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  1. Dan

    Vaillant one of the least installed boilers?

    Vaillant don't seem to be one of the most talked about boilers going. Is it because they're a newer company, or perhaps one that doesn't exist anymore? or something else?
  2. L

    Noritz NRCB Combination Boilers

    A couple of main options from Noritz. NRCB199DV and NRCB180DV.
  3. Dan

    How's the company support and backup for Alpha Boilers?

    Has anybody used their technical advice lines, whether as a homeowner or gas engineer? How did you find it? Are they decent?
  4. Dan

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?

    How many of you are fitting Ideal Boilers these days?
  5. Dan

    Some of the best BAXI boilers?

    What are some of the best BAXI boilers? Which ones do you tend to find you're servicing the most? As in installed the most a while ago and still working today.
  6. L

    Plume levels from 1 or 2 boilers

    Hello, We curently have a 50-year old non-condensing 68kW boiler for the communcal heating of my residential block, and we plan to replace it with either two 40kW condensing boilers or one 80kW condensing boiler. Because the flue(s) would be placed in the front of the building (lightwell in...
  7. P

    Linking oil boilers to solar Pv panels

    Hi all. I am thinking about how to get the most from pv panels. I have a worcester Green star oil Combi boiler about 5 years old. If I install a mains pressure immersion tank can I convert the boiler to a non combi type? And heat the water in the tank with the boiler. Also is it possible to...
  8. P

    Navien and Worcester Oil Boilers

    Hi all My sister is in the process of getting quotes for the installation of an oil central heating system (rural Cornwall) in an old house where none currently exists. For obvious reasons she is having trouble getting anyone out to quote at the moment apart from one local contractor. He has...
  9. P

    hounsfield oil boilers any good

    I would like heating engineers opinion on hounsfield oil boilers. Are they any good?
  10. B

    I need open flue boilers

    Hi, I'm after natural gas open flue boilers and water heaters. I know they're getting very rare these days, but if you are removing any, could you remove them gently, along with the flue up to the draught diverter and I'll come and pick them up from you. Thanks
  11. L

    Why do domestic boilers have longer waranties than commercial ones?

    I am contemplating of having 2 domestic boilers (35-40 kW each) for the communal heating (no hot water) of a 12-flat residential block that would replace a 50-year old 68kW boiler for the heating. The waranties for domestic boilers are much longer than commercial boilers. For example, a...
  12. L

    Cascading rigs or frames for two 40 kW Worcester boilers

    Hello, This is in relation to replacing a 50 year old 68kW boiler with two 40kW Worcester boilers for a residential blocks's (12 flats) centraol heatign only. Are you aware of any cascading rigs or frames that would be suitable? King of Pipes had suggested the Ideal Evomax heder kit, which...
  13. 5


    Looking to get a 40kw or 42kw heat only boiler for a largish house. already done heat loss to these values. was going to use and pressurise with external expansion vessel. Vaillant tech suggested they had a boiler to suit but i cannot find it? Anyone know if they do one ( it is for domestic use)...
  14. Dan

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer?

    BOXT Boilers and Boiler Installations - Are you a BOXT Installer? Seen an advert on TV for a BOXT Boiler. Black friday deal. Wondering if we have any BOXT installers on here and whether they're doing alright with them? "Don't miss out on our amazing Black Friday deals. Save up to £150 off your...
  15. scott_d

    Glow worm energy boilers

    Anyone fitting these? Can you pay to extend the warranty to 10 years like Vaillant?
  16. M

    Boilers internal condensate trap

    Has anyone seen it become an issue where a boilers condensate pipe. Is tee'd in to a 40mm waste pipe that also takes say a sink waste. And the waste pipe pulling the trap out of the boiler as the sink discharges?
  17. Dan

    General Plumbing Co Ltd

    Dan submitted a new resource: General Plumbing Co Ltd - Just a plumber here. We do plumbing and bathrooms and whatnot Read more about this resource...
  18. Z

    Which combi boilers are available with a rear flue option?

    I'm after a boiler with a rear flue option for a replacement cupboard installation, i know the Vaillant Ecofit Pure and Gloworm equivalent but i've fitted one before and wasn't really happy paying a grand for what seems to be essentially the same as a £480 Heatline Capriz2 so was looking for...
  19. G

    Intergas boiler thoughts

    We heard about Intergas boilers from a family member who has just had one installed. The gas fitter he used raves about them saying how reliable they are. What are you forum members thoughts on them? . Only having 4 moving parts is appealing. The Rapid 32 model looks good value at around £700...
  20. A

    Version boiler flow rate.

    I have decided to go for the Version boiler when I get my system upgraded but I currently have a Glow Worm 35 store which gives lashings off hot water which ilike, so I'm looking at the 111-w as its the same performance as the glow worm, I did initially go for the 100w button I was a bit...
  21. J

    Boilers and Powerflush - a one time deal ?

    Is there a "typical" interval for doing a powerflush? Reason for asking is that it was mentioned on a recent visit by "ServeHome". I couldn't swear to it, but I'm sure that when it was done previously I was told that I only needed it to be done once. History: All in 2009. New Boiler...
  22. J

    Vaillant Boilers, Nest and Opentherm

    Good evening you marvellous lot! So, i have a client that wants the Vaillant pure combi boiler (my go to rear flued boiler), with a Nest controller. As far as I can tell, there is no easy way of making these 2 work easily together. The only way I can find is to use the following thingy...
  23. J

    4 Small Boilers or 1 Big one??

    Hi, just bought our first house which is a georgian tereace with 3 storeys + cellar & attic. It's about 70 sq m per floor, with the ground and basement both having a 20sq m rear extension. We might turn it into flats in years to come, but for the next 6 years it will be our home. The question...
  24. K

    Heat only boilers and confusion

    Trying to get to grips with all the terminology here and what can be done with what. Heat only = open vent boiler? I suppose nothing stops me from sealing it up and sticking an expansion vessel to it? This is the same as a system boiler then? Is it cheaper then to buy a system boiler instead of...
  25. C

    Boilers in loft - any issues?

    hi, thanks in advance for any help, advice and replies. I am going to need a new boiler in the coming months for a property to be rented hopefully, I’ve got a plumber who can offer the long extended warranties on ideal boilers, and I have asked them same question, he said about 80% of boilers...
  26. D

    combi boilers choice

    please can anyone point me in direction whats best buy ? baxi platinum 40kw or ideal vogue max 40 kw
  27. M

    Moving oil boilers in this case a combi

    How do you lot move oil boilers around I've got to fit a combi next week and not looking forward to shifting it. I've got a sack truck up to 200kg but it never used to feel too sturdy under a heat only let alone 160kg of combi boiler. Naturally everytime I get an oil boiler I strip all the...
  28. M

    Firebird boilers any good

    Have oil burning Danesmoor Utility 32/50 on last legs and boiler engineer recommends Firebird (system boiler) as a replacement. Guess would be something like Enviromax 35kW system? Current boiler jetted at 41kW but recently fully zoned my heating system (from previous 1 x hall stat). He says...
  29. M

    This 2025 ban on gas boilers in new builds.....

    Sorry if this has already been covered but how badly do you guys (and gals) think this will affect the gas industry in terms of work, wages etc? Some of my mates aren't overly worried, some are. 50/50 split I would say.
  30. G

    Storage combi boilers

    Hi, I'm looking for opinions on storage combi boilers - particularly the viessmann 111-w. We currently have a gravity fed system but the space where the cylinder is is needed for internal renovations. Would this be a good solution - ie better than a standard combi in terms of hot water...
  31. T

    Turkington (Eurocal) Boilers

    Any know whats happened to Turkington Boilers - I am in desperate need of a TURCO 2000 Manual - this is a elderly system boiler circa 2003.
  32. R

    Intergas Boilers flue integrity

    Do the newer intergas boilers have air / flue integrity test point on the flue. The last one I got didn't but I was told they were planning to change the design.
  33. G

    Replacing a system boiler with a combi boiler

    First time using the forum so apologies if this isn't in the right place. We're planning on fitting an en suite shower room in the space where we currently have built in wardrobes and a hot water tank. Just at the thinking stage at the moment. Since there is nowhere else to move the tank to, I...
  34. P

    Multifuel boilers requirements

    Hello, I wonder if someone can help. We cooperate with Polish multi-fuel boilers manufacturer. We sold few of them already, but now we also have few queries regarding installing them. I'm not sure if there are any requirements with regards to using those boiler in UK? Do they need to meet any...
  35. L

    Twin flue boilers to replace Keston

    Hi there, Quick question to you all please. (I am Gas Safe registered incase anyone is wondering) I need to replace a Keston (suprise suprise) and really need a boiler with a twin flue similar to that of Keston. The client under my guidance has agreed that she does not want another Keston. I...
  36. V

    Viessman boilers what do heating engineers think?

    Does anybody have any views as to whether Viessman boilers are any good. Just seen an advert on tv £16/month and 10 year guarantee. I currently pay more than that for my boiler cover with Corgi on my 8 year old Glow Worm boiler. On the face of it it would pay me to get a new boiler and pay less...
  37. J

    Any boilers that can still use 15mm gas supply?

    My boiler is over ten years old now and last time I had it checked I asked the engineer about getting it replaced. He initially said no problem, but then discovered that the supply pipe is 15mm and apparently modern boilers need 22mm? Unfortunately the gas pipe enters my house at the front, and...
  38. A

    (Well known?) Issue with Remeha Avanta boilers

    I have a Remeha Avanta boiler, which works fine, but two different gas engineers, one from Baxi and one from British Gas Services have identified that there is known problem with these boilers, in that the downpipe at the rear of the boiler (a condensate trap?) is known to become rusty, and can...
  39. C

    Tips and tricks with heavy boilers

    Hi all, I’m currently building my portfolio which is going great. I have a fantastic mentor too. Today’s install was a boiler in the loft. If you’re working on your own, how do you manage getting boilers into the loft? I know a bit of muscle but... I was just wondering if there’ any lifting...
  40. M

    CHP Boilers where are they?

    Purely as a matter of interest, what happened to the introduction of CHP boilers to the domestic market. Anyone out there ever fitted one?
  41. Sue66

    Choice of heat only boilers

    Hi guys, Need to install a new heat only boiler for an f&e system with a currently condemned potterton kingfisher. It's a five bedroom house with two bathrooms and a hot water tank in the kitchen next to the boiler and gas meter. What boiler would you suggest? I normally like ideals but I've...
  42. Rob Foster

    Condensing Boilers - what volume of codensate is discharged

    When a 25 kw condensing boiler is going full tilt in the winter what volume of condensate water might be discharged per hour ? Obviously an overflow pipe will cope. Anybody any ideas. It could be 20KW or 30 KW I am looking for a ball park volume. Many thanks
  43. D

    Are oil boilers suitable for smaller properties - eg an annexe?

    Hello all. We will likely have to move soon so we can find a new home which has room to have a separate annexe built for mum in law. As it'll be out in the sticks, the fuel supply will most likely be oil. A few questions on this, please: 1) Do they make small oil boilers - ideally combi types...
  44. S

    New April 92% ErP boilers

    Npower have said they would fit a Ideal logic C30 combi boiler for my daughter under the energy saving improvement plan. Does this boiler comply with the new April directive of 92% ErP and is this boiler any good.
  45. M

    Combi boilers pressure relief height from floor

    Is there a regulation saying a combi boilers pressure relief pipe that exits externally has to be within a certain distance from the floor?
  46. Jack bIRCHLEY

    Electric boilers, running costs and replacement options?

    Hello, I am looking at buying a property with a HeatraeSadia AMPTEC system fitted. It is a brand new system coupled to a thermaq UNICYL cylinder We are a bit worried about the cost of running this system, and may be looking to remove it and fit a gas boiler instead. Unfortunately it is fitted...
  47. A

    torque screwdrivers required for "Glow Worm boilers"

    Hi guys, looking to buy new torque screwdriver set for working on new boilers. Glow Worm in particular. My current driver has now rounded off after many years of use BUT I don't know its size. Not really bothered in getting sets of bits with all the other sizes as I have countless copies of...
  48. hammers4spanner

    Modern combi boilers!!!

    In a nutshell are modern boilers fit for purpose. Since the temp has dropped I must of had 50 calls boilers conked out. Most within 7 years old. Literally selling customers junk
  49. U

    Fully modulating boilers & mixer showers

    Hi all, We're potentially having a mixer shower fitted to run off our boiler (Ariston E-Combi 30kW). How can you tell if your boiler is fully modulating? I can't find anything in the manual. Also I read on the mira website that there should be an additional expansion vessel fitted in addition...
  50. R

    Intergas Combi Boilers

    I've just installed an intergas 36kw RF and up until today i've never come across one. I was impressed on the simplicity of the install but there doesn't seem to be a lot to them. I'm looking at changing from Worcestor to another brand because they are getting very expensive and its getting...