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  1. stings27

    Baxi VP ignition problem

    Hi all. Went to a customers house last week because they couldn’t light their gas fire. Initially I thought it was the spark generator but on closer inspection the problem looks more to do with the control assembly. If I press in the control knob gently but not fully ,it will spark& sometimes...
  2. J

    URGENT Ignition issue Main Eco 30 Combi boiler

    Hi All, I have a Main Eco 30 Combi boiler I was fitted about 7 years ago, the whole pipe work is new and radiators. I have so far replaced the electrodes since it was old and bent (it was working but I wanted to avoid it failing), the heat exchanger was hoovered and the seal was replaced, the...
  3. J

    Ignition delayed/explosive Main Combi

    Hi All, I have a Main Eco 30 Combi boiler I was fitted about 7 years ago, the whole pipe work is new and radiators. There is one thing that annoys me on my boiler is that when ever is ignites it makes a small tiny explosive noise you can hear it from far ? I have so far replaced the...
  4. G

    Glow worm ultracom 30cxi ignition problem

    Hi, I am new to the forum and as a new home owner have a rather basic understanding of central heating systems! We have a main house and separate annexe which are supplied by two separate thermostats (Drayton digistat 2) which both run off the glow worm boiler. Without warning our heating did...
  5. Steve weightman

    Cause of boiler ignition issue

    I've been to look at a boiler intermittent ignition failure and of course when I'm there it's working ok but got a video sent by the customer of the noise. I can't quite figure if it's the boards relays or the gas valve making the noise . Your thoughts would be appreciated
  6. I

    Baxi 100 HE ignition problem

    Can anybody provide some help with the ignition problem in video please?
  7. M

    Ferroili optimax 25c ignition board

    Morning. I'm new to the group. Been to a ferroili optimax 25c locking out on f02. Checked the leads and all. OK. Changed the ignition board on gas valve cleared the fault. But when you call for hot water the drayton valve calls for heating and when you call heating calls for water. Only 3 plug...
  8. M

    Ferroili optimax 25c ignition board

    Morning. I'm new to the group. Been to a ferroili optimax 25c locking out in f02. Checked the leads and all. OK. Changed the ignition board on gas valve cleared the fault. But when you call for hot water the drayton valve calls for heating and when you call heating calls for water. Only 3 plug...
  9. J

    Ideal Evomax w60 in ignition lockout

    Hi.have an issue with evomax60 ignition lockout,appliance has had new probes,gas valve and pcb 2 visits and boiler still in same fault and advise would be appreciate. Thanks.
  10. C

    Glow worm Boiler Ignition Fault

    I am a new poster to this forum - not a heating professional, but a householder looking for advice. please. I have a Glow worm 18hxi boiler with Magnatech installed in 2006 by a local engineer who has serviced it regularly and comprehensively every year - very competent, has done a lot of work...
  11. S

    Glow Worm Ultimate boiler no ignition and no pilot...

    Hi, I came in tonight and turned the central heating up. Nothing happened. It was working fine this morning. There is no pilot light and the igniter is not firing. Power is getting to the controls, as I can here a click as I turn the power on, after turning it off from the switch. I am going to...
  12. K

    RDB lockout, ignition sound

    Hi, Grant Vortex outdoor boiler with RDB 2.2 burner. Intermittent lockout is occuring. Starts from cold always, but stops running after a couple of hours (house is still calling for heat). The burner stops, sits idle for a period then attempts restart. Sometimes it restarts, sometimes not...
  13. J

    Condense bosch boiler tries ignition with no taps of warm water opened.

    It is a 4 years old boiler without issues so far,but now it keeps trying ignition with no reason and displays EA error code.When we open the warm water tap it works well with no disturbances.A tehnician will arrive next monday but we wont to have an advice by this forum members.Thanks.
  14. R

    Baxi 133HE driving me mad

    Hi Everyone, I hope you can help, I have a BAXI 133 boiler and it is driving me mad. I use this forum to help diagnose probelsm with it (so I know if heating engineers are telling me nonsense because I'm a woman) but I cannot find the answer to this problem anywhere. The other day after...
  15. S

    Warmflow UP90HE Oil Combi Relay click without heating ignition

    Hello, Would be great if someone could help me. Our Oil Warmflow combi boiler UP90HE has started playing up. It has a built in timer(TM-0521 or TM-0522) which allows manual operation of the hot water and heating. If i manually turn the hot water on, the boiler ignites when a hot tap is...
  16. S

    Baxi Barcelona issue - explosive igntion

    Baxi Barcelona, under service contract - in May this year started giving intermittent ‘explosive ignition’ … when it happens gives a seriously loud bang. This boiler had been upgraded to 100HE spec some years ago. Multiple visits and loads of parts … fault just got worse – was also now failing...
  17. F

    Boiler fault

    I posted some months ago that I have an Ariston e-combi condensing boiler and after having the expansion vessel replaced I had to turn the heating up all the to achieve the same temperature from the radiators I'd previously had with it on much lower. I never really got to the bottom of that but...
  18. M

    Boiler service

    Hi, just looking for some opinions from gas engineers. I hadn't had our boiler serviced for several years so decided it was a good idea to have it done. I asked an engineer how much for a boiler service, he said £70. I wasn't at home when he turned up but apparently was here for 20-30 mins, did...
  19. stani

    Hot blow torch

    There was a thread a while ago regarding a blow torch, just seen it in Stax (for those that have one near them) £25-99 +vat
  20. U

    Ideal Isar HE24 Explosive Ignition/Combustion

    Hope someone can help. Is there any risk of my boiler exploding due to Explosive ignition. Ive got an Engineer coming in a few days to fit new part/service the system but its making my nerves bad. Im ex forces with mild PTSD and the sound of it firing up is freaking me out. I had to leave...
  21. I

    New Boiler Blowing Up

    Installed a new boiler last week, which after 5minutes of being switched on blew up in my face. (I certainly would not wish this to happen to others) It wrecked my good looks lol smashed my nose, 2 black eyes and bruised arms and sent me flying across the kitchen. At this stage I'm not prepared...
  22. A

    ideal logic+ 24 f2 fault

    hi everyone im new on here but a long term reader of people posts. i am a gas safe but i do not have 10 posts on the forum yet but im in need of some help with this boiler it started as a simple leak repair on the flow turbine, far as im ware this is common. then i had to replace electrode...
  23. bright spark

    Remeha quinta 65 making very loud bang on start

    I called to a job this morning. A customer had 2 remeha quinta 65's broken down with separate faults. The first had very low ionisation electrode readings. Changed the electrode and everything worked fine. The second boiler was totally different. When the boiler went through its starting...
  24. P

    Glow worm Swift flow

    Dunno if this belongs in here, but ive just decommissioned 2 radiators in a bathroom/toilet, knock through refit any way after draining down the system and re-locating the new radiator pipes ive repressurized the boiler but it wont fire up? any pointers as to why?
  25. J

    Ideal Mini C24 lack of burner ignition

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice on a repair. My ignition PCB is faulty. Ignition relay isn't getting any power so boiler fails to ignite. I have removed and tested the relays which power at 16v externally, the boiler gives 1 relay 29.5v, the other around 0.6v. Any thoughts on how to repair? I...
  26. J

    Baxi Duotech 28 E133 Fault

    Went out to this job last week, boiler wasn't lighting Checked I was getting power to the Ignition Board (I Was) and couldn't hear an noise of a spark Replaced the board and the HT leads, boiler started working However, they called me back to say the same fault is occuring ??? It sounded to...
  27. C

    Vokera compact 28

    I have a problem with a Vokera compact 28. After tests and talking to vokera I changed the PCB and the boiler worked straight away. Customer has phoned and said the boiler has stopped again. Fan runs, pressure switch activates and boiler lights and goes off again to red light on display. I...
  28. J

    where best to buy gas fires from?

    where is best to buy gas fires from and fires bits like closure plates and restrictor fittings?
  29. S

    A Slight Bang When Igniting

    Alpha 240e bangs slightly when igniting. Any ideas anyone. Thanks.
  30. J

    Ideal Mini c24 problems

    Hi, Ive been to a customers house today with an ideal mini c24. Not firing at all on CH or DHW. There has been a leak from the Air Vent above the pump that has nicely dripped down onto the ignition PCB. Now, at this point I began to suspect it was the ignition PCB, and after going through the...
  31. C

    Glow Worm 100f wall hung - funny fault

    :hand: Normally all ok but past 2 days will not always start up on its own. The fan comes on, click click spark ignition and pilot lights then main burner set. Past two days unreliable but all will go with a lit blowlamp stuck in viewing hole. Anyway took it all down this am and nothin obvious...
  32. F

    Vokera Linea Max Problem - help

    Hello all, Did a boiler service on the Vokera Linea Max yesterday, as I was there I noticed the boiler had a fault on it. The DHW was working fine, but when you run the the CH the boiler will either run for a short while (like 10 seconds) then cut out or just go to lock out. The problem is by...
  33. G

    Immergas victrix zeus 20

    Evening, anyone know the most Likly cause for a flashing 14 fault code(defective ignition) on a Immergas Victrix Zeus 20, cheers.
  34. S

    Idael Mini, C24

    Has anyone come across this faulty before. LPG, 40mbar standing, 37mbar wp when boiler goes to fire, boiler runs through ignition sequence, 15mbar bp going through to buner, electrodes spark but burner doesnt ignite. There is a good spark across electrodes. Spark gap ok. Flue in tact and sealed...
  35. D

    when replacing a Glow worn boiler ignition...

    i was called out to a boiler breakdown ( old glowaorm system boiler) and when i tried to manually light it the ignition only sparked twice in about 20 minutes...so decided 1st things 1st to change the ignition, my question is...is it wise to change the ignition wire aswell? and do you think that...
  36. B

    halestead best 40

    been to look at this boiler today.240 volt to boiler and to sw live. pump runs and then there is a clicking from the ignition pcb like a relay no fan or spark. followed chart which said check for 1volt dc or 10 volt dc on pin 1 pink wire - got a voltage startinn at 2v rising to 37 v then when...
  37. D

    Boiler Fault

    Hi everyone, I got called to a job the other day, a Vokera Pro Combi 85 HE which had no heating or hot water, pump was running but fan wasn't. I got my multimeter out and prodded about and found out there wasn't any voltage at the fan and the pump was running, board I thought, ordered the...
  38. B

    vaillant ecotec 28e condensing firing problems

    HI guys, i have a vaillant ecotec 28e condensing heat only boiler which fires up nicely for about 3 seconds then cuts out. the error code comes up as f4 which is an ignition fault (lockout) went out when lit. i have checked the gas side of things and everything is all good, but im left with the...
  39. C

    Potterton promax combi he plus 2 fault codes??

    Reading on the forum seems a few people are having problems with the ignition on these boilers!! I'm getting an intermittent E133 fault, so having seen this fault on the baxi duo-tec (normally spark gap on ignition electrode) i removed electrode to check gap and condition, all looked fine...
  40. D

    British gas 330+

    Working on a house with the above boiler and noticed when I turned it on it ignited with a bit of a bang. The customer says it often does this and has on occasion gone to F1( tried to ignite 5 times without success). Does any body have any ideas or are familiar with this boiler , I would have...
  41. E

    Ravenheat CSI 85 ignition problem

    Hi i mostly install but thought id give fault finding ago.... Got the above boiler no spark, pumps working, no fan. No power to fan. Instruction say check 240v at pin IO at the ignition board. Took the ignition board off the gas valve for a better look and cant find a pin labelled IO. Can anyone...
  42. W

    Heatline s24 compact. No gas getting through valve

    Does anybody know about the heatline s24. Went to one yesterday. Gas at valve. Full ignition sequence. Power to gas valve but no burner ignition. Checked everything else. So replaced gas valve today. Still doesn't fire up. 20mbar standing pressure at inlet 240v at valve. Only thing I'm not...
  43. S

    Alpha 240e

    Hi I have attended a breakdown today, the boiler is an alpha 240e. DHW works fine, but when CH is called for the burner fires and cuts out pretty much every second. So I know fan, aps, pump ect is ok as DHW mode is ok. I have been told there is a filter near the pump that could need cleaning...
  44. M

    Potterton Lynx electronic boiler fault

    Hi all, first post. Firstly, let me explain that I am an electronics engineer and my trade is with the TV & hi fi repair industry. I have a Potterton Lynx electronic with a rather peculiar fault. When the boiler comes on first time it comes on OK and central heating works. However when it...
  45. M

    Vokera Compact 24

    Boiler issue, - Green light blinking - Calling for heat everything kicks in >ignition>fan> but no pump ? - Hot water is working fine. Is this a faulty pump? What is the sequence before pump ? Many thanks
  46. B

    Baxi Solo Bangs and Pilot light goes out - PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Hi, I have a 2.5 year old Baxi Solo 24 HE, had no problems while it was under the 2 year warranty but then it kept locking out. Took off the Combustion Chamber door and discovered the seals were totally shot, replaced these thinking that was the problem. Now it fires up and doesnt lock out but...
  47. M

    Vokera Maxin 24e problems

    I had a new ignition box fitted last year because it kept locking out and it's been OK since, until I began using the central heating this year. Now it just stops heating the water but doesn't lock out, and the pump keeps running. If I switch it off, it will start up again most times, though...
  48. B

    raven heatcsi 85 combi

    been to this boiler pump and fan run and spark lights the pilot but keeps sparking so its not sensing the pilot flame . checked the lead for continuity and its ok does that mean its the pcb . thanks ant
  49. C

    Glow Worm ultimate 70ff ignition problem

    After 15 years of new build installations, fault finding is is not something I delve into much if I can help it. Looked at a Glow Worm Ultimate 70ff with an ignition problem. Upon going to the property was told the boiler was coming on but no heating or hot water, so immediately thought of the...
  50. A

    Glow-worm Flexicom F1 Error

    can anyone advise me a reliable fix for an error code on a Glow-worm Flexicom with an F1 error, i know its ignition, the condense is not blocked. So is it PCB or spark electrodes? Thanks