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  1. Dan

    How's the company support and backup for Alpha Boilers?

    Has anybody used their technical advice lines, whether as a homeowner or gas engineer? How did you find it? Are they decent?
  2. S

    I have a problem with fixing up a backup for my bio boiler

    Morning I have a bio boiler with thermostore, This past couple of winters I have struggled to keep temp up so I went and bought a 2nd hand combi GRANT boiler. Is there anyway it can be converted to work as a system type boiler with some sort of thermostatic switch to allow it to kick in when...
  3. M

    Flowmasta 3439g backup

    Hi, I am a DIY er not a tradesman but would like a bit of info/advice about the Flowmasta 3439g 2 channel boiler controller. I had a new oil boiler installed in September with one of these controllers. Normally it is set to CH on and HW off. I have since discovered that in the event of a...
  4. C

    Problems with Huppe partially framed showers

    Hi I don't know if anyone may be able to assist but I am having problems with two Huppe shower enclosures that have just been professionally installed. They cost close to 2 grand each so I would expect decent quality and would therefore be interested to see if anyone out there has had similar...
  5. N

    nursery school backup boiler?- advice needed

    Hi all, Ive just had the usual problem where our great 'old school' plumber is expected to have a BSC in electronics engineering. The problem is we have four 45KW boilers and a lot of radiators in a charitable kids nursery (the hot water is a separate system altogether!) They're all knackered...
  6. R

    Heating calculation for toilet in a basement

    I have been asked to install a heater in a currently unheated toilet situated in the basement of a commercial premises. Please check my calculations and assumptions, and give your thoughts on my proposed solution assumptions: room size = 1.5m long x 0.85m wide x 3m high U value = same for...
  7. P

    What are your top five boilers ?

    Hi guys, if you were working on a new installation using the exciting pipe work which was already in place, and the propherty layout was as follows hallway, front room, kichen, and three bed rooms and bathroom, i would like to know what would be the top five boilers installers would consider for...
  8. K

    Warmflow Combi Boiler

    I had this oil combi boiler fitted four years ago and it has never worked properly, it now turns out the pressure vessel is knackered and the heat exchanger isnt working either. Warmflow have refused to replace the parts despite the fact there is a 5 year warranty on them. Their backup service...
  9. M

    Newbie needing help. :)

    Ok, this has baffled me and I really don't know where else to look. My downstairs radiators, and downstairs only won't work. They're all fed from seperate radiators from upstairs, but none will work. Upstairs, they're great..all roastin' hot. Anyone any ideas? Someone please help, 'cos...
  10. I

    Megaflo suddenly stopped heating

    I've had a megaflo for many years without problems. Serviced (fairly) regularly. It has suddenly stopped producing hot water. The pressure is good but the water is cold. I've noticed the outlet pipe feels warm and you get a couple of seconds of warm water then it goes cold. Leave it for a...
  11. W

    Air source Heat pump - a few questions

    I have moved into a new build house which is heated by an air source heat pump. is it correct that they do not need servicing/maintenance or is that a high risk strategy Do any companies provide insurance cover in the same way you can cover a conventional boiler There is a sporty household of...
  12. M

    Danfoss fp715

    Hello, turned my boiler off at the fused spur before going on holiday. got back,turned it on now it won`t turn the boiler on. there is a test button on the boiler for engineers and this does turn the boiler on. but when i press the overrun buttons for hot water or heating,the programer still...
  13. G

    Back Boilers & ceiling fans

    Anyone had much dealings with BBU's/fires and ceiling fans in same room? I am aware the regs state that spillage test should be carried out with fan at all speeds etc., but this does not give any indication about the fans effect on the flue pull for the back boiler. There have been a number of...
  14. P

    In a bit of fix regarding my Gas Safe inspection

    Put myself on the register bout 3 weeks ago and today I have recived a latter asking to come and see three jobs I have done. Thing is I havent started trading yet so wont have completed 3 jobs by then. I am still working for the company at the moment. Obviously I am going to call them monday...
  15. W

    Very weak gravity fed shower - advice?

    Hi There, Hope Im ok posting here - Im not a plumber, just a person with a plumbing related question. If this is against the rules please lock this post! Anyways, I have just moved into a new house (built 2004) and was dissapointed when I first tried the shower to find that the flow was very...
  16. G

    remeha 18system

    Hi fitted my first remeha boiler today the 18kw system boiler and found it odd that the condense pipe outlet has no rubber on it the outlet is the same size as the overflow pipe rang technical helpline to see if it was missing and was advised that i should warm pipe up and slide it over...
  17. B

    What is the best Combi Boiler ?

    I need to fit a Combi boiler, just wounderd what you guys would recommend? Any outstanding makes out there ? the house has 7 rads on the system & 1 medium sized bathroom.
  18. R

    commercial heating sysyem.

    dont normally do stuff on this scale. but today we installed 40 trv's in an office. came to fill up and we cannot get the heat through. initially it had an air lock and we ran it of through the drain offs which seemed to work for a while and then went cold again. checks were made for venting of...
  19. J

    new boiler

    just a quick one kind of looked at a job on sat morn 16 rads at the moment extension going on with a further 5 rooms with en suites which means 5 extra rads will be no bigger than 600x500 the origional rads are between 600x700 through to 600x1000 no bigger done a few rough calculations on site...
  20. J

    air source

    hey guys just completed a mitsubishi ecodan air to water course went fine just wantin to know if any one fitted one in the feild yet and there opinion of the job
  21. M

    which power tools

    OK im looking into building up my power tools - currently employed so have access to his tools, but i am looking at going alone in a years time, i want to buy good buy once so to speak. need a core drill, looking at milwaukee and marcrist any suggestions also a core set any suggestions...
  22. D

    College or 'Crash Course'

    Hi all, A newbie to this forum. I've been looking at plumbing courses will a local college. Im can only really learn part time on a evening. As a last resort, i'd look at the crash course option. What are peoples thoughts on this...would this be a good starting block...
  23. H

    Air to water heating - any good?

    Hi, I'm considering having an air to water system installed in my 3 bed terrace. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with these systems and wheter they can answer these questions Are they a genuine 'green' alternative to a combi gas or oil boiler? Are they efficent and cost...
  24. A

    Old Spanish house

    Dont know if anyone has renovated an old spanish townhoue, we want to keeps things basic but still run a few extra toilets etc, are the fittings the same over there, not had much of a look at existing stuff to be honest. Quite confident about piping it out (assuming its all 22mm and 15mm pipe)...
  25. W

    Sofia Monobloc Tap B&Q

    Hi Forum, I wonder if someone could help with my problem? I bought and installed a Sofia Monobloc Tap from B&Q just over 2 years ago and you guessed it one month after the Garantee they start dripping. Presumably its the washer or needs reseating, OK a 10 minute job but can I see how to get...
  26. S

    Advice on manilfold setup wanted

    Hi I am lucky to have a chance at a new build - Now at Radon barrier stage and considering putting in first fixings myself but first need some advice on whats involved - Dormer Bungalow. Manifold system new to me (DIYer) Does a central heating circuit have its own manifold and each...
  27. C

    The Plumbing Academy, Kent - advice?

    If there is anyone out there can give me some honest advice about the Plunbing Academy in Edenbridge, Kent I would really appreciate it.
  28. M

    Sanflo backup

    hi, wonder if anyone can give some information on this problem. A mate has a new Saniflo in his attic and occasionally it backs up in the pan and into the shower, eventually it clears. Saniflo say it needs something like an 'anti-siphone brake' or 'anti cycle brake' which is fine but I cant...
  29. A

    Help me to choose a boiler

    Hi, I need some unbiased advice from professionals regarding the replacement of my central heating boiler. I have a small 2 bedrommed terraced house with 7 radiators. The pipework and radiators are fine but the boiler needs replacing as it has started to cut out and loose pressure quite often...
  30. M

    Vibration and scream from toilet!

    Hi, wonder if anyone can give any pointers on this problem or if its best for a pro to be called out.... The pipes around a toilet on the 3rd floor of my house have started to vibrate very severely when the toilet is flushed, the water does NOT backup at all. This first happened after the...
  31. K

    Distance back boiler to Thermal store

    We are renovating an old Mill and want to install a Thermal store which can produce hot water and underfloor heating. Our power sources are to be electricity, which is produced on site with a micro hydro system, and a woodburning stove with a back boiler. Eventually we want to be able to put in...
  32. H

    Which Boiler – Vaillant, Glow-Worm, Worcester? Fit Magnaclean?

    I am replacing a very old boiler for a new one. This is for a 4 bedroomed house with two showers. It can be a system boiler or an open vent boiler. I have been recommended Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630, Glow-Worm Ultracom 30 SXI and Worcester Greenstar 30Cdi. Other brands that have been...
  33. S

    Stratagy advice

    Hi everyone, ive decided to get a new set of skills as im looking for a change and as a backup if things in my industry goes t*&~ up. Im 29 this year with a wife, morgage and dogs and am in full time employment. What i want to do is build up some skills in plumbing (recignised...