install a 15mm gas pipe vertically up a wall across the top of a door frame and back down the other side,all in all the run is 16-17 meters including fittings.My only other option is to dig up the concrete floor which id rather no do.Thanks