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  1. L

    Efficiency of old boiler and cracked asbestos flue joint

    Hello, I live in a conversion with 12 flats and we have communal heating and hot water. We have separate boilers for heating and hot water. The boiler for heating is a Potterton Dimplomat 225 (66Kw), and about 45 years old or more. If you were to take an educated guess, what kind of...
  2. A

    energy efficiency course

    Its been a decade since I did my energy efficiency course, I wanted to refresh myself on a few things, could anyone recommend a good text book thanks in advance
  3. A

    HEAT HERO High Efficiency open vented Solid Fuel Heating System

    Has anyone heard off or installed this system? I would appreciate any feedback! Heat Hero Gravity - heathero.ie
  4. T

    Radiator Efficiency Query

    General enquiry. How come Wickes radiators claim the highest BTU efficiency. Is there any benefit in going for brand such as Stelrad??
  5. A

    Boiler heating efficiency question

    Hi, I have recently moved into a flat and was wondering how to use the boiler most efficiently to heat the radiators. I have an ecotech boiler and there is a setting to increase/decrease the temperature of the water (see pic). There is a thermostat in the living room, I put it on about 21...
  6. C


    Hello All, I would be interested to see Members opinions about a relatively new Heating system water additive. Today I saw this product described in an article from the Installer online magazine - previously `The Gas Installer` magazine which was published by CORGI. The product is called...
  7. T

    Water leak from Bluebird 50/70

    Hi all, noticed a small damp patch a few days ago under the boiler, now today its become a small puddle. Don`t notice any leaks on the incoming pipe joints. I see a 2006 sticker on the front, so do you reckon its on its way out??
  8. T

    Conventional flue ventilation high/low level

    I have an upstairs flat, with a conventional flued boiler of about 14KW IIRC. Flue is taken into roofspace and then out through the roof.The boiler is in a cupboard on the landing, vented at high and lowlevel.Outside air was supplied through a vent at low level in an outside door directly off...
  9. X

    help with boiler efficiency?

    hi, to cut a long story a bit shorter, I am basically looking at buying a new house, it has an old glow worm boiler in the kitchen with a tank upstairs. its apparently 20ish years old. this boiler hasn't been serviced for several years so I asked my friend who is a gasman to have a quick look to...
  10. C

    Ideal Cavalcade 340 Gas boiler Energy Efficiency Rating?

    I own an ex-council house that has a Ideal Cavalcade 340 or 350 boiler. The manual I have is dated 1991. I qualify to have my boiler replaced free under the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme. The problem is the boiler is so old it pre-dates when the tables were introduced so I...
  11. M

    Most efficient boiler for a 4 bed house

    Hi can anyone steer me in the right direction on the best GAS boiler to run a 4 bed house it will have about 9 rads over 3 levels (after loft conversion) i have been looking at a worcester greenstar 34cdi this seems to be A rated thanks for your time!
  12. G

    non condensing high efficiency boiler

    The boiler efficiency rating as to be 90% and above, so not necessarily it has to be a condensing boiler, if we can reach that level of efficiency with a better heat exchanger without condensing we should be able to install it. Am I wrong?
  13. D

    Boiler Input-Output Efficiency Calculations

    Hi guys, I am choosing to install in my project homework a worcestor-bosch 15i System boiler and i need to work out the Input, Output and efficiency workings out on all settings. I am totally stuck even after worcestor technical team sent me the installation data brochure but i just cant work...
  14. R

    Old Style Cast Iron Rads hot at top cold / cool at bottom

    Hi All, First post on the forum and hope its a good'n ! Story goes like this.... I salavaged a number of Ideal standard 4 column cast iron rads from a warehouse a few years ago, brought them home, removed all the old fittings, flushed em out with a hose in the back yard till water ran clear...
  15. J

    Cleaning Baxi 552 boiler burner/jets

    What is the correct way to clean the jets and burner on Baxi 552 back boiler? I have no problem getting the burner out but need advice on cleaning the parts to obtain a clean burning flame. Thanks for any advice.
  16. F

    Whole House Plumbing advice / help desperately needed !!

    Hi all hope you can help me with my dilemma. Scenario : 1950s built detached house in London Approx 150 sqm Ground / 140 sqm 1st Floor / 100 sqm 2nd Floor Double Glazing Argon Filled Low E Stuff Pitched Roof with 100mm Celotex...
  17. P

    Skirting Heating

    Hi all In the spring/summer I am think of insatlling skirting board heating to get a more even heat don't want to go down the round of underfloor heating, concrete floors. Anyway has anyone fitted them, or does anyone have them fitted are they any good. Thanks for any advice/comments
  18. P

    Now that Band B boilers arent available, what will.............

    Now that Band B boilers arent available, what will.............the new cheapest option be? Im guessing ravenheat band b boilers were being sold sub £400 because their time was comming up. whats going to be the next landlords favourite?
  19. A

    oil boiler reset button ??

    this may sound stupid but would someone be able to explain what exactly the reset button does, other than ask the burner to start its timed sequence again after being locked out due to a failed sequence my question arrises from a boiler in which when turned on by the time clock makes no...
  20. A

    Spillage Test

    Hi Guys, I was fortunate to witness a spillage test the other day on an o/f fire with a paddle fan installed in the same room. My engineer started the test, after 5 mins of heating the fire with all doors/windows closed and fan on full, the front cover was not in place so he could perform the...
  21. P

    Boiler choices!

    Hello all, I'm new here so go easy on me. I am looking for some advice on boilers. I was going to buy a Veissmann but, the building regs people have stuck their oar in and blown my budget out of the water. So now my budget does not stretch to the Veissmann. I am looking at the Glow Worm...
  22. P

    Looking to complete my Gas Portfolio

    Hi everybody, I've just completed an Intermediate Gas course and I'm now looking for somebody to complete my portfolio with so I can get on the Gas safe register. Just wondered if anyone would be interested or even know of anybody else that might be willing to help me. Obviously i'm not looking...
  23. A

    which boiler to purchase

    hello people looking to purchase a decent budget boiler having narrowed it down to the following 2 boilers... baxi main combi 25 eco HE "A" rated baxi duo tec combi HE 28 "A" rated I have been informed the baxi duo tec is the same as a "baxi platinum" and the "potterton gold" any...
  24. H

    No qualifications

    Hi guys I live up in Scotland, i work in the oil and gas sector as a mechanic I am a time served engineer, and do a lot if industrial plumbing on the rig as well as the accommodation plumbing When i am at home i do a bit of plumbing bathrooms, kitchens, outside tap etc, No heating but i don’t...
  25. A

    hybrid liverpool

    looking into doing a gas course at hybrid in liverpool went for interview to discuss course and fees, very happy with what i saw but could anybody give me any info on this course and wether its worth the cost, any feedback would be apreciated;)
  26. N

    training at ableskills

    hello to everyone on this forum , i need some info, have anyone been to ableskills for some training ....
  27. M

    Why did this corrode up

    The plate HE on my potterton has corroded up it seems. IS this due to not enough inhibitor in the system and would a magnaclean stop this from happening in the future ?
  28. A

    Vaillant Building Controls

    I have an ecotech boiler installed with indirect vented DHW tank and open vented CH. The boiler is 2 years old and works fine. The controls are via a basic Drayton two channel time switch with analogue mechanical thermostats fitted to both DHW and the CH system. I want to improve the control of...
  29. A

    Filling in Gas Cert

    Hi Guys, I have seen many engineers omitting to fill in the operating pressure on the Gas Certificates, they say regs state heat input OR op pressure required or both, so have seen vast majority just fill in gas rate info and put N/A in operating pressure section, occasionally on fires they do...
  30. D

    FGA Readings and Interpretation

    Time for me to ask a series of questions - if I'm allowed: Flue Gas Analyser readings - what do they mean/how are they calculated? Ratio: What does it mean? I think it's something to do with one gas compared to another. Net Efficiency: What's it net of and how is it calculated? Gross...
  31. T

    gas safe inspection this friday

    i am a newly qualified engineer and have an inspection this fri the insp has called me and because i have no work to show him he wants me to do a mock l/lord cert. the boiler i will use is a potterton prima 50f 20 yrs oldish good nick if i do the visual inspection, gas rates burner pressure, is...
  32. J

    Daikin air to water heat pumps.

    Hi there everyone, has anyone out there installed a Daikin HT air to water heat pump, i have a customer who has asked me to fit one to his existing radiator system, any feedback would be much appreciated.
  33. S

    Heating System Efficiency

    Hello all, I currently have a Worcester 28si heating 14 rads. Its underpowered and is costing me a fortune! The system has TRV's at the minute and I was wondering... How easy is it to connect one or multiple room stats to it considering its a combi? if possible at all. Could I control...
  34. B

    Complete novice needing a new system

    I have got the builders in to build me a side return extension in a four-bedroom terraced house in South London. It means remodelling the kitchen, putting in a shower room and ... sorting out the plumbing. We have an open vent sealed system with an Ideal Classic LXFF boiler, about 8 years old, a...
  35. J

    advice on new boiler and cylinder

    please can anyone offer me some advice or recommendation on a new boiler and cylinder I am being quoted for.... Quick summary - detached 4-bed house, 3 showers, very old gas boiler and cylinder which may well have a pitted coil. So, I am looking for a new cylinder (preferably pressurised to...
  36. T

    Hi all new here looking at air water heat pumps which one is best and cheapest with i

    Hi, have been plumbing heating and drainage for 36 years self employed, i am building some holiday homes for my pension, as the last one vannished without trace,(pension that is ) my options are biomass oil lpg or air water source heat pumps, not geo thermal the pay back takes way too long, any...
  37. P

    do people think the part l will stop people fitting se boilers

    I no lots fit them now but do you think when the legislation to only fit A rated boilers comes in it will stop people fitting se boilers? I am having problems were I keep losing jobs because the customer goes with the guy who s fitting an se combi because they are slightly cheaper. What are...
  38. B

    FGA zero governor

    Could someone explain why you have to use a fga on boilers with zero governors, cheers
  39. M

    Power shower pump problems - please help

    Hello evryone, I am new to forum and need help. I live on 3rd floor (top flat) and have recently installed a power shower. The plumber installed the shower pump on my concrete floor (my neighbours ceiling). My downstairs neighbour complained about the pump noise spreading all through his flat so...
  40. P

    what is the correct information on what boiler you must fit

    Hi all I was just wondering what is the full info on which condensing boiler to fit etc can you still fit B rated condensing boilers ? ( I no they sell them I fit them myself ) but what I am getting on at is this ok with building regs? I always fit condensing boilers however every time I go...
  41. C

    Auto by-pass on regular boiler

    If you have fitted an auto by-pass on a regular boiler (WB 18Ri), then is there any reason why an installer should be using a rad as a by-pass as well?
  42. R

    Boulter Bonus

    Hi Guys, Have any of you got a manual for a Boulter Bonus oil boiler I can have a copy of?
  43. T

    T4TS Qualifications

    Hello Last night i had a t4ts rep come and see me and i signed up to the course. I see the general attitude on this site is pretty anti-t4ts and this seems to have been on going for a number of years. Is this course still as bad as what it used to be? The rep told me last night that in the...
  44. J

    hot water from taps, cold shower but increased pressure! help

    hello i'm new on here and have very little plumbing knowledge...10 days of cold showers is starting to get me down! basically, i live above the pub i work at and our floor was once used as a hostel i think. this means we have 4 showers in a row. however only one is used - it has a simple...
  45. J

    gravity circulation

    Hi Guys New to the forum, I could do with some info. Have been to a job in last couple of weeks where the customer has had a new indirect cylinder fitted to a gravity hw and pumped heating system ( abit naughty I know). Customer says that when hw is on in the afternoon it boils and bangs but...
  46. N

    What make/ model of boiler would you recommend?

    Currently have a baxi Bermuda 552 back boiler and gas fire front. It's 35 years old so think it’s time to change it :rolleyes: Decided to go for a combi and place it in the loft for ease of fitting the flue out through tiled roof and condensate pipe into outside gutter. The airing cupboard in...
  47. C

    flue regulations

    PLEASE PLEASE can someone give me some advice:) I live in a split level house...the living room being on lower level. I had a Valor homeflame gas fire fitted with a balanced flue fitted 19years ago (they do last dont they!!! AND Ive had no trouble with it!!!:D) It was inspected by a Corgi...
  48. K

    weather compensators

    hi, i have been meaning to ask/look for info on these for ages, i know i could google etc, so dont suggest it, i want real hands on experience and advice from whose who actually fit or monitor them, no sales pitch on savings etc, i want to prepare some info for the 3rd year apprentices to tag...
  49. B

    adding zone control to combi boiler

    I have just brought a new house that has a one pipe system installed so need to re-pipe. I am going to do a loft conversion and what I would like to do is to have three zones one for each floor. Can I switch them on and off and control the temps on each floor I know I need to run flow pipes with...
  50. P

    new to forum/views on boiler life span

    hi all! new to this internet, been on the tools gas\plumbing wise 35yrs. seen lots of changes some good some not so. been fitting gas boilers since 7o's. any thoughts on poor longevity of modern combis?