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  1. J

    New boiler installation

    New boiler installation costs may be difficult to calculate as there are several specific considerations involved with the procurement and implementation of a gas boiler Installation and repair is carried out by some plumbing firms and other HVAC firms-you may need to look for recommendations...
  2. frittingles

    Gas Meter Installation

    Good morning all, I am currently building a house (standard, residential) in New South Wales, and the plumber installing the gas meter is trying to install the meter in the backyard instead of under the Electrical Cabinet in the front. The reason given was that it wouldn't achieve the...
  3. chucka

    what can i expect from a 'free boiler' installation

    Hi.. We have applied for and are having a 'free replacement' boiler under the government scheme. They will fit a Potterton Baxi replacement (tank fed) and Plume kit? boiler exhaust outlet is close to a kitchen window apparently I'm just wondering what to expect apart from draining the system...
  4. F

    Sealing shower installation?

    Quick one if you guys wouldn't mind..... You take lots of care to ensure the shower enclosure is sealed, then you screw the shower mixer and shower head into the wall. Should I put some sealant around the screw holes or something? Also, looks like 2 of my fixing screws for the shower head are...
  5. S

    Recessed shower handset installation

    Spent ages on the web, but not finding an answer to what is seemingly a simple question! :-/ For a recessed shower, the handset is commonly fitted with a G1/2 male thread and clearly attaches to a female thread of the same size. But, i am struggling to determine how such an installation is...
  6. D

    URGENT Vaillant 824E 50p model

    I’m after installation service manual for vaillant Ecomax 824 E ( 50p model ) gc 47 044 07 tried Vaillant they don’t have copy can’t find on line or on my many downloads davidfal
  7. D

    Triton bar valve shower installation advice

    We have a Triton Westbourne Bar Valve Mixer shower with diverter. The instructions clearly show all the components which include Push Fit Wall Brackets to attach to the pipes. The instructions also detail the installation of the wall brackets and reference that the supplied brackets come with...
  8. tinyshinybeth

    Installation of outside tap has caused toilets to fill slower?

    Hello! I had a friend install one of those 'tap into pipe outdoor tap kits', and since that both my upstairs and downstairs toilets are filling much slower than they did before. Has anyone any reason why this might be? Thanks in advance!!
  9. S

    Operating pressure. Low pressure installation

    Hi I was working on a job yesterday low pressure installation. extending a 15mm gas pipe by about a foot. The meter was an e6. no appliances connected, so when it came to purging and I cracked the nut on the compression cap end, I was wondering why the Pressure in the system felt very high...
  10. H

    UFH Leaks 1 year after installation

    Hi - I little insight and guidance would be much appreciated. My wet UFH was installed over a year ago by a qualified heating engineer, he went through all stages and did the pressure test as well, everything has been working nicely without any issues. Now here is the unlucky coincidence - I had...
  11. J

    What are all the things wrong with this roof installation?

    Hi all, chasing some quick advice on a recent job we had done by some builders. Our building paid the attached quote last year to have a small roof patched up and prevent it leaking, but the owners have said that they are still getting water pouring into their living room. We've contacted the...
  12. N

    Is my Gas installation at home domestic or commercial?

    I had a problem with my Gas boiler and called an engineer out from a local Crondall, Surrey UK company. The engineer felt my installation was commercial even though past engineers over 13 years have never said anything like this. My installation is different as I have 2 x worcester bosch 30cdi...
  13. I

    Extra charge to fix boiler installation.

    My mum had a new combi boiler fitted. A few week later the pressure dropped (you have to manually operate a lever to re-pressurise it). We wanted to confirm there really was a problem, so we waited until it happened twice again before contacting the plumber. They confirmed there were 2 leaks...
  14. C

    Help new boiler installation not registered at gas safe

    Hi all My boiler installation was done by a gas safe registered installer but he didn’t register it (May 18). What should I do? I can’t get him to respond to me at the moment. I need a gas safe certificate and can’t get it if it’s not registered is that right? Thanks
  15. R

    Improving pressure in direct heating installation

    My flat suffers from poor mains pressure and we have a direct heat setup with combi boiler. The boiler is rated up to 3Bar, so I was thinking of installing a cold water tank to feed a twin pump supply cold and into the boiler for hot (both 15mm). My questions are Is this a feasible setup Can I...
  16. B

    How to batten bath installation?

    I have been told to fit battens to support bath when installing it but am having problems. The bath is fibreglass/acrylic. It has a wooden batten glued from factory inside the rim on both sides and the non-tap end. This batten is about 2cm thick and is recessed under the rim. The battens are...
  17. M

    Electric heat only boiler installation advice for a charity please

    Hello, would appreciate any advice please. I assist a charity which is taking on a building which has stood empty for some years. It will be used for archival storage and office/exhibit area. Existing heating was blown air via a large commercial grade HVAC unit utilising a pressurejet oil...
  18. H

    Bye-Directional Electronic Rad/Stat Valve Installation

    Is there an optimum position for them on a radiator - meaning position them on the Flow or Return side. I mean by this - is there a technical argument - If you have a choice (new installation) to say that mounting an Electronic TRV ( more sensitive) on the return side is better due to the...
  19. OffshoreGas

    Evohome design and reliability

    After a busy year I’ve finally got some time to try and improve the controls of our heating at home. I’ve fitted a few Nest systems and think they are quite good for smaller installs. I’ve been looking at the Evohome equipment as the smart TRVs seem like a really good idea. Currently the...
  20. F

    Water softener 22mm installation pipe length query

    Hello guys. Hopefully somebody on here can help me. I used to have a harveys water softener installed. I then redid the house and have changed the location of where the softener is plumbed in. Ive now bought a Monach Solo Ultra softener to go in place of the older harveys unit. The issue...
  21. T

    Thermostatic mixer failure and leak following new boiler installation

    Hi, We had a new combi boiler fitted this week, changing from a system boiler and water tank. The work did not touch the bathroom area. The first shower with the new boiler the concealed mixer failed and caused water to flow through the ceiling below. The mixer failed when I activated the stop...
  22. Teebag

    Help me understanding my heating installation and replacement

    Hi all, I just joined the forum as I couldn't find help just being a lurker. :) I just bought my first house (yay me) and it's a new one. The installation has been done my a bunch of different people and the plumber himself couldn't explain fully what he's done (yes, you read it right). I...
  23. A

    Is my gas engineer a quack? Should I trust the new boiler installation?

    Hi all, I am in the process of refurbishing a storey semi-detached house in London, UK. This is a complete refurb, including new pipes chased into walls, under the floors, installing a new boiler and new unvented cylinder. When I started the work, my builder assured me that he has a gas...
  24. plumb_know

    flueless gas fire installation advise

    Hi Everyone, I have customer who would like a flueless gas fire installed in a conservatory, but i have no where do put in a permanent vent all walls are internal except one which has big doors & supporting pillars which i cant drill though. But the extension has glass roof with permanent...
  25. S

    Is this soil pipe installation ancient?

    Hi This is my first post on here so apologies if I'm not spot on straight off! I'm about to embark on a bathroom refurb (mostly DIY). All the existing pipework is behind fitted furniture and this afternoon I took some photos from the cistern access panel to get an of what lurks behind...
  26. H

    Mew installation not working

    Today plumber installed unvented hot water cylinder to replace old hot water tank and converted gravity fed boiler to sealed system. Now my Tado smart thermostat not working. Heating and water on all time. Contacted Tado and they told me at 2.30 today thermostat stopped communicating with boiler...
  27. A

    Sink installation quote

    Quick one, How much do you roughly think is reasonable to pay to have a similar sink (see attached) installed? I have gotten a new sink but I need a plumber to remove the existing and install the new one. Easy access to inlets and outlets from cabinet below. I live in central London. Thanks...
  28. FredL

    Replacement shower installation advice

    Reaching out for some general advice about the smart way to go about replacing my existing shower: The main problem is that the shower tray has a hairline crack, and so the whole unit will have to come out. The shower itself is an Aqualisa Aquavalve 200: Yes, those are tiles on top of...
  29. R

    New over bath shower installation

    Hi, Just joined and hoping for some guidance with the above please. We currently have a shower in the en suite which is fed from the cold water storage tank via a double ended shower pump - works well. We want to install a shower in the main bathroom over the bath so a thermostatic mixer would...
  30. M

    Unhappy with plumber (bathroom installation)

    Hi All, I have recently had a new bathroom installed. I found my plumber on checkatrade with excellent 9.95 reviews. I paid a 40% deposit and have been paying him as it has progressed. Long story short, he messaged on Friday me to tell me the bathroom is almost complete and on Monday he will...
  31. M

    Help with washing machine installation

    Hi, we've just moved into our first house and I'm trying to install a new washing machine. however between the machine and the sink is an integrated dishwasher. This is making it extremely difficult to install. To make matters worse, the inlet tap for the washing machine is so tight to the...
  32. M

    Anti gravity loop installation

    Hi all. I hope you are all well. I am hopefully doing my last bathroom of the year as I am totally peed off with em. Well, I still have my 2 at home to do but that will hopefully be fun! I am installing a pump above a cylinder from a non stop flange. What's the best way to do the loop coming...
  33. DjClubber

    Electric Boiler Installation: -

    Going to be doing a job installing a Full Heating System using an Electric Boiler: - Is working out the kw to the property the same way as sizing a Gas or Oil Boiler? I am hoping to go down a Combi route in a 4 Bathroom House, 2 Main Bathrooms and 2 En Suites. Not actually seen the Job until...
  34. P

    New boiler installation position

    Just starting the refurb and extension and plan to put a new boiler under the stairs with a vented door directly to the outside. Thinking of putting a large hot water tank upstairs. Wanted to keep the boiler away from bedrooms if possible. What regs are there regards position?
  35. A

    1940’s-50’s Newhome Gas cooker Servicing, conversion and Installation

    Hello everyone, As per my recent post regarding my vintage 1940’s-50’s Newhome Gas Cooker, I have finished the partial restoration (photo attached). I contacted someone and they have informed me that it is against regulations to install a cooker that does not have a flame failure device (FFD)...
  36. C

    Gas installation free labour

    Hi All, New to the forum, I am looking for gas work experience as I am undertaking my gas diploma in order undertake my CCN1. My company only look after commercial systems and I require domestic installations for my portfolio evidence. My company are willing to release me to gain this...
  37. AJ9

    Gas Engineer Looking For New Challenge/Job

    I'm a Fully qualified Gas Engineer currently doing servicing, repair. However I'm looking to Join a Company/Sole Trader to work in Central heating Installations, Bathroom Installs, Boiler Changeovers etc. Currently based in Lanarkshire but would consider moving for the right opportunity. Please...
  38. R

    Incorrect boiler installation ?

    Hi, I've recently had a new boiler fitted under the ECO scheme. The engineer that carried out the installation was in a constant rush. After the installation he checked all the radiators were hot but I pointed out a loud banging/gurgling noise. He said it was air in the system which would settle...
  39. D

    Installation of filter tap

    I have a Brita filter tap (hot/cold mixer + filtered) and I'm trying to decide what I need for it. Has anybody installed/used on of these and do you have any advice? I've noticed that the flexi's to the filter are very long (800mm) but they can be hard to get replacements as the tap end an M8...
  40. D

    3 way valve installation positioning

    Hi, does a 3 way valve need to be in an upright position or is any angle ok? The reason why I ask is that we seem to get through a large number of these valves and ours is installed at a 45deg angle and I am wondering if this could be a problem as the motor is always roasting hot. Thanks, Daniel.
  41. T

    Flue placement on new boiler installation

    I've just had a new Vaillant boiler installed yesterday to replace a 30+ year old Glow Worm boiler and I'm wondering if anyone could comment on the placement of the flue.
  42. Q

    Full LPG gas central heating system and installation Madeira Portugal

    Looking for a skilled and well served experienced and qualified plumber (or team) to design and install central heating running on LPG in Madeira Portugal . The idea is to design the system from plans and then ship all the equipment to Madeira and then install . I am in talks with a Baxi...
  43. I


    Hi Everyone i just installed to plumber main water pipe water filter system. But right now pressure goes down more than %60 and hot water not reach to shower. What is the solutions for it except take out of course :) Thanks
  44. C

    Bidet/Nappy Sprayer Installation

    Hello I lived in the US for a while and was able to use a nappy sprayer over the toilet - it plumbed into the toilet to allow me to spray cloth nappies. Although they're available on Amazon and ebay I've been told they're illegal to install in the UK - is this true? They're so useful and I'm due...
  45. O

    Hive Installation Advice

    Hi, I am looking to install a Hive thermostat and was looking to find out if it is possible on my system and if so is it something i could do or would I need it to be professionally installed. I have an Ariston Combi A 24 MFFI boiler and in the lounge I have a Boss Therm controller. The timer...
  46. A

    JT Softstone installation

    Hi, Please has anyone has/with experience of installing a JT Softstone (SS) shower tray with a frameless shower screen, have any comments/issue/problems/suggetions/etc; with such combination? I was wondering about the cushion effect of the SS and the weight of the glass on it...
  47. S

    Bathroom installation skills

    Hi All, I am new to this forum, so please accept my apologies if I have not followed any protocol. Currently I have no knowledge of plumbing, but I am keen to learn and my intention is to gain skills and be able to install/ renovate my own bathroom. I have read few posts about Access Training...
  48. M

    Boiler Installation (Qualifications)

    I had a new combi installed recently. Great job, very clean install and everything working fine. I have noticed on many occasions on this forum the attention paid to qualified labour being essential. Mine was a two man job and although I had no reason to doubt his ability the second man (...
  49. M

    unfinished tado extension installation

    can someone please help? i have to go away tomorrow for work and the Mrs is NOT happy its not working.... The tado extension is still showing as an unfinished installation but not telling me why. I have done various different wire combinations for the combi boiler we have including...
  50. M

    Timer wiring installation

    Hi guys need help wiring up a programmer to Glow Worm betacom ... usually have an electrician that charges me £40 but has today let me down, have done basic wiring before before never installed stats. Will attach a few photos and beg for guidance (manufacturers either arent clear or i cant look...