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  1. Dan

    How's the company support and backup for Alpha Boilers?

    Has anybody used their technical advice lines, whether as a homeowner or gas engineer? How did you find it? Are they decent?
  2. B

    Any guesses which (Northern Ireland) plumber company this might be??

    I'll try to keep it short: Back in 2014 we had an electrical company from Northern Ireland do some work for us in the Luton and Bedford areas of England. I don't remember their name (hence the question), all I know is they used to come to the area SEVERAL weeks in a row in the summer and they...
  3. E

    which insurance company?

    Me again! So looking into various compare sites to find insurance, wondered if anyone has any hands on experiences with companies? Mainly who will pay out if it all goes tits up! The last thing I want is something to go wrong and the company won't pay. We all hear nightmare stories like this...
  4. C

    New self employed advice

    Hi all, this is my first time posting to this site however i regularly browse it. Im looking for a bit of advice and guidance as I have recently gone self employed... I will give you a bit of background first.. So, my names Cameron, and i'm 22 years old. I've been plumbing since i left school...
  5. B

    Industrial or domestic plumbing?!?!?

    Hi everybody, Chris here. Im 28 and working in an office. Absolutely hate it and I've decided to go an get an apprenticeship. Long story short, 2 companies have offered me a labouring job for the summer and an apprenticeship contract. One company is an industrial plumbing company. They...
  6. D


    Hi guys does this look like asbestos to you? If not what is it!??
  7. D

    From S.W London. Done Level 2 & 3 C&G 6128 Plumbing but want to get full NVQ any help

    Hi my name is David. I'm 29 years old. I live in South West London. I spent 2 years doing my City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 of the 6128 Plumbing and Heating course. I then went on to work for a small company domestically as an apprentice for 3 years which was good, really enjoyed and I learned a lot...
  8. L

    Noise from neighbour's hot water tank

    Hi All, I live in a flat at the top of a large victorian conversion. Above my flat is a small amount of attic space, which has a water tank in it. There are four flats in the building. My flat, the lower ground floor flat and the ground floor flat all have combi boilers and aren't using the...
  9. J

    Career Advice

    I'm looking for advice looking for a job. I served my time with a small company, just me and a tradesman and my apprenticeship finished last year. I was told from the start that as soon as my apprenticeship was done I had to find a new job but my tradesman never really let me do much so I really...
  10. W

    Gas Safe without Gas Safe?

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of getting round to getting all the necessary qualifications in order to become Gas Safe. I've been doing domestic plumbing working strictly with water, no gas, and wanted to get some advice from you guys regarding making my company Gas Safe. I get alot of...
  11. C

    Different length of warranty between the installer and the boiler company?

    Hope some experienced installer here could advise me: I had a new combi boiler installed last month and I bought 5 yrs warranty from an installer. When I rang the boiler company they said I could only get 2 yrs for that specific model, I then asked the installer why he said that's because he'll...
  12. J

    Going self employed

    I am thinking of registering as self employed but staying full time where I am until I get the the point I have enough work to go on my own. I have been working doing plumbing and general building work for nearly 6 years with a company and want to start advertising instead of relying on...
  13. J

    Gas safe ID number different?

    Hello Can you guys in the know please help me out to put my mind at ease? Im a private tenant and I have just checked my historical gas safety records for the property I live in. There are three. 1 that was here and the engineer ID is blank. Could it still have been/be valid as a historical 2...
  14. C

    Boiler companies- Government funded Schemes?

    Hi, I am new here. Recently in the area there has been a number of Government funded boiler companies opening up. They ring people that are on benefits, and if they are on certain benefits and meet the criteria, they can have a free boiler installed which is then installed by the company and...
  15. B

    Established company, but new to Gas Safe

    We run an established plumbing company, but specialise in bathroom refurbishments and general plumbing. We are looking to grow and expand in other areas, and we have an opportunity to work with a gas safe registered plumber. The GS plumber wants to stay self employed (subbie) and he has his...
  16. J

    How to increase my salary?

    I'm employed as a plumber and GSR. I currently earn £11 an hour for a 40 hour week (£23k). I am provided with a less than 3yr old van and company clothing. If I finish early in the day due to speed I am still paid the full day but if I run over I get overtime. I've worked for the same company...
  17. U


    Hi does anyone know how it works ,worked for company for 16 years as a heating installer they pay my coarse fees, but leaving them .I've got 3 years left on card do i just pay them for it back and it's mine again so I could set up self employed or take it to new company might sound thick but...
  18. S

    Can I claim costs on this legally?

    So I'm thinking of starting to supply and install underfloor heating. Currently we just do plumbing and boilers. If if I were to install underfloor heating in my house throughout as an experiment to ensure its something that is something that will benefit the business of i were to get into it...
  19. S

    Gas Engineer required in Swindon area, 30k + dependant on experiance

    Small heating company (10 engineers) require another engineer join friendly team Predominately gas maintenance works but some occasional plumbing Further training in areas if needed Local work for 30yrs established company Everything provided Quality of workmanship is our no1 priority Ring...
  20. D

    Who is responsible for installation?

    If a buildings reg. certificate says the gas work has been carried out by a person "on behalf of" another company, who do I chase for support / advice? I was under the impression when I had my boiler fitted that the plumber had his own company, his name was on the paperwork when it came through...
  21. jtsplumbing

    Scam From Scotland starting again

    Hi guys see the offers of 300 + property's is starting to do the rounds again, a lot of us have seen this 3 or 4 times now all under different names, For you new guys don't be taken in by it , they are just after your money Name they are using now is UK REPAIR COMPANY based in PAISLEY same...
  22. B

    Uk Repair Ltd

    Had an email from UK Repair Ltd offering contract to look after 400 properties. Any one had any dealing with them?
  23. F

    Minimum mains water flow rate

    Hi all. Bumped into a guy who worked for a water supply company the other day and he mentioned that the supply company has a duty to be giving at least 10 litres per minute to a property. Is this true and if so is it true for all of the UK? regards, chris
  24. T

    Hive room stat or equivalent

    Evening all i need to change my room stat as ours is on the blink and being my own gaff I fancy a hive stat and receiver that can be controlled by our iphones or a equivalent. The only place I seen hive is through British gas, being a plumber I kindly won't pay them toe rags way over the odds to...
  25. D

    Sole Trader vs Ltd company

    Hi, not sure I've posted this in the correct section here but I'm after folks opinions on which is the best business model when starting up sole trader or Ltd company, reason being I got talking to a bloke while on a training course who enlightened me on a lot of interesting facts about becoming...
  26. J

    Ex-Employer Signing off in my name AFTER i had left the company.

    First of all, a big hello to everyone, I am new here! So the story goes.... Bumped into an old colleague while in the local plumbcenter, I knew him from a company I worked for with him a while back while , The guy in question had also left the company we worked at together, He say's in...
  27. R

    Apprentice/helper needed Coventry

    Hi guys, company i work for is looking for someone (preferably at college) to help out part time with jobs. we are based in Coventry and work in the surrounding area. must be able to solder and be keen to learn. if you want to learn and progress at college this is perfect for...
  28. U

    Just completed the ACS aligned NVQ to become gas safe.. What next?

    Hi all, Over the past 3 years I have studied, completed and obtained a Level 3 NVQ in Gas Utilisation. It is ACS aligned and recognised by Gas Safe. I have now received my certificates from City & Guilds, and I have contacted Gas Safe and they too have received my information and details from...
  29. M

    Gas safe works??

    Hi all. I have asked this previously but still unclear. I am doing my acs in the new year and I will be eligible for Gas Safe registration all being well. I'm confused about how I m able to do gas works I. E. Boiler installs and services, and sign them off and register the products. I work for a...
  30. M

    Responsibility of the water company

    Hi, Can someone confirm what part of the pipework coming into the house is the responsibility of the owner and what part is the water company? It is up to the external stop tap (where ever it is located) or at the boundary of the property (which is probably before the tap)?
  31. L

    Up to date requirements

    Hi , I've been out of the business for several years , my company who I'm working for only as a labourer are looking to put me back through my acs and get me gas safe registered. Is there any other things I have to do as a must to bring me up to standard for today's market , or is the acs and...
  32. M

    Victoria Plumb 'Minimalist' Shower

    Hi All, I need to replace the cartridge on the above shower. VP say the company who supplied the unit has gone out of business, and as it was 5 years ago they have no information on it. Can anyone help with what cartridge might replace mine. It is a concealed twin control shower. Thanks. Mike
  33. C

    Looking to go solo

    Hi all, been working for a large company and want to get my own number, but on the GSR login it says I need to have a registered business. If this is the case how do you go about it? Any help/advice is appreciated.
  34. K

    Anyone know about ERR?

    Hi i have been training with OLCI since Feb. And now it seems that ERR have been appointed by the administrators to take over my teaching. I was already unhappy with OLCI but now I keep being told to wait from ERR and they will get back to me. i know they have a lot to sort out but I feel I am...
  35. R

    Property management companys offering work for up front fees...Bogus fraud??

    I have been contacted by various prop management companys asking for an up front fee for gas installs and maintenance on 500 properrtys they want 2k+ this seems too good to be true and when this is the case it normally is or am i wrong ???? Steve Russell Gas safe reg 558715
  36. D


    I have been talking with the owner of UKPF and I can confirm that the above company are in administration. As such they will be removed as a forum sponsor within the next week. Please be aware that their Official Receivers won't be contacting people that they owe no money to. If you or someone...
  37. J

    Currently in an apprenticeship but been laid off, what are my options?

    Hey people just had a call off my boss who's told me he's had to lay me off due to a down turn in work. I'm currently undergoing my NVQ level 2 and all I need is a few more assessments and I will have completed it. I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation to mine and what did...
  38. C

    Servicing Work

    Hi, I'm new here and still finding my feet, so apologies if this has been covered before ( i have had a look but couldn't see anything ). I've recently retaken my ACS and am looking to get a start back in the gas industry as Ive been away for a few years working in another trade. I was wanting...
  39. B

    Gas safe registered, looking to get into boilers, doing fires currently

    My name is Paul I'm a hard working 28 year old who works in the London/essex area, i am a gas safe registered engineer who is currently installing, servicing and repairing all types of gas fires, through a company for high end clients. However I am desperate to get into boilers as the company I...
  40. N

    beware heating-installers.co.uk

    anyone else had any problems with this company? I had a disagreement with them in 2009-2010 about poor leads they were sending, duplicated non existent and no correct contact details in info, but when this was pointed out to them, they still insisted in full payment first, and then said they...
  41. G


    Hi all, please can someone give me some advice ,, I am currently happy working for a commercial plumbing company but I have been offered a new job - it's for a water treatment company called Clearwater , has anybody heard of this organisation ? Does anyone on here do water treatment as a job? It...
  42. J

    "that guy"

    Im a director of a company who is looking for "That Guy" Your probably thinking what does he mean "That Guy"!! Well iv been looking at other companies in my area and they all seem to have that one guy who, Brings them in all the biggest and best contracts. Turned this company into the biggest...
  43. J

    'That Guy'

    Im a director of a company who is looking for "That Guy" Your probably thinking what does he mean "That Guy"!! Well iv been looking at other companies in my area and they all seem to have that one guy who, Brings them in all the biggest and best contracts. Turned this company into the biggest...
  44. A

    Advice on a newly installed system

    I am looking for some advice from engineers regarding a central heating system we have just had installed which is causing us a few problems. Every time the system is on there is a fair bit of noise from what I think is a problem with the pipe work, the noise sounds like 2 pipes knocking...
  45. M

    location NORWICH NORFOLK, to fix gloworm ultimate 60ff lighting issue

    I have the above boiler for the last 2 weeks this is what is happening: Boilder function [appears to] be 100% normal when cold then when it gets really warm following issue happens: main burner shuts off pilot light relights immediately main burner shuts off again [almost] immediately [1/2...
  46. C

    now registered!

    im registered on works gas safe now! so does that mean i can ask gas questions on here? who do i give my gas safe number too?
  47. T

    Advice on water softener please gents

    Hi everyone, I have a culligan water softener with the mc250 electronic vale, it's been reaching the overflow recently so phoned a local softener company to come out and fix it, the guy was a gent and told me he didn't want to as the valve is a poor piece of equipment and he felt he would be...
  48. I

    Sprinkler tanks

    Got me two 500litre sprinkler tanks in the loft eves as part of my loft conversion project (went up to a fourth level) Both tanks are located on the warm side of the insulation, company I employed to do the install are refusing to hand over the O&M's because I'm not a qualified sprinkler...
  49. GQuigley67

    partners but both sole traders

    after some advice, I know I should probably speak to an accountant about this but thought I would try here first. We are both working together, splitting 50/50 on van, van insurance, tools and sundries. Company pays our wages seperate, would we be best to find the same accountant and tell them...
  50. D

    chlorination testing?

    Hi all, I have just started sub contracting to a company who carry out work for the nhs, one of the jobs is to install abs pipework for dialysis units. The unit requires a chlorination test and i'm wondering if anybody has came across it in similar circumstances. A certificate is required on...