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  1. A

    Boiler Programmer fitting advice

    Hi Looking for help. My sisters boiler programmer is faulty, so I've bought a like for like programmer (Worcester Bosch DT20RF), think her boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i/28i Junior. Seen a video online that showed a few seconds of installation, I.e. taking old programmer out. Looked...
  2. D

    LP522 programmer and water heater always on

    Good morning everyone I am facing a problem with the hot water/heating programmer Drayton (LP522): although there are two different programs for the CH and the HW, the latter is always on. In other words, when the heating system is on the water heater receives the hot water coming from...
  3. D

    Boiler over heats and turns off

    Hi everyone. I have the old style boiler, basically last year it started not working after being on for 10 mins.. Replaced the pump and 3 way port valve cleared the lines, bled everything, cleaned it all out Etc. Literally done most things. Basically it will work bit o my if I manually position...
  4. R

    Glow Worm 18 home wire programmer?

    Just fitted a gw18 home. all fires up, only way to get heating is to manually move the leaver on 3 point value, programmer is not connected any ideas on wiring it? old boiler was Glow Worm 18 sxi with pump in airing cupboard. this has been removed as the gw18 had the built in pump. Thanks
  5. M

    Programmer or Froststat?

    Had a problem with CH running continuously which I traced to a stuck two post valve (S plan system). That solved the issue but then I noticed the hot water is also on continously even if switched off at the progammer and irrespective of tank thermostat setting. With system powered off the 2 port...
  6. Q

    Anyone using a WiFi plug as a smart programmer?

    Hi, I'd like to replace my Baxi 105e built in programmer with a smart option. I do not need a room stat as my trv's manage the temperature. I use WiFi plugs around the house that have all the characteristics of a programmer, on/off multiple time/day setting, manual on/off options even outside...
  7. J

    Back Boiler Programmer Replacement

    Hi all, i have just bought a house with a back boiler in, eventually i am going to replace it but at the minute i cant afford to and have other priorities. I am however looking to change the programmer to make it easier to live with. The programmer i currently have is a Horstmann 425 tiara...
  8. M

    CH only works when HW on (no HW off on programmer)

    Hi - first post here Trying to resolve an issue with our system at the moment. We have a Potterton Suprima boiler with a Sunvic 207 XLS programmer. I’m only able to get CH to work when HW is active. There is no HW off wiring into the programmer which I imagine could be the issue after doing...
  9. P

    Programmer help HW cancels CH

    Hello, I have a normal heating system, copper hot tank, boiler, cold tank in loft alongside a small CH header tank. Problem is.... If my programmer is switched to heating on and water off, the heating works fine. If I then switch the water on it immediately switches off my room thermostat dead...
  10. P

    Is My New Corgi (Tower) Programmer Faulty?

    I have an ancient ch system. Think it's s plan. Fully pumped, open vent, Thorne Olympic boiler. The old programmer started to play up, so I fitted a Corgi/Tower PR2 2 channel programmer. All went well, until I tried to run it on the programmes I set on it. The hot water runs according to the...
  11. A

    Boiler programmer upgrade wiring question / problem

    Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, and hope someone can help with my question. I am updating my old Siemans programmer to a hive dual channel programmer. My heating/hot water system has a separate boiler and hot water tank. When I removed the cover of my old programmer to install the new one...
  12. A

    Boiler constantly on although programmer is off...

    Hi, I`d really appreaciate any help regarding this new problem. We have a house with a sealed central heating system and a water tank in the A/C. Turned the heating on today for an hour, worked well, then noticed that well after the hour was up and the programmer switched off, the boiler...
  13. Bogart

    2 zone htg plus hw wireless programmer.

    Always had honeywell in the past has anybody improved on them or should I stick with whom I know. I would ideally like one unit to control 2 heating zones and the hw.
  14. V

    Drayton Mid Position Valve

    Hello Everyone I've just joined the site and hope someone can help a plumber in need. Not been on forums before so this is all pretty new to me, if the thread is in the wrong place then apologise. I got called out to a customers house last week as the central heating wasn't working, on...
  15. T

    Towerchron QE2 Timer issue

    Hello all, new to the website and hoping someone can help with our issue. We have a Towerchron QE2 timer/programmer running our hot water and heating (gravity fed system). The boiler will fire up at 6am as expected and both the heating and hot water lights illuminate. The problem is that it...
  16. H

    New central heating programmer required, but please one that lasts 20 years if possib

    New central heating programmer required, but please one that lasts 20 years if possible. Previous one was a BG DRAYTON SM2 29206SX DUAL-CHANNEL MECHANICAL PROGRAMMER The current one is a Simens RWB2E The drayton one calls for hot water all the time so that's no good. The Simens one will...
  17. M

    2 port valve or programmer?

    Hi. I'm needing a bit of reassurance. I've had a long weekend, whilst enjoying my Sunday on the couch someone from around the corner called me to say their hot water wasn't working. It's an S plan with 2x two port valves. Heating works as it should on the timer and room stat. Hot...
  18. A

    3 port hell

    Hi chaps, 15 year old Danfoss HSA3 - valve body was jammed so replaced with Tower 3 port - swapped orange with orange/ brown and white with white / grey with grey now boiler on all the time - incorrect wiring or could programmer also be at fault? thanks guys - dave :banghead::banghead:
  19. R

    Potterton Promax HE randomly turns off

    Hi all, I've read quite a few posts on here that have helped me try and diagnose the issue I'm having with our boiler, so thanks for that! But unfortunately we still haven't figured it out. So far I've spent a fair few hundred on an engineer to come and diagnose the problem, but even he is...
  20. A

    Central Heating Timer Issues

    I have a Drayton Lifestyle LP522 heating timer which isn't that old. Thetimer switches on at the correct programmed times but the heating does not start up. If I switch the hot water from Timer to ON, the boiler starts up and the heating comes and runs with no problems. Both the hot water...
  21. T

    Salus RT500 RF problem.

    I've only been at my present house just over a month and last night I found the central heating was still on at 3.30am which is way after the programmer should have made it go off. I have programmed the remote unit as per the manual and the 5th and last setting was set to 10 degrees which means...
  22. C

    Noisy Programmer

    I have recently had a new replacement oil fired boiler installed in the garage as well as a new wireless timer/programmer which is located beside the new boiler. My previous programmer was a Horstmann Coronet mechanical timer which is inside the house. This old timer is still used as part of...
  23. T

    Lifestyle LP522 Defaults to 'Twice' after power cut.

    Hi, Looking for some advice if I may as to what is wrong and how to correct the problem I'm having with my Lifestyle LP522 programmer. When we have a power cut, both the hw and ch default to the 'twice' option when power is restored. We've been having a couple of power cuts lately and been...
  24. B

    Danfoss Programmer TP9000?

    Have an issue with a Danfoss Programmer - the LCD display goes blank and the HW and CH is permanently on as per the red lights being on! I can turn it off and back to again and and works properly for a couple of days before going blank again and permanently on. Same for a factory reset? Do...
  25. jaydebruyne

    New heating controls and wiring

    I just need confirmation I'm doing this right as per my drawing.. Not sure if this is clear enough.. but... I've replaced an old mechanical timer and room stat and had to rewire as custard wanted them relocated. I was trying to do this without a wiring centre and it kept blowing the fuse...
  26. Robert Tyrrell

    Wiring problem I need a bit of help with :)

    Yesterday I fitted a new Worcester Grecnstar Danesmoor Kitchen system boiler (Oil, flue, and hydraulics so far) but the customer had specified, and purchased, the fascia mounted Worcester programmer and I can't work out how to connect everything up so I'm wondering if any of you bright sparks :)...
  27. Robert Tyrrell

    Digital thermostat tolerances

    I've fitted a new room stat and programmer to a Y plan system and my customer is complaining that the heating is not working properly as its. Of shutting off when it reaches temperature. I have noticed that it tends to shut off about two degrees higher than the room stat is set for and I'd like...
  28. I

    Nest Thermostat Installation

    Hello all New to this forum but hoping to get some great advise. I have purchased a nest version 3 thermostat with a heat link. My boiler is a potterton suprima 40, and has what seems to be a simple 3 wire programmer. There are only 3 connections for this programmer labeled CH out, DHW on, DWH...
  29. B

    Heating problems

    When the water heating and heating are both turned on the hot water in the radiators are not very hot and the programmable controller turnes off and back on again every now again, but if the hot water or the heating or turned on the programmable controller stays on, can anyone tell me what might...
  30. R

    Honeywell Programmers

    I have two Honeywell programmers, an ST9400C 7 Day Two Channel Programmer and a ST9100C 7 Day Single Channel Programmer. I have just noticed that they are quite hot to the touch in top left hand corner of each programmer. Is this normal, I assume it could be as it is same on both programmers...
  31. M

    Vokera Mynute 28se heating radiators when timer is off

    Hi, Have a Vokera Mynute 28se which has started firing up and heating the radiators even when the 2 channel programmer says it should be off. Is this a programmer issue or something else? Boiler working ok otherwise. Thanks, Mr Wood
  32. B

    Potterton ep 2002 twin channel programmer

    Has this programmer got a standard back plate. Customer just sent me details was going to pick up programmer on way there as it's miles from merchants
  33. P

    Honeywell ST9100C programmer

    Hi Does anyone know why a Honeywell ST9100C Programmer is continually flashing. I have looked at the troubleshooter details but it does not give an answer. Is it time to get another?? Thanks Paul
  34. D

    Noise - boiler cutting before reaching temp

    Hi all. first post here and not an expert so some of what I describe may not be termed totally accurate but hopefully will give the info so I can pick your collective experts brains on a number of issues which I think could be related... i have a conventional system. Main 24kw HE boiler...
  35. E

    Heating/mid point valve problems

    Dear All, My first post and request for help. My daughter has recently bought her first house and we have been refurbishing for her. Having replaced all rads and valves we are ready for the CH/HW to go on, however we have a problem as follows:- When the programmer is on CH & HW she gets CH and...
  36. G

    Iflow programmer replacement

    I have an Iflow heating programmer that needs replacing it looks exactly the same as the Drayton LP722. Is this a direct replacement. There doesn't seem to be any serial umbers on my programmer.I appreciate is not much to go on. Thanks I advance Geoff
  37. jaydebruyne

    Heating Issue

    Went to a job today. Tenant complaining that the rads were getting hot when the room stat was off. Y plan system fully pumped, old potterton heating only boiler. On investigating I found that the programmer had been wired so it gave a permanent live to the room stat regardless if the heating...
  38. H

    Potterton and RWB2E Issue

    Hi, I just moved to a new flat. The heating and hot water consists of the following parts: 1-A potterton profile boiler 2-siemens RWB2E programmer 3-A honeywell knob on the wall 4-a big tank and complicated system in storage!!! The issue is when I turn on the heating with programmer, nothing...
  39. J

    Programmer and stat change

    Afternoon all, i've recently bought a Drayton mitime RF T710R to replace my hortsmann C27 and poorly position surface wired room stat! Thought I might be able to take the programmer off and stick the new one straight on the back plate but I should have known better! this is the current...
  40. B

    boiler fires up every 5mins for 10 seconds. programmer set to hot water auto ,only.?

    newish install . vaillant 415 boiler .fires up every 5 mins for 10 secs, programmer is set to heating off and water on auto....cylinder stat set to 60.. can anyone comment on the problem thanks.
  41. G

    Intermittent hot water and general queries on heating

    Just moved into a new house and this is driving me crazy. Some mornings I have hot water and other mornings its luke warm. Not sure if the central heating needs to be on at the same time to warm up the water - tried it on and doesnt seem to make too much difference. I'm a bit confused over all...
  42. R

    Wiring diagram needed please

    Hi all, need some help or pointers please father in law has a system that I am upgrading. He doesn't have a room stat or tank stat. current set up is a baxi back boiler with a grundfos ups2 pump, 3 port Honeywell valve, danfos 3020p. so heating works and hot water works but both together, he...
  43. D

    Very strange central heating problem...advice needed please.

    Hi All, I have a Potterton Prima 60F and about a week ago I was getting power on the switched live when a call for heat was requested. I played around with the CH zone valve and the boiler started to fire so I thought all was well. It wasn't! I'm not a plumber by trade but am not bad at DIY...
  44. M

    Qualified engineer with G3 unvented ticket - Gravesend Kent area please

    Good afternoon all Are there any G3 un-vented cylinder engineers in or the near Gravesend, Kent please? Details of possible issue below: The boiler won't call for hot water but does for Central Heating. I have a Heatre Sadia unvented cylinder with two no 2 port zone valves (one for CH and...
  45. D

    glow worm 30cix

    Hi can some one tell me can I ditch the programmer and just use a thermostat to control this boiler.
  46. M

    potterton programmer ep1 not working since lighting circuit blew

    hi all had a short on my lighting circuit at home and now my programmer is not working or showing any display any ideas.Don t understand why as it should not coming off the lighting circuit.
  47. P

    No hot water

    Need help. My fully pumped system won't switches on when it's calling for just hot water. To get hot water, both hot water and central heating has to be on at the programmer. If only HW is on at programmer, it will not come on. I am not sure is it programmer or 2 port valve.
  48. F

    Worcester greenstar 25si wireless and wired stat

    Hi Uk Plumbers, I currently have a Worcester greestar 25si with a dt20rf programmer and a radio digisat My question is can I place a nest stat which is wired on to this combi with this programmer and then remove the digi stat? Please advice.
  49. I

    Heating engineer to troubleshoot wet UFH instlattion - Putney SW15

    The UFH installation at my house has not been right since I bought the place a year ago. System mechanically fine - flow temps all OK, no air, holds pressure, etc but with the UFH zone on at the programmer, my boiler is cycling and using gas even when there is no call from the stats. This...
  50. L

    Advice/recommendations on heating controls

    I'm new to the forum, so first of all 'hi', and I'll say right at the outset that although I've done the odd bit of minor plumbing and electrical maintenance, I'm not an expert by any means. Couldn't tell from the info on the website whether I should even be posting if not in the trade, but as...