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  1. Dan

    Trying to find a local plumber?

    If you're trying to find a local plumber then for now please post a thread request in the main Plumbing Forum. We'll do our best to point you in the right direction. We are currently updating our member profile pages and will make them more easily accessible to unregistered users, and more...
  2. B

    Professional Trades People !... I Salute You !! I'm also in need of advice for 1 stubborn rad.

    I have a 3 bed e.terrace. 1 rad in each of the 6 rooms (box room rad has damaged pipe so is turned off either side)all with TRV's. In addition there's 1rad in hall and 1 on the landing. Both with old style on/off valve. The Problem lies with the Bathroom rad. it's kinda on a dog's leg; as the...
  3. D

    which combi boiler?

    Hi, I have made my mind up about having a combi boiler for my 4 beds house. Now I don't know which one to get! I would like something which will last without many issues and also quite economical to run. Two names come up all of the time: Vaillant and WBosch. I don't know how to decide. Are they...
  4. E

    Oil boiler lockout - tried everything or have I ?

    We have a Worcester Bosch Danesmoor 20/25 oil boiler that's quite old but has been OK for the 6 years we have lived here. It has on occasion gone into idle mode which I have sorted by pressing the solenoid. However when I tried to turn on the heating a few weeks ago it just locked out after a...
  5. Eyespy999

    Magnaclean Micro / professional full size

    Hi all, Just weighing up the options between a micro or a full sized magna clean professional. Apart from the size and access (and price!) , is there much difference pros / cons? Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    new dill required

    hi my dewalt drill has packed in my bugdet is £150 any ideas screwfix have some but dont know which is good or bad need it for my plumbing job thanks
  7. D

    Experianced or Retired Plumber Required

    An experienced or even a retired plumber is required in the Aberdeenshire (Mintlaw) area, who would be willing to publish a professional opinion on work that has already been conducted. The opinion may then be used during subsequent legal actions. The production of the opinion could be...
  8. M

    Bosch drills???

    Any of you guys use any of the Bosch tools? Or is it mainly Dewalt and Makita.
  9. C

    screwfix offer on magnaclean 2 £80 any good?

    are these any good? I was thinking of getting a sentinel cyclone, but then this came up. im not sure which would be better or another one you guys would suggest.
  10. C

    Accreditations and Schemes

    Hi guys, I'm looking to become part of a worthwhile scheme/accreditation and am wondering if anyone has knowledge on the most credible ones. I am currently looking into the APHC scheme and watersafe but are there any others that may be worthwhile joining? I've looked into WIAPS but...
  11. D


    Evening all! I intend to join one if these two organisations in the near future And I'm wondering which one will be best for me. They both seem to hae their advantages. Just Cant make up my mind. I have one year experience in the trade, and I'm looking to use these organisation to increase my...
  12. P

    IPHE yea or nay

    I'm seriously considering letting my membership of IPHE go. This has been such a bad year that the fee is no longer an inconsiderable percentage of earnings. I just wanted to get some thoughts on this. No customer has ever queried whether I am a member. Would I be silly not to keep it up? Are...
  13. 3

    TOOL EXHIBTION: Sept 2011 at Coventry see latest tools and 365Drillsd at Toolfair !

    Invitation: Come see the latest in tools and innovation for installers at the Coventry ToolFair 2011 Free Professional Builder T-shirt If you’ve got time to pre-register for the show, there will be a free bacon roll and a free ‘Professional Builder’ or, if you’re an installer, free...
  14. A

    Heating comes on full blast when hot water only should be on

    Hi I have a baxi Bermuda back boiler, honeywell thermostat and timer too. After resetting the time two days ago the heating now comes on as well as the hot water even though switched off on the timer. All radiators come on full, the stat is down as low as it goes, any ideas on a fix or...