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  1. Jeffrey Griffin

    Central heating wiring

    Hi there just to ask on wiring for a salus 2 channel programmer. We only have the boiler coming off this at present. We don't want to seperate the rads and water as yet as this wiring is upstairs! So we are using two channel programmer to basically operate the boiler. We have LNE coming off a...
  2. J

    Should I replace central heating pipework.

    Hi This is my second question and follows on from discoveries made while investigating dropping flow rates where you guys contributed a lot. I have made an access point to the crawl space and had a look around. Let me say at this time we are a living in a cottage so all is on one level. A...
  3. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  4. J

    Central heating in a garden outhouse...

    Hi there, I am building a single storey outhouse at the bottom of my garden and I want to install two radiators in there. I’m just trying to ascertain whether it will be feasible to just connect them to my existing central heating circuit in the main house? My current boiler is a Vaillant...
  5. L

    Noisy Pipes on central heating system

    I'm having some rumbling and water trickling noises in radiators on my central heating system. When the hot water clicks on there is no problem and if the central heating clicks in at the same time again there is no noise - but if the central heating doesn't come on and the thermostat is turned...
  6. R

    moving central heating radiator.

    hi.i'm repositioning radiator in bathroom but there's no isolating valve on pipework..after i've turned electric off to the boiler and drained down the system will i still be able to have a shower,fill the kettle while the radiator is re-plumbed in the new position.thanks
  7. S

    Central Heating - Pipe Sizing?

    A couple of years ago I had a new central heating system installed as part of a full modernisation. Unfortunately I’ve been having problems with other aspects of the renovation so for a while I’ve been running it without a control system or TRV’s (I have a Honeywell EvoHome set ready to go but...
  8. S

    how to stop tapping / clicking noises from central heating pipes even though there not on?

    Changed from a gravity feed boiler system to a combi boiler and had problems with noisy pipes? About 4 weeks ago now had a new combi boiler installed, and from day 1 had noises from the heating pipes even though not on. Thought I was just up grading to a more modern space saving cost efficient...
  9. M

    Heating Water only causes rushing sounds from pump.

    Hi all, Can anyone give me some advice as to why when I switch central heating to water only in summer, it doesn't take long for the sounds of rushing water in and around the circulation pump inside the airing cupboard. If I call for radiator heating and the 3 way valve goes to mid position...
  10. V

    central heating permanently on, faulty motor?

    My central heating won't turn off via the wireless thermostat. I can see that it communicates correctly so suspected a problem with the zone valve. It is a Honeywell 2 port and I notice the manual level is completely loose and I can't lock it in the manual 'on' mode. We have other zones and...
  11. C

    Drip from central heating additive vessel. Does it unscrew? I can’t budge it.

    I’ve tried unscrewing this thinking I can use ptfe tape and re-screw it, but it’s not budging. I don’t want to force it if I’m wrong and it doesn’t have a thread. Does anyone know please?
  12. K

    Noisy grundfos pump central heating

    Hi My pump has started making a loud rattling noise. I’ve undone the screw at the front and no air escaped! Any ideas would be most welcome thanks
  13. P

    Peculiar central heating problem - any ideas?

    Our central heating system "bangs" sometimes when the Hot Water comes on. A single bang. The engineer came and replaced the mid valve actuator. This had no effect. The engineer came back and replaced the mid valve. This seems to have had no effect. We have a recording taken on my iphone when...
  14. R

    Speedfit to copper on central heating systems.

    As per the title. What do you think of using Speedfit in part of the cental heating system? In particular a 15mm x 300mm flexi pipe. Bent at 90 degrees. See link. Not sure what I am dealing with yet but I suspect a leaky Yorkshire elbow below the floorboards. Rather than remove it, clean it...
  15. S

    Help please! Need to identify Central Heating Filter

    Hello, I am a new home owner and I need some help please. I have a filter attached to my boiler (Baxi Combi). The filter does not have a label. I need to identify what the filter is. Apparently these filters come with a sort of circular key to tighten the top. I did not get a key with the House...
  16. T

    Ideal Logic+heat 24 (not combi)

    Hi I have an Ideal Logic+heat 24 (Not Combi) it is: Alternatly flashing between: 0 (on its own) and C (on its own) when in central heating mode, it works fine on water only, any idea as to the fault? many thanks Tom
  17. C

    Electrics under the bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  18. C

    230 volt central heating box under bath

    Hi, I’ve just taken off the side of the bath with the aim of fitting an overhead shower to the bath, and have found an electrical unit under the bath, which appears to be for the central heating system. It’s fixed to the floor, so it’s not raised, and the fact that a small ingress of water has...
  19. D

    Central heating reset?

    I have split-level heating in a 3 storey townhouse. The control unit on the ground floor is wired and controls the heating on the ground floor and half of the first floor, and the hot water. The unit on the first floor is battery powered and controls the heating for the rest of that floor and...
  20. C

    Central Heating plan

    Hi Firstly I'm not a plumber or an artist ?....... Could you guys look at my sophisticated plan and tell me if this is correct, advice would be much appreciated. My situation, concrete floors, boiler downstairs I have 4 rads up and 4 rads down and will be running copper solder. Is it possible...
  21. B

    Can I have the central heating on even though the grundfos water booster has packed in?

    As per title I have a water booster and it is now broken but I am not sure I can have heating on as it may be topped up by the booster. The booster was for taps and 2 power showers so no no showers and only a trickle from cold less from the hot. Its an oil fired CH system with a condensing...
  22. L

    Do central heating sealants work?

    Hi Iv been trying to find a leak on a central heating system for a few days now but haven't found nothing obvious. I took up the floorboards downstairs and everything looks good. Another gas engineer has recommended I use central heating sealants as they can be quite effective but a second gas...
  23. C

    Can't remove air from central heating after replacing pump

    I have what I believe is a fairly standard open vented Y-plan heating system with a header tank and cold water tank in the loft (I have attached a picture of what I have worked out). I am not a plumber, but I am confident with pipe work - normally I would call a plumber but with the current...
  24. J

    Central heating flow/return 3 bed terrace - 15mm or 22mm

    My son has a 3 bed terraced house and a damp patch on a ground floor timber floor/wall that I think is caused by a pin hole/failed joint in the copper pipe. Rather than just do a localised repair I intend to replace all the ground floor pipe. The exisiting setup has 22mm pipe dropping down from...
  25. A

    Main 30 HE losing pressure after central heating heating been on

    Good Afternoon folks. Thanks in advance for any advice. I have a main 30 HE Combi. It loses pressure down to zero after the central heating has been on. If I start the day on 1 bar, it holds fine. Run the hot water/have a shower etc pressure goes up, then returns to 1 bar when turned off and...
  26. M

    Central Heating radiators not heating correctly

    Hello, I need some help please I have an open vented central heating system with a Potterton Profile Boiler. Probably 25 years old I was having trouble getting all of the radiators hot at the same time, by turning the upstairs off I could get most of the downstairs hot for a while and vice...
  27. F

    Fitting an Airvalve / bleeding point in central heating

    Hello, total plumbing noob here. I have a sneaking suspicion that the pipes in my house that run all the way to the attic are full of air (picture attached of pipes). These are the pipes that used to be fitted to an older hot water tank which was removed and replaced with a combi boiler- but...
  28. K

    New Oil Central Heating System

    Hi. I have a new oil central heating system having had solid fuel previously. It’s stopped firing up and I’m not sure if it’s because the oil is low or if there’s a problem. Plumber not answering (I understand, it’s that time of year). He hasn’t been back to “flush/clean” the system. It was...
  29. L

    Central heating issues

    Hi, ever since I turned off my hot water water to plumb in a new basin, I've had dramas with my central heating. I turned off both the stop-cocks in the airing cupboard... I'm now assuming one was for the hot water and the other was for the heating system. Now when I have both the hot water and...
  30. M

    Manually turn on central heating when wifi down with Nest ?

    Hi, My daughter's wifi has gone down, all of south west London Virgin users have no wifi for past 3 days due to someone cutting a cable. She has just moved into a house with Nest installed and is using underfloor heating to get heat. Does anyone know how to manually turn on the heating with...
  31. C

    central heating flush issue

    I have been called in to sort a friend's heating system. They were constantly bleeding some of the radiators! The plumbing is a bit of a nightmare, done by the owner but cut and changed over the years. Originally there was a backboiler heating the system, this was removed and an oil boiler added...
  32. D

    central heating issues

    Hi Guys, any help here be greatly appreciated. I have had some issues with our heating since it was installed in april. during autumn i noticed it was pumping over into the F/E tank. An expansion vessel and auto air release was fitted to deal with this. After this the radiators in the bedrooms...
  33. D

    Issues with boiler and central heating.

    Hi. Thanks for allowing me to register. If anyone could help me with a few questions, I'd be ever so grateful. Background; 1. Bought a house, didn't replace pipework but got new boiler. Conventional system, non-combi, tanks in loft etc. Huge gas bills, no real heating. 2. Took the old rads out...
  34. cervin1

    URGENT blockage in central heating sytem

    after 2 years and 7 plumber visits i'm now going to try and alleviate the problem myself!, according to said plumber visits i have a blockage between lower and upper radiators, downstairs perfect, apart from 1 needing bled ocassionally, upstairs rads have clear water but no heat, any clues to...
  35. G

    central heating timer malfunction

    i have a danfoss fp715 timer which will no longer bring on the central heating, when heating is selected the timer clicks and flashes continuously. when water heating is selected it works perfectly. as a work around i have used a pipe thermostat attached to the hot water pipe to bring in the...
  36. Bottom

    Baxi DuoTec Combi 28 HE A - No central heating

    The central heating on my Baxi DuoTec Combi 28 HE A has stopped working but the hot water is fine. I have also discovered a leak from somewhere on the lower isolation valve to the Fernox TF1 Compact filter, it may just need tightening up. I'm guessing that it could be the diverter valve but...
  37. D

    Central Heating randomly coming on

    Good morning, Recently my boiler has started coming on at random times for central heating, heating the radiators up and making the place feel like a sauna. Woke up a few times during the night realising what was happening. My thermostat control is a Salus RT300RF and boiler is a Greenstar...
  38. C

    Hot water but no Central Heating with young children

    We have a Potterton Titanium Combi Gas Boiler which was setup with the wireless Nest Thermostat last year to provide heat to our radiators, heat up our unvented indirect cylinder to provide us hot water and to heat up our under floor heating in our kitchen. There is also one tap in the house...
  39. D

    Hot water dominating central heating?

    Hi all, Have just had a new Ideal Vogue Max 26 system boiler installed (s plan) - along with 9 new vertical rads downstairs, new 15mm supply pipes, new Stelflow tank - its connected to 4 old rads upstairs (2 TRV, 2 non TRV). Having a tricky time balancing the new system, but most rads are now...
  40. B

    Grundfos UPS3 - Central Heating Pump

    When a pump is switched off does circulating water stop immediately? In other words, is there a bypass within in the pump to allow the water to slow down to a stop? Thanks for any advice
  41. O

    Help needed on central heating problem

    Evening gents I have a Worcester green star ri controlled by a Honeywell st9420c controller and wireless thermostat All working fine this morning now when home from work I’m getting no heating. The light is on on the controller and the digital thermostat is showing the fire symbol but there’s...
  42. D

    Central heating pipe banging new baxi 228

    Just installed a baxi 228 2 weeks ago flushed the system out as there was a fair amount of sludge ,boiler was running fine but now the ch pipes below are banging occasionally but kept them up throughout the night ,the boiler doesn’t even have to get to temperature on the heating .ive tried the...
  43. M

    Solid fuel central heating - no heat in radiators

    I have moved into a house that has a large wood burner connected to radiators for the whole house. The pipes go up into the attic and there is an overflow tank there. The radiators are not heating up at all. The pump comes on, but the water doesnt seem to get to the radiators. Also, theres a...
  44. M

    Getting hot water when central heating is on

    Hi, hot water is switched off however when central heating is switched on, there is hot water too, can anyone tell me why this is happening g
  45. T

    New central heating system - Advice needed on choice of thermostat for zoning.

    Hi all, Having just purchased my first house, I have just started a whole of house refurbishment project. I am going to be putting in a new central heating system. The boiler I've chosen is the Vaillant Ecotec IQ Combi boiler (35kw). I wanted advice on zoning and the best smart thermostats...
  46. J

    Central heating pump flanges1"3/4

    Hi folks. I need to replace a Grundfos CC 1-180 central heating pump that has packed in. The flanges are 180 apart and are 1"3/4 but most replacement pumps seem to be 1"1/2. The pipe work by the way is 1/1/4 not copper. Is 1"3/4 some old size or am I doing something wrong?
  47. B

    Central hearing not being triggered by control panel

    Hi, I hoping someone may be able to help! I have the following system: Worcester 15ri boiler Drayton RTS1 thermostat Drayton Lp522 programmer BGMVSP-23 actuator/ mid position valve Both the HW and CH have worked fine and independently up until yesterday evening.. Now the HW works fine, turns...
  48. G

    Potterton Performa 30 HE no central heating

    Hi customers boiler is not working for the central heating. Hot water is working fine, ignition sequence for heating is fine and it will fire when cold for a few seconds before temp reaches 80 and it cuts out there are no faults showing up. fan is working, pump is working, heat exchanger...
  49. R

    Draining upstairs central heating system

    Hi, I need to replace my central heating pump upstairs, as well as the isolation valves which don't work. I don't have any drain valves downstairs, but there does appear to be a drain valve on the pipe that's connected to both the hot water tank and the central heating pump. Am I right in...
  50. M

    Central heating zones

    Hi, any help/advice would be much appreciated. I live in a new build house (well 5 years this year) I noticed about 2 years that when I turned the heating on with the downstairs thermostat the main bedroom and en-suite heating would come on. With the upstairs thermostat the downstairs heating...