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  1. Lnd89

    Leaky pipe - replacement needed?

    Hello. Have developed a leak in the pipe under my sink. Have used LS-X to glue the pipes together, but there is still a tiny drip. There's no cracks in the pipes, they're good as new so think it's how they're fixed together. Is there something else I can try? Please see photos attached - photo...
  2. B

    Strap on boss below soil pipe

    Hi a quick simple question I want to add a strap boss on the main vertical soil pipe for a shower tray waste pipe but only have room and the height below the horizontal toilet soil pipe going into the soil stack It is not directly below but to the left Will this be a problem with soil waste...
  3. P

    Soil Pipe Box smell and insulation.

    Hello all, Our first post on here, so please be gentle. We are based in the UK and undergoing a kitchen renovation (not a DIY build), and just had the soil pipe box removed from the utility room (in order to make it smaller to allow us to fit wall cabinets and easily access/remove the washing...
  4. T

    Please help - Macerator exit pipe issue:

    I will attempt to describe the situation as tersely as possible The macerator serves a toilet, a shower and a basin. Old Sanipro up worked for ten years then started to run on without emptying. Motor was dead. Exit pipe runs down .5m then horizontally under the floor for 2m and turns 135...
  5. T

    Speedfit pipe sizes for bathrooms

    good evening, i'm moving my sink to a different wall. i've bought 15mm speedfit layflat for my basin taps, it's quite expensive and i'm not going to use the majority of it. the more i research, the more confidence i get that i may be able to take out the electric shower and put in a mixer...
  6. D

    Leak from Water pipe coupler

    Hello all, I was fixing a stuck tap in my garden today, and after turning the isolator back on a coupler further along the pipe work started leak. The coupler has hex nut screw so I decided to try tightening it, that didn't work and more water started to come out. After isolating the water...
  7. B

    Aircon outside wall grill

    Hi, What outside wall “grill” is suitable for a mobile aircon unit exhaust please. I’m using 150mm plastic piping. Many thanks
  8. A

    Best S pan connector for offset pipe?

    I have an existing S-bend Twyford toilet and am looking to replace it with a new Twyford E100 close-coupled toilet. Looking at the diagram (https://images.victorianplumbing.co.uk/images/E100-RND-WC1_Line.jpg) the Twyford S pan connector puts the centre of the floor pipe 80mm from the wall, but...
  9. T

    WC connector to soil pipe

    I have a 3.5 inch salt glaze soil stack which I need to connect to a new toilet, I’m struggling to find a connector to fit inside the existing pipe, any ideas
  10. J

    Plasterer removed Radiators - one pipe has come off

    So the plasterer has removed all the Radiators from the walls. The boiler Vaillant Eco Tec Plus 28 is showing a F22 fault - I assume this is due to the fact there is zero pressure in the CH as its been drained. 1) Do I just leave the boiler as is or switch it off ?- I do not need water as...
  11. R

    Rural Gravity Fed Pipe In River Setup, Any advice appreciated,

    Hey to all in the community, im not a plumber so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I reside in rural ireland and we currently get our mains water fed to us from a pipe which is one 1km long from a stream out the back of our property. It is then filtered with rocksalt, uv, Reverse...
  12. GameForkStudio

    Connecting copper pipe to cistern .

    Hi all, A complete novice question. I need to connect a copper pipe to the cistern. I don't have enough space for a flexible hose. Can I insert the copper pipe inside the cistern's plastic inlet and use a nut and olive on it or is that not the way to do it? Also, the inlet has a small filter...
  13. J

    Best plastic/MLCP pipe cutter?

    Evening all, IYHO which is the best plastic / mlcp pipe cutter (not for waste pipe). Cheers Jim
  14. S

    Copper pipe slightly too short

    I have replaced some parts in my toilet cistern including the rubber seal between the cistern and the toilet. Unfortunately the replacement is thicker than the previous one and as a result the copper water pipe doesn’t match with the cistern inlet by a few mm. Any thoughts on how to resolve this...
  15. B

    Is pipe leaking under the floorboard or is it moisture?

    I have a query about who do I contact for this and how it will be sorted out. In the bedroom there is a small section of the floor which is squeaky (carpet is done in and the floor in that particular bit squeaks anytime I walk on it). Looks like previous owners walked only on that part as the...
  16. M

    HELP pipe work advice

    Can anyone help how to tidy up this pipework in our kitchen?
  17. Bbarclays

    Radiator 40mm Wall to Centre Tapping (mm)

    Anyone knows a radiator wich has inlet and outlet roughly 40 mm from wall to radiator pipe centers(looking from side paralel to wall view). I have ordered from mytub radiators, however got reply afer a day. Order Notes: ------------------------ Steve 23.07.20 12:27 pm...
  18. M

    Thermostat on pipe to turn on ufh

    Can I use a pipe stat to switch on UFH Pump when it detects heat in system. The UFH is piped as an extra rad so when pipe gets hot ie house system is on And starts the pump . At present connected to a programmable stat which operates a single port valve and pump. I’ve put the valve in straight...
  19. A

    Is it safe to just unscrew the nut that connects a pex pipe directly with a tap?

    I tried to replace a couple of taps but surprisingly they are screwed directly to the pex piping instead to the flexible tap connectors. I'm no expert so I don't know if I can proceed as normal. I'm hesitant to just unscrew the nut because it looks like a permanent fitting glued to the pex and...
  20. D

    Gas pipe work long run from Gas meter in large property

    I am new gas safe and met hard situation when I did gas safety check on large property with 3 acre site. The property is old and large size, installed two 30KW heat only gas boiler to supply CH and DHW, range cooker and gas hob. I was be told the meter is installed at the entrance of the...
  21. D

    Details on fitting a remote oil delivery pipe.

    Hello again. Anyone on here familiar with the installation of remote filling pipes for domestic oil tanks? We are trying to figure out ways of getting a delivery from the front of a cottage to the rear without going through the property. One possibility - still apparently being explored by the...
  22. H

    How to join and reduce pvc push pipe to flexible hose

    Hi everyone, new to the forum as desperately seeking advice on the sink that has been the bane of my life for several months now! We live on a boat so it isn't the usual sink set up. The sink waste just joins to a short length of plastic hose that leads to the outside of the boat. I put in a...
  23. B

    Do I need a check valve on cold feed pipe

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice as under my kitchen sink their are two pipes, the cold water feed and hot water feed, the hot water feed has a check valve/NRV fitted on the copper pipe (I am not sure which kind of valve it is but it has an arrow on it) but the cold water feed pipe doesn't...
  24. N

    How do I connect to this ground toilet pipe.

    Underfloor pipe. How do I connect? The pipe is made of pot I think and it’s broken. My flexible toilet pipe won’t go into it properly. It’s 10cm in diameter. Thank you in advance.
  25. Richard Logan

    Could you take a look at pics and advice

    Ime getting a new boiler fitted Worcester bosh, by EON Contractor treason for new boiler its 12 yes old and knackered, as I get DLA and pension credit guaranteed, but my main concern is the state of existing pipework, please have a look @ pics and your advise please Richard
  26. P

    External 15mm pipe insulation

    Hi lads and lasses sorry if this has been covered before but i couldn't fins anything on it. Im installing an outdoor tap and for the first time the pipework has to be external. Im fitting it to water regs standard with all the rubbings internal pipe sleeved out the wall then runs down 3 meters...
  27. Bogart

    Blocking off a 155 copper pipe

    If I explain first the situation may make more sense. I have going through a wall 2 15mm copper pipes that sometime in the past fed a radiatorin the kitchen. Now I need those pipes removing out of the wall and blocked off in a cupboard. Problem is where they appear on the other side of the wall...
  28. gmartine

    The only pipe cutter you will ever need...

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3ae5gPyLhQ I like it...needle bearings everwhere, less stress on the hands, rock hard cutting wheel + spare, one size required and no pipe deformation.
  29. M

    soil pipe double offset

    I want to move my toilet into the room a little. At the moment it discharges into a soil pipe that branches horizontally (with a slope) along the wall from the stack. I would like to put two 135 degree offsets in so the horizontal pipe is further out from the wall. Or preferably find a double...
  30. I

    Steam generator outlet to steam room - Suitable pipe and fittings

    What are the best pipes and fittings to carry steam from a 2.8kW steam generator to a steam cabin for a short pipe distance of 400mm? Thinking on the technical, the pipework would have a low internal resistance (smooth inside) and full bore so as not to reduce the steam out. I noticed the...
  31. T

    black pipe gas elbow or 45

    don’t work. i need something in between to follow outside deck. any suggestions??
  32. P

    Leaking flow pipe on Baxi 105e

    Hi, I've got a leaking flow pipe coming from the main heat exchanger. There is slow drip where it connects onto the main heat exchanger. Before I take it all apart could someone tell me if it's better to replace the whole flow pipe or can I just change the seal on it?. Kind regards, Joshua...
  33. T

    Water pipe whistling

    Hello folks, I live in a block that was built about three years ago. At some point last summer, I began hearing a high-pitched/piercing sound coming through the wall. I wasn't about much and it went away in the autumn, so I thought nothing more of it. It returned with a vengeance about a month...
  34. S

    Central Heating - Pipe Sizing?

    A couple of years ago I had a new central heating system installed as part of a full modernisation. Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with other aspects of the renovation so for a while I’ve been running it without a control system or TRV’s (I have a Honeywell EvoHome set ready to go but...
  35. P

    Radiator copper pipe broke into two (photos attached)

    Hello everyone, First of all thank you for taking time to read my post, hopefully I can find help! My problem is pretty straight forward, when I removed the radiator from the bathroom to paint the wall, the cooper pipe that connect the radiator to the wall broke into two, I will attach pictures...
  36. S

    Waste pipe issue - 40mm pipe sliced open

    I’m having an issue with some waste pipework that I’ve never come across before! Customer has reported a leak on some 40mm waste pipe i installed under a kitchen sink about 18 months ago. It appears to have cracked but it’s like someone has taken a Stanley knife or a plastic pipe slice to it...
  37. I

    38mm European waste pipe to 40mm UK compression waste fitting

    What's the best way to ensure a watertight fit connecting a 38mm European / continental waste pipe to a 40mm UK compression waste fitting without using a 38mm to 40mm adaptor prior? The reason not to use an adaptor is because there's no space. Note, a 40mm compression fitting on a 38mm pipe will...
  38. A

    Shower waste - what size pipe?

    Hi, I have a new shower tray to install that has come with a shower waste trap with 40mm output. The waste needs to run around 3.5m to 4m before connecting to vertical soil stack. I understand building regs require 50mm pipe to be used for this length of run? Do I therefore need a new trap with...
  39. T

    Mixer tap flexible hose being cut

    Hi, I have a mixer tap with flexible hose which have been cut on the bottom. Can they be reconnected? what type of connector I need?
  40. E

    West Sussex -Looking for an expert to plumb in ........

    To connect existing macerator in downstairs wetroom (front of semi-detached) to soil pipe where the drain cover is at the back and inside a conservatory.
  41. C

    drain pipe leaking need smaller pioe fitting

    Hi got a waste water broke from upstairs sink . 32 m to big its on outside house to drain . Can't find any smaller pipes anywere to fit to connection cheers
  42. M

    Soil pipe one way or the other

    I've installed a Vortex sewage treatment tank alongside the existing septic tank but, instead of switching the drainage over permanently, I was wondering whether there was any kit which would allow the waste to go one way or the other in future. The idea was that, if anything should go wrong...
  43. D

    Where to find >25m, 8mm, plastic sleeved pipe

    I have a tank to install. No static head, about 25m run. Don’t want any joins. Check the books - says I should use 6mm pipe. Cant find a source of 6mm sleeved Copper pipe anywhere. I guess it’ll be 8mm then. Can only find max of 25m rolls of 8mm sleeved. Check distance to tank ...... 26...
  44. A

    pipe freezing machine??

    hi chaps - thinking about investing in one - not sure to go rothenberger or arctic products...any suggestions? pros and cons? much appreciated! thanks dave
  45. H

    Soil pipe material identification

    Hi any ideas what this pipe is made from?
  46. K

    Need help with banging pipe from next door

    Needing some help. moved house a month ago and could hear pipes banging all night, called a plumber and it was due to the water in my house being turned off it affected when the neighbour used there’s, there was water in our pipes so we didn’t notice the water was off, both of us could hear the...
  47. S

    Cold-forming Speedfit PB pipe

    I have not tried cold-forming speedfit pipe before and wonder what people‘s experiences are with it? I am looking to cold-form 22mm polybutylene pipe and before i spend a fortune on the pipe / connectors, i thought i would throw it out to the community to see if there is any reason why I...
  48. F

    Help on connecting channel drainage to soil pipe

    Hi, I'm installing a patio across all of my back garden, and was intending to put channel drainage along the cream wall shown in the picture. I've recently had some pvc soil pipes put in, shown in the picture, so my thought was to connect to these (they already take rainwater as it's an old...
  49. A

    22mm flexi pipe to 3/4 copper pipe.

    I am fitting a new mixer tap system. Because of the layout I have had to use flexi hose/pipe. The tap size is 22m. Each tap,respectively, connects to different sized copper pipes. The cold is 15mm copper pipe. So I used a 22mm to 15mm flexi. No problem there. The hot, however, is an old 3/4...
  50. P

    Where should the soil pipe enter through the slab?

    I'm building a new house and want to know is there a standard location\ distance from walls that the soil pipe should come up. The pipe will take a WC on the GF and then stack up to the 1st floor to take the bathroom above and then up to vent tile so he'll need a couple of T connectors which...