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  1. P

    About cheap, compact electric heating taps

    As an alternative to traditional tankless heaters, aliexpress sells a variety of cheap taps incorporating a heater, for example: US $20.2 49% OFF|ATWFS Instant Tankless Water Heater Tap Instantaneous Faucet Kitchen Water Heater Crane Instant Hot Water Faucet Digital EU Plug|hot water...
  2. D

    Yet another cheap failure

    Buy cheap and you buy twice, and you may in fact flood your kitchen in the process. The flexi in the picture burst just under the tap for no apparent reason other than in my opinion it was cheap tat. The tap itself was an Ebay purchase and felt like tin, when compared to the Bristan one it is...
  3. Rob Foster

    Here us why cheap pan connectors eventually leak

    We put a temporary cheapo pan connector on to test some drains. Today we removed the pan to put in the new floor. Look at the water left in the void space no wonder the rubbers rot away and leak ...multikwick all day long. Centralheatking
  4. A

    Cheap plumbers from EU countries

    I've had basin fitted from an Egyptian plumber from Italy. He was cheap. He fixed the basin to the wall with putty like material (no bolt/nut into the wall). He fitted isolating valves (with compression joints) on plastic pipes without the insertion white hardening cylinders at the end. He never...
  5. B

    Removing a (cheap) corner shower enclosure and reinstalling it?

    Hi All, I have a cheap shower in my flat which was installed by the previous tenant. It is manufactured by Aica and I have two issues: (1) Mold in the grooves and inaccessible areas which make deep-clean and re-caulking almost impossible. (2) It was installed in a very small room and there...
  6. Inverness

    Cheap glow worm betcom 4 30c

    Advice, I'm wondering about the glow worm combi that has the mechanical time clock displayed on the front panel, can this be disconnected? As I'll be installing it in the loft and using the exciting room stat/ programmer. Not much experience in glow worms and I don't do electrics.
  7. Dan

    Cheap roller tool box

    Just found this on fleebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FoxHunter-Plastic-Mobile-Roller-Work-Shop-Chest-Trolley-Storage-Tool-Box-Toolbox-/111274440959?var=&epid=1012664579&hash=item19e87938ff:m:mAAVN7cQSXAb7C7udFL98WA Selling fast. 40% off. Not sure you could climb on them, but they see a cheap...
  8. Worcester

    Another One Bites the Dust - Euroheat

    Just got an email from Euroheat saying that they have closed their doors. That leaves quite a big hole in the distribution market. One of the best, knowledgeable distributors supplying HDG and SHT log and pellet boilers. Sad to see them go. Victim of the RHI mess (similar to the FiT Mess)
  9. B

    Problems removing floorboards!

    Im removing floorboards in my bathroom and have a couple of inches where i cant get right up to the stud walls woth my circular saw.I need to remove this so new floorbords sit on joists but cant find a tool to help me. Any ideas? I cant even chisel it too big an area.
  10. J

    Ideal logik?

    Hi all, I'm looking to replace my 1970's wall mounted baxi with a new combi. Got a few prices in at around £2k to do the whole job, remove tank etc. Most have suggested Worchester Bosch but I hear the PCB lets go every few years. One engineer is recommending the Ideal Logik 35. Cheaper and now...
  11. H

    Buying toilets with old fashioned siphons

    Hi I am looking to buy a number of toilets for rented flats. I don't want the new type of flush as when they go wrong I will get a huge water bill ( I pay the water bill). On the old siphons the only thing to go wrong was a split diaphragm which just meant the toilet wouldn't flush. Does...
  12. K

    Understanding Bar Mixer shower Price Differences

    Hi, Please could anyone explain the price differences I'm finding whilst researching bar showers? I understand you pay a lot more for a name i.e. Mira, Aqualisa but I can buy a thermostatic bar shower say from Amazon/eBay starting from £30 going up to £2000+. I assumed that a thermostatic bar...
  13. U

    Radiator pipe

    Hi, I had to re pressurise my boiler today and when I did I noticed that the pipe leading to one of my radiators was leaking. I originally thought it was the joint that was leaking but after closer inspection I realised there is a hole in the pipe. What is the best way to fix this hole? I...
  14. B

    central heating water quality test

    can anyone recommend a good test kit to test most heating water quality .I have heard manufacturer kits only work on their own products .
  15. V

    Ideal Logic Plus 30 + Fitting quote...

    Hi there, got quoted £1450 for replacing ancient combi with an Ideal Logic+ 30 (7 Yr Warranty) extended flue, wireless thermostat, fernox flush, associated brick & pipework, certificate & commissioned, from a locally well respected Gas Safe chap... What do we think??
  16. S

    Isolation valve

    When fitting isolation valves to hot & cold taps under the sink can somebody tell me how much pipe to cut off is it around an inch and also is it ok to use Ptfe tape as I don't have any jointing compound
  17. hammers4spanner

    tile cutter

    Anyone know if the tile cutting machines from wicked or b and q are any good for porcelain tiles?? Looking for a cheapish cutter
  18. A

    Pump diddy pump

    1st, Whats everybodys goto pump when replacing a central heating pump? and what if any budget pump would you fit if your customer was on a very tight budget? (pump of system not in boiler) 2nd, Does anybody know if a new UPS2 15-50/60 no longer comes with the supression cable? ive got one...
  19. Best

    Hilti offers

    For anyone who has already any Hilti cordless tools, Hilti until Christmas are offering deals on their range - starting from £129 + vat for their cordless 22volt bodies, such as, drill driver, or Combi drill, or impact driver, or sds drill, etc, etc. Cheap if you already have a charger &...
  20. D

    Here's another daft question for your amusement

    I know this is basic knowledge but my trvs are confusing me Started searching as I didn't want to appear to be an idiot but this seems to be impossible :) Found this on the Drayton faq What range of TRV bodies are Bi- directional? The 15, 10 or 8mm angled body is bi directional as denoted by...
  21. R

    Fixed Price Bathroom Installations

    I am interested to find out members views on fixed price bathroom installations. In the last 6 months my area has become swamped with so called "specialist bathroom" shops. The population of my town is approximately 35000 and we have 6. As a result the number of fitters both indigenous and EU...
  22. P

    bosch pmf190e

    well i got my new multitool last month and it's broken already!! i used it on tuesday to cut three floorboards to move a rad pipe and it konked out. it will be the last bosch i buy, going back today.
  23. T

    Shower Blanking Plate

    Replacing a electric power shower with a thermostatic valve & need some sort of plate to hide where the cable was fed through for the old shower? Anyone (Ray!!) know where I can get one of these? I know they exist, just never had to get one before. Not an option to replace tiles!
  24. R

    Hot/Cold Tap Caps - Where can i find?

    Hey guys, anyone know where I can get hold of the small caps which indicate Hot and Cold on a Kitchen Mixer tap? I have a customer who asked if I could get hold of one, I was just about to leave and said they would be easy to track down and if I could find one id pop it through her letterbox...
  25. M

    Should I buy a Multitool?

    I have recently been looking at the possibility of buying a multitool, upto now I have not really seen the need for one but have had a couple of situations where they may have been useful. What do others use them for? Do you think they are worth having or just something that takes up space in...
  26. H

    job pricing

    I would just like to know what people would roughly charge for labour on the following as iv just lost a job through pricing A bathroom swap without changing positions and then retiling of 8m²..... Includes a difficult window frame Just rough prices and I'll then give my price Thanks
  27. A

    Narrow Towel Radiator

    HI We had a vey small room downstairs and looking for an electric towel radiator (does not matter if its chrome white or any other colour) the size needs to be between 200mm wide or 250mm wide here and here , i have found one but not sure how to convert it to electric, does any standard towel...
  28. W

    Is my builder's plumber's quote about right?

    I'm extending my house and my builder put a P/C sum in his quote for plumbing at £5k. He's introduced a plumber who's been around, and the builder has now sent me an estimate for £14k+VAT. So, despite being a very experienced and reputable extension specialist, his own estimate was nearly 3...
  29. T

    think priced wrong

    was asked today to quote to install bathroom suite, basin, toilet and complete shower customer said that they was gonna buy the suite, i just got install it, quoted £125 is that a fair price as he asked is that the best i can do
  30. L

    Need someone to install a new boiler

    Hi all my boiler packed up on Xmas eve (25 years old ) so need someone to install one but. First see about quotes ? Anyone in yeovil/somerset area might be able to look for me? Luke
  31. M

    Bradford, West Yorkshire. Looking for cheap plumber to fix vokera compact he

    I was advised by a forum advisor to ask for help in this section as i cant actually DIY it or have ago myself legally and i would ask for someone that knows what their doing to come help identify the problem and fix it for me. I'm thinking that the problem is the pump, but then i go on to to...
  32. Hobo128

    Installation of a condensing boiler and 7 rads????

    I know it doesn't really work like this without seeing the job but give me a price for fitting a condensing boiler and 7 rads re piping the whole lot, you can use hep for most of it, the ground floor 3 rads are on drops and are being chased into the walls( not down for plastering) the existing...
  33. I


    Looking for some decent looking rads at a decent price what rads do you guys generally use.
  34. B

    tap tail adaptors

    http://www.toolstation.com/shop/Plumbing/Flexible+Connectors/Tap+Tail+Adaptors+15mm+x+12/d20/sd2807/p14081 seen these in toolstation cheaper than a 1/2" mi .can be put direct into comp iso or soldered into coupler.
  35. T

    Startup tools advice needed

    Firstly, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but I had a quick scout around and couldn't find anything so here we go.......... I'm about to embark on a bit of a career change and am starting a Level 2 Plumbing & Heating Course shortly. I'm going to do this two evenings a week in...
  36. Neil T

    connection to supply job

    i've got a job which involves connecting up a pre-installed wc, instantaneous heater over sink and install an outside tap. i'm going to look at the job on monday to size up pipework needed and where outside tap is to go but was wondering what sort of labour charge i should put on the job. i've...
  37. R

    good quality mid range boilers

    evening all i need a half decent boiler for a customer thats on a tight budget i was thinking ideal logic + or broag 28 avata plus or super cheap and go main Whats your thoughts???????
  38. Keefy

    Best keyless chuck?

    After a keyless chuck for my SDS drill, are £5 ones just as good as any?
  39. C

    Opinions from anyone who's fitted the Biasi Inovia 25C combi appreciated

    My local supplier is pushing the 25, 30 or 35KW versions of this combi boiler with a 5-year guarantee. Just wondered if anyone has had any particular good or bad experiences with this model, as some of the reviews of other Biasi boilers online have not been too favourable. Cheers.
  40. W

    Dream heat pumps.

    Hey, just wondering has anybody fitted a dream heat pump to a central heating system. Are they any good?? Are they expensive to run??
  41. J

    Winning 100% of work quoted for - am I too cheap?

    My Brother in law qualified about 18 months ago and has been working very hard. He is winning virtually all of the work he quotes for, the only ones he is not winning is due to him not being available quick enough. I think he must be way too cheap. What do you think?
  42. M

    lead connection into cwsc

    Hey fellers, I am doing a job now where all the connetions into the cwsc are all lead. So am wondering if they are usually one size as it comes off in small lead and then doubles in size around 100mm from tank. Also, how do they connect the lead into the tank? I guess the same way they do tap...
  43. R

    To reseat a tap or not to reseat? This is the queston!

    Hi Friends I have a small job tomorrow, chap has bathroom taps where the sink drips and the bath runs after closing. I am thinking washers and maybe reseating? The taps on the sink are cheap mixer type and the bath are cheap mixer with shower attachment. So my questions is, is there a way of...
  44. hammers4spanner


    Looking to possibly get a couple more tickets this year and wondering what you guys/girls think is probably the most wisest choice with where the future is heading ? currently have the usual gas domestic tickets and was thinking towards ashp what are your opinions on future tickets?
  45. T

    QX Bathroom Products

    Have any of you guys used/fitted any QX shower screens? I'm looking at getting a 1000mm and 800mm glass panel screens for my shower and was wondering what they are like for quality etc. If not I'll opt for a Coram or something similar. Prices weren't mega cheap so I don't think it is cheap...
  46. M

    Ravenheat Boilers

    In boiler recommendations Ravenheat doesn't appear and is even indicated as to avoid. My daughter needs a new boiler and I recommended a Worcester Bosch, however money is tight for her and there is a 32Kw Ravenheat Combi on offer for £580 plus VAT including flue and timer and 3 year warranty. If...
  47. J

    Is my quote fair?

    Hi all, went to do a quote today to replace a combi (all in - parts and labour, customer insisted on valliant ecotech 28). I tried to match a local firm quote of £1800 but I didn't get the job as I am not cheap enough - the response I got was 'what is the point if I am not cheaper'. No big deal...
  48. J

    Please help to identify my kitchen tap

    Hi! Can someone please help me to identify the manufacturer and model of this kitchen tap? It would also be good to know if someone has had problems with the handle and the screw the handle screws on to. Thanks!
  49. J

    Cheap Inhibitor.

    How much better if at all would a cheap inhibitor say around £8 compared to the more expensive mixtures around £15 to £20?
  50. H

    Over charging.

    Just been asked how much to remove a rad for decorating. I know its standard stuff and not a massive job. Am i over charging at 20 quid?