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  1. L

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer

    Find a Glow Worm Boiler Installer https://www.glow-worm.co.uk/homeowner/find-an-installer/ I love it when the manufacturers help their installers out like this. Not all manufacturers seem to do it.
  2. L

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"?

    15 Year Guarantee when Installed by a "Registered Club Energy Installer"? How many of you are one of their Club Energy installers they mention?
  3. Dan

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer?

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer? Seen an advert on TV for a BOXT Boiler. Black friday deal. Wondering if we have any BOXT installers on here and whether they're doing alright with them? "Don't miss out on our amazing Black Friday deals. Save up to £150 off your...
  4. S

    How likely is that that my installer fried my circuit board?

    Yesterday we had an "installer" come and try to install a new WB Greenstar 25 boiler while I was at work. When I got home, my wife said that it didn't work when he tried connecting it to the fused spur switch, so he then tried adding a three pin plug to it, but that kept tripping the the fuse...
  5. Alan Wright

    Register as a ShowerPowerBooster Installer

    I have just sorted out a new landing page on my web site for visitors from Plumbers Forums. This page is more suited to people like yourselves who would like to see more technical stuff rather than just rely on 5 star Trustpilot Reviews. You should find it easy to navigate to applications and...
  6. D

    Become a Surestop Platinum installer

    Surestop have short online courses where you complete a question and answer session after watching a video. After completing the course, you can become a Platinum installer and be listed on their database of accredited installers. Worth a go, and it's another tool in your kit that might get you...
  7. Adey

    MagnaClean Atom Installer Feedback

    At Adey, we are always looking for feedback for our products. What are your thoughts of our MagnaClean Atom filter? With its ultra low profile design, that allows our installers to install a MagnaClean in previously inaccessible places. Adele
  8. king of pipes

    Intergas intouch installer app

    Anyone downloaded this app and registerd on It asks you to enter coc number any ideas what that is ? Any advice welcomed cheers kop
  9. U

    Oil certified installer needed in Surrey.

    Our current (Worcester 25/32) boiler has just failed and we've found another Worcester to replace it, but we need someone to disconnect the old boiler and install the replacement, with some changes in the system that I want to incorporate. Anyone recommend a suitable installer that can work in...
  10. M

    Gas heater installer required.

    Hi, Looking for a gas safe heater installer in the NN4 region. Want to remove old open gas fire with controls at the bottom from a chimney breast and install a new, more efficient, glass fronted gas heater with controls at the top or sides, must be suitable for a disabled user. Thank you.
  11. N

    Glow worm Ultimate 120ff replacement recommendations, please

    Hi, My Glow worm Ultimate 120ff is dying - just started leaking from the heat exchanger, which I assume is terminal. I'm looking for a replacement regular boiler for my traditional, open-vented S plan installation, as 'like for like' as possible under current regs, with reliability and long...
  12. H

    grundfos alpha 2 setting help

    I have just had a new heat only boiler installed. I believe it is a 2 pipe system with 3 port valve for ch and dhw. The installer couldn't really tell me what setting the pump should be on. I have had it on III since the install but the manual I downloaded suggests pf2. Can anyone help with...
  13. S

    Advice needed for thermal store to radiator supply

    Hello all, Newbie here. I'm looking for some advice on how to stop the current problem I have on a recently installed pellet/thermal store system. What is happening is, if the trianco boiler fails to fire up and trips/logs an error code, until noticed and then cleaned out. In the mean...
  14. H

    Best boiler to run 13 rads.

    Hi, I need to change my old combi central heating boiler and would like to know what Combi Boilers C.H fitters recommend. I have a four bed house with 13 radiators with an output of approx 22,000 watts ( 75,000 BTU's). I put my rad sizes into an online calculator and got these figures. I may...
  15. N

    Flush system?

    Hi, newbie here seeking advice. Gas connected two years ago, Worcester green star 32 cdi condensing boiler fitted operating underfloor heating, two towel heaters, two rads, new pipe work, mix of copper/plastic. System drained recently (additional rad) water drained off seemed clear. Advice I'm...
  16. G

    I 35 combi

    Hi to all I'm new to this forum so take it easy on me My plumber has installed an I 35 combi from ideal. I can't seem to find any info on this product and the fact that he has installed many with no issues(so he says) doesn't put my mind at ease .The reason I say this is because he has had no...
  17. D

    Ideal vs Worcester boiler?

    We've had a couple of quotes for a new boiler installation in our home. One quote from a Worcester installer who recommended the Greenstar 28CDI. The other quote (our preferred installer) says he wouldn't touch Worcester with a barge pole and recommended Ideal Logic Plus 30HE instead and said...
  18. T

    new combi boiler - leak from shower box

    Hi recently upgrade gravity fed system to combi boiler - no longer use the main shower attached to wall as enough pressure into our bath tap mixer - thought the main shower had been disengaged- we no longer use this -but there are leaks coming from the shower box -the bit with the on/off dial -...
  19. E

    Which magnetic filter for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40cdi conventional boiler

    Just wondered what magnetic filter would be the best for this boiler a couple of years ago. No new pipe work fitted and only a couple of new radiators fitted. The system had inhibitor put in it when it was installed - how often do we need to put this in? also where would you recommend we buy...
  20. R

    Vaillant boiler not heating radiators. Please help!

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate your expert advice. To cut a long story short I have recently renovated my house from top to bottom and had a new CH system installed. Key points below: 1. Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 boiler 2. Vaillant vSMART System Controller (with a room...
  21. C

    Different length of warranty between the installer and the boiler company?

    Hope some experienced installer here could advise me: I had a new combi boiler installed last month and I bought 5 yrs warranty from an installer. When I rang the boiler company they said I could only get 2 yrs for that specific model, I then asked the installer why he said that's because he'll...
  22. B

    thermostatic shower pressure weak

    Because of a worsening arthritic condition a friend has had her bath removed and a walk-in shower fitted.<br><br>The water pressure is now far to low and the temp is also unacceptable, the water has to be run for about 5<br>minuets before it is even luke warm.<br><br>The over bath thermostatic...
  23. hammers4spanner


    Been asked to price one for a customer so simple question any good or not? Pros and cons? Personally think they are over priced but hey ho they requested one
  24. I

    Nest Thermostat Installation

    Hello all New to this forum but hoping to get some great advise. I have purchased a nest version 3 thermostat with a heat link. My boiler is a potterton suprima 40, and has what seems to be a simple 3 wire programmer. There are only 3 connections for this programmer labeled CH out, DHW on, DWH...
  25. R

    Boiler registration

    When a GS person fits the boiler they fill out the benchmark cert. Do they then register with gas safe & the boiler manufacturer? Can you then find out whether a boilers been registered? If so, what info is needed if you don't know the installer details & can't find the benchmark cert? Thx
  26. K

    New glow worm gas boiler

    Hi just had my old baxi back boiler replaced for a glow worm energy 18s system boiler which seems to be working well. However I have noticed the burner is always burning when it is on via the timer. Is this normal for a condensing boiler as I have not had one before.
  27. G

    Worcester Bosch horizontal flue compatible with Vaiilant Ecotec plus 637?

    Hi, Have had new system installation done 2 years ago and all has been well until now. Vaillant Ecotec plus 637, sealed system, pressurised water cylinder, dual heating zones, external controls, secondary hot water return ring, 26 rads Victorian house, all new pipework, hard wired CO...
  28. E

    Advice please, intergas or vaillant.... Which one

    Hi everybody, Hoping you guys can offer me some of your expert advice. ive got a old baxi back boiler which is probably from the 70s, working fine, costs a bomb to run but the misses wants a new electric fire and surround. She's been nagging for years and I have decided to make the change. were...
  29. H

    Heating Installer of the Year Awards

    CALL FOR ENTRIES FOR THE HEATING INSTALLER OF THE YEAR AWARDS The search is on for the UK’s top heating installers as a new industry awards launches to recognise the efforts of leading tradespeople in the sector. The Heating Installer of the Year Awards, sponsored by Continental...
  30. S

    Vaillant ecotec pro 28

    Hi all, newbie here requesting advice please. Having had my first combi boiler installed recently to replace a 30 year old traditional system I am not convinced that it is working quite as it should. I was under the impression that these modern combis are supposed to heat up pretty quickly but...
  31. Ted808

    Calling solar thermal installer near lechlade

    Hi there I have a friend who's 90!! and was world champoin sidecar racer , you may of heard of him -Stan ... anyway he has a solar thermal system with no flo thro the solar circuit... can anyone recommend or do a glycol flush and drain and top up or whatever is required. I have a lot of time for...
  32. D

    What are the consequences of unidirectional TRVs fitted to outlet not inlet?

    I have just had a new combi boiler (Worcester 36 CDi Compact) fitted as a replacement for my trusty Worcester 350 Combi. The system was powerflushed as well (with a Magnacleanse filter on the machine, though it didn't take as long as I'd have expected: about 3 hours for a 13-rad system). A...
  33. C

    New Combi Boiler Problems - Lukewarm Hot Water & Hammering Pipe/cold rad

    Hi, I am slowly loosing patience with our new combi boiler! We had a new combi boiler installed last week, changing from a conventional boiler and cylinder. The new boiler is a Valiant Ecotec Plus 831. We have a 3 bed semi detached house with 1 bathroom, and was advised this is the...
  34. H

    Boiler Tripping off

    Afternoon All Any Help would be grately appreciated.. We have just had a our boiler replaced with a baxi solo 30 he.. when you have the boiler set to the timer setting it keeps tripping off and locking out the boiler.. (no flow lights flashing) We have had the pump replaced with a...
  35. stani

    Too close to wall

    Anyone else think it will be near impossible to remove burner, it's a danesmoor 18/25 wall mount.
  36. Y

    New system in New house, some questions

    Grant Vortex external boiler multi fuel stove thermal store indirect questions 1. at the minute, the boiler heats the water then dumps hot water to the rads at the one time is this the correct way of working? or should it circulate? 2. i cannot seem to get downstairs rads working on there...
  37. C

    ideal vogue or intergas combi?

    ive already asked a similar question, but my parents had a plumber visit today who is an intergas platinum installer, and hes thrown the conversation slightly and suggested my parents have an ideal vogue, as it has a 10 year warranty. my worry is looking at the installation manual it seems to...
  38. M

    Worcester greenstar cdi??

    Hi all. Is it a common problem with the internal filling link key to get stuck. We only fit worcester at work and I can picture the actual link but can't picture what the key goes into?? Any help
  39. R

    Condensing bolier flow and return temps - effect on rad sizing?

    Had a quote for complete new CH system including Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior. Not sure I totally understand this, hence asking here: I was pretty surprised at how small the rads spec'd were as I thought condensing boilers needed as low a return temp as possible? The installer (WB...
  40. B

    Remeha Boiler Problem

    Hi Guys, Wonder if you can help. Just had my 2 year old Remeha boiler serviced by the original installer and ever since the service I have been getting a 'whoomp' from the boiler as it ignites. Not enough to shake the casing but enough to hear it 1 room away. I am assuming that the gas is...
  41. M

    2 combi questions

    1) you know the pipe that comes out of the house - condesnse I believe - what can it exit into? I have 2 pipes 1 - is the soil pipe and one is for surface water and 1 goes into a soakaway - can it go into either? Can it connect straight into the black guttering type stuff or does it need to...
  42. B

    Replacing a Grundfos UPA90 Home booster to an electric shower, advice

    Hi all, Hoping someone can increase my knowledge with some of thiers! So the situation is a Grundfos UPA90 home booster pump (basically a heating circulator but with a flow switch to turn it on and off) which supplies an electric shower. It's boosting the cold water. I'd say it's got about...
  43. N

    Hot water question

    Hi all, Customer had a open vent boiler and had it converted to a combi a few days ago. he calls me today and tells me since the combi has been fitted he has had no hw in the bathroom (bath and shower). I told him to get the installer back to rectify. anyway so the installer calls me today...
  44. M

    Further to what boiler.

    I also am thinking of a boiler change, and one of the comments about reliability often posted by those who repair boilers is, "It's down to how the boiler has been fitted as much as anything". Now apart from the essential system flush, what other important points need to be considered, and...
  45. S

    Complete solar cylinder systems

    Hi, I'm about to do an installation on an old Edwardian house, will have 2 bathrooms and an ensuite, 24 radiators (inc towel rails). It's only a 3 bed but the rooms are so big they need 3-4 rads each in some. The customer would like a hot water cylinder, off solar panels and a boiler...
  46. B

    What Combi boiler would you recommend for my situation?

    Hi all I'm removing the old cylinder/water tank and replacing with combi for space saving, convenience, and hopefully bill saving over time. Here's the deal. I own a small 2 bedroom semi detached house built in 55. It has loft and wall cavity insulation, and double glazed windows We...
  47. S

    Water sloshing when hot water comes on

    Hi all, New central heating system. Water sloshes around when I turn the hot water on via the central heating system. Is this normal? cheers
  48. S

    New Worcester Bosch 24i boiler - are these normal noises?

    Have just had a new Worcester Bosch 24i boiler fitted. It heats up the house and the water lovely. However, the boiler is not very quiet when it's working. It makes a constant droning noise when it's on (not loud but loud enough to hear). As it is a brand new boiler I was expecting it to be...
  49. A

    New combi boiler - advised I need to change my shower cartridge

    I'm going to get a new Combi Boiler fitted under a government scheme, but the installer has advised me I need to change the shower cartridge otherwise my shower wont work (to change cartridge from a gravity fed tank to mains water). My shower is a Mira 88, is it simply a matter of swapping the...
  50. S

    Glow Worm Flexicom SX popping and banging

    To a layman the gas is arriving before the spark. In car terms the timing is retarded. Hopefully the installer wasn't! No fault code, just 1.2 bar displayed. 1 yr old. Seemed to start after a power down and restart. Thanks in advance.