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copper pipes

  1. C

    Copper pipes gone black, clean or replace?

    Hi all, I had the house redone about 1.5 yrs ago and all new plumbing was installed. I have plastic pipes in general except copper pipes in the cellar where the boiler and water tank are. The copper pipes have now turned black but the black layer comes off with sandpaper or emery paper. I've...
  2. I

    Plumbing Newbie - Replacing Copper Pipes

    We've not yet ruled out getting a plumber in but this seems a small job, suitable for diy'er? We have 1930's house and quite old plumbing, hopefully not that old. The pics should help show the task in hand. It's pipework under the sink, hot and cold feeding up to the basin with spurs off for...
  3. TitustheFox

    Copper pipes or plastic pipes?

    Hi! I have to change all the plumbing in my mother's house. She lives in an old building that is approximately 100 years old and there wasn't much done to keep it up to date. My question is: do I use plastic or copper pipes?
  4. M

    Copper pipes and no olives

    Hi all, Hoping you can help me on this one. Our cold water on our kitchen tap has stopped working so we made the decision to change the tap. The only issue we have is our house was an ex showhome and appears to have been plumbed in a rush. I've had a look at loads of tutorials online to try...
  5. S

    Replace Kitchen Tap with fix copper pipes with one with flexible pipes

    Good evening, In my kitchen I have got a tap with fixed copper tube that they fit in a plastic but in grey ( see picture1). Can I fit in the grey pipes this tap with flexible pipes? Is there an adaptor between them? What is the name of it? (Picture 2) Thanks
  6. M

    Leaking ends on under-sink copper pipes

    Hi We have these unusual seemingly useless dead-ends on the copper pipes under our sink. One has developed a very slow dripping leak, as you can see in the photos. What are the ends for? Why are they dripping now? How can we stop it?
  7. K

    Sprung a leak, advice on tackling

    Hi, First time poster looking for some advice on a fixing a heating pipe leak. The leak looks to be coming from the top of the elbow joint in the attach photos. It's only a slight drip every 5-8 seconds. The pipe leaves the 'main line' and bends under another mainline pipe before straitening...
  8. T

    paint for copper pipes

    is there a paint or spray that I can use on copper pipes? I would like to paint copper pipe on radiator (the bit that sticks upwards with the white cap on top) white. is this possible?Many thanks!
  9. K

    Best practice for copper pipes (gas and water) in concrete/screed

    Hi, Plumber has dug a trench in my existing solid kitchen floor and laid the following pipes - 15mm flow and return - covered whole pipe with hessian felt sleeve 15mm mains water - laid hessian felt sleeve on top of pipe (not around) 28mm gas - wrapped gaffer tape around the pipe. I'm not...
  10. G

    Why do Pikeys steal copper pipes?

    Every time I have a skip in the drive, five in the morning till about seven vans with our travelling friends do the rounds and have a rummage through. Anything metal especially copper is taken. They've even taken the grate in the drain. Anyone know what do they do with the metal?
  11. Z

    Tips for making copper pipes round again?

    Hi Folks, Do any of you have any tips or know of any tools that can make 15mm/22mm pipes round again at the end that will fit into a compression joint? I am having to "manufacture" a bespoke couple of pieces of 22mm to 15mm pipe with the pipe centres completely offset to the maximumum, and...
  12. A

    Copper Pipes in New Build

    Hi All, Our plumber is about half way through our first fix on a new build house. He's using copper throughout and need some advice on covering the copper pipes before plasterboarding. Some of the pipes come down the internal block walls to the sanitary fittings etc. At present these are...
  13. T

    Covering existing copper pipes pinned to a skirting board

    Hi, i'm looking for a way to cover some copper piping pinned to skirting board hopefully without having to box them in. I know most of the pvc covers require the pipes to be fitted into clips and then the cover fits over the top but are there any products on the market that allow you to cover...