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  1. D

    Shower waste help - shower not draining

    Hi all, long time lurker on these forums I have a problem with my shower not draining properly - I had a new bathroom fitted 2 years ago, during lockdown I’ve been cutting my own hair in the shower; I’ve been clearing most of the hair away, but can only assume whatever has gone down the drain...
  2. M

    Hot water from cold tap help

    Hi I am getting hot water through the cold tap, could this be a TMV problem? TIA
  3. J

    Need help with gas portfolio

    Looking for a gas safe engineer that would be willing to help me getting my portfolio finished, I work on new builds and struggle to get some of the work needed for the portfolio. I need to get 10x servicing/maintenance jobs with photos, analyser readings, serial numbers and I’d also need them...
  4. J

    Help for a carpenter friend to get an NVQ in plumbing.

    Hi all, I have a carpenter friend who is very keen to learn and obtain an NVQ in plumbing. What would you suggest is the best route for him please? Cheers Jim
  5. JakLaddy

    URGENT Need help identifiying flue faults acs exam coming up

    im going in for my ACS exams shortly and hoping sombody could help me, could anybody tell me what to look for when inspecting a flue, help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. C

    Could someone please help me with this?

    Could you explain what natural draught r/s means? Fanned draught r/s? Natural draught o/f? Fanned draught o/f? Ps. Flues are my weak point so any relevant information would be helpful.
  7. C

    Help me please- gas rate

    If gas rate fails would this be done to burner pressure? If not what would be cause?
  8. D

    Sewer odour, sack draft issue, help please!

    Hi all, I’ve got a sewer odour smell in my bathroom and found that there is a back draft in the sewer system which I think Is the cause of issue. Below is a video of the issue explaining it further a smoke machine. The is no AAV on the system, and the issue is the same with the extractor on...
  9. Milan5baros

    HELP - Back to back WC's issue with cross flow

    Morning all, Struggling to resolve a problem. Back to back WC's in a fourth floor flat and the waste from toilet A(main bathroom) transfers into toilet B (ensuite) we have installed the McAlpine ARB 1 anti-cross flow valve on each side but it has only stopped solids and there is still some...
  10. C

    I’m a trainee gas engineer doing portfolio.

    For electrical thermostats to test you would establish main burner then turn on low, then burner should completely go out. Why is this?
  11. C

    Need help with this please

    Is the ffd or fsd don’t work what could be the reason for this?
  12. M

    Bristan Orta basin tap Help.

    I have a bristan orta hot water basin tap under warranty that has a drip issue having finally received the replacement valve I removed the tap top to get at the faulty valve. That's when the problem began I am unable to remove the old valve it is completely seized into the body. Any ideas how...
  13. G

    Need help with inherited washing machine and dishwasher plumbing.

    from photo, are the two stand pipes ok, do they need traps? Would one stand pipe be better, does that need a trap, does it need an air valve? Is the upturn on waste pipe acceptable. Intermittent problems with smell.
  14. L

    Plumbing advice needed urgently!! Please help!!

    So my downstairs neighbours came up last night said they have water coming through their bathroom ceiling. I checked under bath panel, nothing, but under bathroom sink is wet all round under flooring. Think it's due to me having a blocked bath tub plug the other day and using a plunger...
  15. I

    seized? or am I missing something!?

    Hi All, View: https://youtu.be/TxkVkcsD9AI I cannot find any more grub screws, is it seized? (I am assuming that I need to replace the rubber washer to stop the drip) ..any help greatly appreciated :)
  16. D

    Help ID-ing a fine pitch thread, OD ~23.5mm

    Hi folks, I have finicky leaking isolator valves in a Hudson Reed concealed shower valve assembly that I'd like to replace with simple plugs in the hopes I won't have to tear into this again. Trouble is I can't find any info on what thread size this might be. It's a bit bigger than a 1/2" BSP...
  17. G

    Please help sigma 848 this clear tube is leaking is

    Please help sigma 848 this clear tube attached a photo is leaking is it a simple case of sealing better or more troubles ahead?
  18. H

    World's slowest Bath Tap.... I am flummoxed.....can you help?

    I have new bath taps, around 5 years old, new style two tap levers and one central outlet for the water. The hot is very slow... almost not worth running a bath. The cold flow is better but marginally slow. The sink tap in the same room - a single hose - lift lever style tap has tons of...
  19. S

    Help needed with valves ID

    Hi there, I'm a newbie to the Forum so very grateful for any advice received. I need to identify a valve (make and possibly model) that's attached to my oil tank. I attempted to change the filter in it yesterday, only to find that there wasn't one in there. It must have been removed by the...
  20. A

    Replacement controllers.....

    Hey all, need to find a replacement control unit for my air/water heat pump. Does anyone have have any links that I can try? Thanks for any help
  21. B

    HElP PLEASE! Toilet making weird sound after flushing!

    Hi there guys! DIY and homeowner here! For the past month and a half, every time I flush my toilet, it makes this sound and it sounds like also the water is running! I'm not sure what it is! I always have to turn the water off after I flush, and it's getting annoying! Can someone tell me what's...
  22. T

    Shower boosting pump help!

    Hi Guys, any help or advice would be appreciated. I recently had an old salamander shower pump replaced and its not performing as well as the original. Previous pump was a Salamander RIght RSP 50 (centrifugal) Quoted flows: 10 lpm @ 1.3 bar 20 lpm @1.2 bar Max 1.5 bar Current equivalent /...
  23. A

    Boiler Programmer fitting advice

    Hi Looking for help. My sisters boiler programmer is faulty, so I've bought a like for like programmer (Worcester Bosch DT20RF), think her boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i/28i Junior. Seen a video online that showed a few seconds of installation, I.e. taking old programmer out. Looked...
  24. M

    Radiator water flow noise - Can anyone help, please?!

    Hi, Since having some house renovations 2 years ago, which included adding two extra rads, replacing others and re-plumbing the boiler , I have suffered from quite loud, (but variable) 'water flowing' hissing noise, which is especially noticable from the first two rads on the system (which...
  25. L


  26. Teebag

    Help me understanding my heating installation and replacement

    Hi all, I just joined the forum as I couldn't find help just being a lurker. :) I just bought my first house (yay me) and it's a new one. The installation has been done my a bunch of different people and the plumber himself couldn't explain fully what he's done (yes, you read it right). I...
  27. Sc0tty

    New Build Heating System Worries

    Hi PlumbersForums. I've been having some issues with my central heating system in a 4 year old new build property for over a year now. I have some mental health issues with anxiety so this might be exaggerating the problem somewhat but please bear with me. My issues start with Plumber A doing...
  28. SMB

    Concealed bath taps. Help please.

    Hi, I have been looking, unsuccessfully, for 22mm concealed bath taps. I am fitting a small bath with an overflow fill system. It will have a plinth on two sides. I have been unable to find concealed taps to fit in the plinth so all one can see above the plinth would be the two tap heads. I...
  29. T

    Help with an Ideal combi boiler

    Hi, I live in Dartford Kent. I have a ideal combi boiler which is roughly 6/7 years old. When the hot water is on and I run the hot water the pipes to Immersion tank make a loud vibrating burping noise. Any ideas what the issue would be?
  30. M

    Kitchen plumbing help

    Hi I am struggling with new plumbing for under the kitchen sink. I have hot and cold feeds. The hot is no issue as that can go straight to the tap however the cold feed i need to have the cold tap(1/2"), and a y connector to feed the washing machine and dishwasher. However how can i get this...
  31. M

    Help with washing machine installation

    Hi, we've just moved into our first house and I'm trying to install a new washing machine. however between the machine and the sink is an integrated dishwasher. This is making it extremely difficult to install. To make matters worse, the inlet tap for the washing machine is so tight to the...
  32. K

    Underfloor drainage for wetroom, help pls.

    Hi, I'm a gas man and plumber, mostly maintenance. A bathroom fitter I'm not! My knowledge of underground drainage and building fabric is shocking. However its summer, I've just settled my tax on account and I find myself tempted by a dreaded assist on a DIY wetroom. So... The clay waste pipe...
  33. I

    Low pressure taps help

    Hello, I'm wanting to buy a low pressure mixer tap for my bathroom Basin. I see there rated by Bar, what Bar of pressure should I get? Thanks
  34. W

    Is this normal? Help Please

    Our boiler has been making this funny noise all day. Only started this afternoon. Happens every 45 seconds or so. Have attached an audio file on the link below. Starts at 5 seconds in and then again at about 44 seconds. Thanks for any help! Dropbox - Boiler noises.m4a - Simplify your life
  35. C

    Vintage Bath and Basin tap help

    Hello - just moved house and have inherited a classic bathroom suite (avocado). We're keeping it for the moment, but need to do a bit of work to the taps. All are difficult to stop dripping and not very attractive any more. I bought some tap reviver tops but they didn't fit. Googling, I can't...
  36. I


    Hello, Please can you advise me on the following; I need to do some work on my hot tap pipe work in bathroom. I can't use the gate valve as this is broken to shut of the cylinder fill pipe. How do I go about shutting off the hot water without draining down the system? Thanks
  37. J

    water help no hot water

    hi we have an issue with our heating and water system . new flow switch and new pump , system bled , all done by a professional but still no hot water or heating. when the plumber left yesterday we had boiling radiators and some hot water although the heating was switched off. my suspicion is...
  38. A

    Help identify again please

    Hi Could anybody help identify the box next to the temp gauge please, inquisitive! ta
  39. A

    Identification help please

    Hi All Could anybody identify this for me please ( the silver box), it's on a santon premier plus pp210b calorifier, is it a pump? Thanks Andy
  40. B

    Help needed with this part

    Hi, I've recently purchased a grohe rimless toilet and found this component. What is it and do I need it? I was expecting everything that I would need in the cistern to be already in place?? Please can you help? Thanks
  41. S

    Shower outlet product help!

    Hi I am a first time homeowner and am looking for a product which I can't seem to find on my own. Basically my shower hose broke so I took off the outlet, the hose and showerhead. I have replaced the hose and showerhead but can't find an appropriate outlet (right now the hose is just connected...
  42. TonicQuake

    HELP -Plumbing in Washing and Dishwasher

    Morning, can you someone please help me. I'm looking to install a dishwasher. picture attached is the current setup. from what I can see there is only one cold water supply and waste pipe, which is currently used for the washing machine. What do I need, to be able to adapt this to allow...
  43. C

    Help please with this

    hi First post on here , come across this at a dentists surgery today , any ideas of the make and where I can get a replacement ? Bolts straight onto the sink , no strainer as it’s inbuilt in the sink
  44. M

    Awkward bath waste fitting help

    Hi , I looking for some tips on fitting this awkward bath waste. The waste does not line up with the drainage waste, what would be the best way the fit this out. I enclose photos . Thanks Keith
  45. rpm

    Need help to find this shower tray

    Evening all, Looking for old fashion deep shower tray for my boat and seeing as boats can rock around it needs to be a deep one. Have max of 700mm width and up to 1000mm long, just to make things harder the waste needs to be down the long side and can't be in a corner. Thanks in advance.
  46. R

    help identifying this bath/shower mixer

    Hello, this is my first post on here. i am trying to stop water weeping from the temperature control side handle of this tap. I am going to replace the o rings but can't see any markings on the taps to identify them. i contacted grohe because i thought it looked like a sentosa but grohe say...
  47. Suzan

    Bathroom sink help with tap?

    Hey guys Switched off boiler + water. Somehow almost broke my ass trying to undo the old sink and drilled holes for the new one... I looked at the tap and I was like... ? I'm not used to this connection. Any ideas before I have a breakdown? Thanks :(
  48. S

    Help bath mixer taps with shower low pressure

    Hi. I'm having issues with my bath taps. I moved into a new house which only has a bath, I noticed that the pressure from both hot and cold taps on the bath is really good so I purchased mixer taps with a shower on them. I've never changed a tap before so decided how hard could it be...
  49. L

    Unvented Cylinder Query

    I’ve recently moved into a property which currently has a combi boiler, two bathrooms, one power shower and one electric shower. I’m wanting to change this out for an unvented system with two showers operating from the cylinder. Both showers would run at 20 LPM. My current water supply is 15MM...
  50. T


    Hi Guys, first time poster. I have just finished my level 2 in domestic plumbing at college. I was thinking about going onto level 3, unfortunately in my circumstance, family, working 40 hours a week etc I would rather just go straight onto Gas, if I could somehow find someone to shadow, I'm...