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  1. Dan

    How's the company support and backup for Alpha Boilers?

    Has anybody used their technical advice lines, whether as a homeowner or gas engineer? How did you find it? Are they decent?
  2. Dan

    Welcome to the new Alpha Boiler Forums

    Welcome to the new Alpha Boiler Forums. Post a new thread or question in this forum if you have any questions about BAXI boilers.
  3. R

    Faulty GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 L 15-60 130 replace with Grundfos Alpha 1 15-50/60

    My GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 L 15-60 has developed a fault and I'm struggling to find a replacement to enable a simple swap. Would the Grundfos Alpha 1 15-50/60 be a suitable alternative? I'm hoping to simply remove the faulty one and install this without having to do any further work! Many thanks in...
  4. M

    Grundfos Alpha 2 AutoAdapt is slow

    Hi folks be glad of some help with this as its puzzling me.? I have an Alpha 2 15-60-130 pump serving 12 Rads with thermo valves and Hot Water cylinder. The boiler is an Alpha CD18R Since I had another rad installed downstairs I've noticed the heating pump has been noisier than usual ie...
  5. L

    Alpha Boiler problems can't solve

    We have a Alpha Cd25C boiler. The heating went off around 6 weeks ago although we've been able to reset (either by switch or running hot water). We've had a plumber our 5 times and changed Bypass Pump Thermister Cut flue pipe This has not solved the problem. We get heating if we leave the...
  6. gingalig

    Alpha intec 18 pcb change

    Hi, thanks for any advice, I'm about to change the pcb on an alpha intec system boiler. The fault code suggests intermittent voltage supply. Visually the case is brown stained almost directly where the transformer is located and a resistor looks like it's been getting very hot on the board. Are...
  7. P

    Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat.

    Please can somebody tell me what the correct settings should be for my Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat. Please see the attached photograph with all my current setting. Currently, my daily electricity usage seems to be higher than normal and it just was serviced. kind Regards...
  8. P

    Alpha Combi Boiler Settings

    Please can somebody tell me what the correct settings should be for my Alpha Combi Boiler Eco 2 Plus and Thermostat. Please see the attached photograph with all my current setting. Currently, my daily electricity usage seems to be higher than normal and it just was serviced. kind Regards...
  9. R

    Grundfos Alpha 2 does not self prime

    I have replaced a 15 year old Alpha + with a Alpha 2 15-60. It is positioned 1.5m above the boiler( feeding a 10 rads and hot water on S plan), in the attic with a 0.5m head from a header tank. I am having great difficulty getting the new pump to self bleed. Setting it to constant fastest speed...
  10. A

    Alpha InTec 24X - Pressure

    Our boiler keeps losing pressure so I thought maybe we could repressurise ourselves to save the landlord coming out to fix it, since it could be a couple of days before he can. However I cant seem to find any taps/valves in order to do so. I've looked at videos for help but everyone else seems...
  11. J

    Fan fault (red & green flashing) on my alpha HE CB33 and dropping pressure...any ideas?

    Hi guys... I have a alpha HE CB33 and it’s dropping pressure and coming up with error code (blocked flu or fan fault) any ideas?
  12. C

    hi all,i have a alpha intec 28x which will fire in test mode

    Hi, the boiler is a alpha intec 28x which will work in test mode but not in normal mode and it gives plenty of hot water
  13. D

    Alpha CD32C pressure to high, need help

    Yesterday my boiler's pressure gauge suddenly shot up to 3 bars (it has never done this before). I turned it off and started to bleed the kitchen radiator, this only brought it down to 2 bars. I also noticed that the overflow pipe is leaking a lot so i turned the water off entirely. This brought...
  14. S

    Which boiler - Alpha, Glow-worm, Worcester, Vaillant

    Need a new combination boiler, so far have had two quotes one for an Alpha E-tec Plus 33 and one for a Glow-worm . The glow-worm one said they use the same parts as Vaillant so are as reliable. Are Alpha and Vaillant good alternatives to Worcester and Vaillant?
  15. Y

    Noisy Central Heating & Clunking Alpha Eco2 Boiler

    Hi all Recently moved into an ex council property, 2 bed flat. The pipework is all visible externally on the walls and quite old from the looks of it. There is a Alpha Eco2 combi boiler installed. When I first moved in the system was ridiculously noisy, clear sound of rushing water when the...
  16. A

    Alpha Boiler DHW Problem

    Hi all, I have an Alpha Boiler - Intec 34C with gas saver and thermal store. I’ve developed an intermittent problem with the DHW, on central heating the boiler ignited fine, however when the DHW is run (opening a tap) the boiler fires, cuts out, fires cuts out etc. Ending up with the E01 code...
  17. C

    Alpha CD35C not igniting!!!

    Hello, I've a new fan and despite this and no blocked flue and everything else working to plan my boiler is not igniting. It is trying to but just won't "connect." Any help gratefully received as I'm bloody freezing! Ta! Catherine
  18. G

    Alpha combi boilers

    Went on their training course last year and all seems good but still not fitted any. What is your opinion on them guys? Also do you think the commissioning of them is a bit long winded? I am currently fitting Logic plus and Vaillant boilers but Alpha prices are looking quite good for the low end...
  19. S

    Any experience with Glow-worm or and Alpha boilers?

    Just had some combi boiler quotes in, quoting for Glow-Worm and Alpha boilers. I've never heard of either and wondered if anyone had any experience good or bad.
  20. M

    alpha he cb25

    Just after a bit of technical advice on the alpha cb25. one of my customers contacted with a boiler fault, the same fault is happening on both heating and hot water. when there is a demand on the heating side the boiler kicks in, fan and pump both seem to run fine, boiler then fires up for 1 or...
  21. U


    Hi, i'm a single mum and i am just having my kitchen re done, i wanted to move the boiler but when i called out plumbers for quotes they have said it is not worth moving it as boilers don't like being moved and for a little more cash it would be better to replace the boiler. (boiler at the...
  22. J

    3 pumps in 12 months????

    Wondering if anyone out there can help me out, would be much appreciated. We fitted an Alpha intec 34c to an existing system 14 months ago. The system was flushed out and had some leak sealer and inhibitor added once the boiler was commissioned. After 12 months a fault occurred which was found...
  23. B

    A new grundfos alpha 2 15 / 60

    Hi Guy's I currently have a grundfos 15 / 60 selectric central heating pump that is laid flat to the floor , so workng horizontaly and on the c/h return ........ now, as it is working fine and has been for seven years ( and longer ) do you know if the new grundfos pumps ( Alpha 2)...
  24. T

    Alpha cb33 help keeps tripping main rcd

    Ok can anyone shed any light on this. It's an intermittent problem I've got with my alpha he cb33 condensing combi. In January it started tripping the rcd on the main fuseboard. Gave alpha a call to send engineer out to resolve the problem. He noticed the flue stat was sparking out on statup...
  25. A

    Alpha Combi CD 32c - Luke warm water

    Hi I recently had my boiler serviced; all fine except it needed a new hose with return valve due to a leak. Since then my hot water has been luke warm or non existent unless the heating was also on. Had plumber back and he fitted a new flow switch and thermistor; but still not working. The next...
  26. E

    Lowara ecocirc pump, worth fitting or not ?

    What feedback on these eco pumps is there ? Are the other makes any better (Alpha 2 etc.) ? Any tips for setting the constant speed, & proportional Pressure ? Is it now common practice to fit these with TRV`s & fully zoned M/V systems ? Are these types of pumps proving to be worth the extra...
  27. W

    Reliable Potterton Suprima boiler gas engineer for SE London area

    I would like a recommendation for a reliable and reasonable Gas Safe engineer experienced in sorting out Potterton Suprima 60 locking out issues. My boiler is 13 year old and is on a second PCB. It hasn't broken down. It's the hassle that I have to press the Reset button now and then. Sometimes...
  28. B

    new vaillant ecotec plus combi

    fitted the new pros before but this was my first new type plus with rf vaillant control what a nightmare to comission , turned boiler on for first time and it asks is pump external and other stupid questions does the boiler not know its a combi .then i fit control and its asking if there is a...
  29. F

    New alpha intec 28 PROBLEMS

    I got persuaded into fitting an ALPHA intec 28 ,by my local merchants , it's been in 5 months , it's already had a new pcb and new pump , is this a one off ? Or are alpha still as bad as they used to be!!
  30. G

    CH Pump Stalls when hot

    My central heating pump works fine until the the heating/water has been on for some time (around an hour) and every thing has got nice and hot and then it stalls and refuses to start. Ive tried giving it a kick start by undoing the spindle cap and manually turning it but that doesnt work. I can...
  31. Frelon

    Alpha Specialist Required in Brighton

    Hi My daughter and her husband have just bought a house in Brighton in which the previous owner had installed an Alpha 25C boiler........ The heating failed last week (hot water still available) and the engineer diagnosed a faulty diverter valve head because there was a slight leak from the...
  32. D

    baxi 105e leaking

    from the diverter manifold were it connects to the dhw pressure diff valve ,can you get a kit for the diverter valve or will it eed replaced.
  33. cdel2005

    air pressure switch question

    hi guys i have a aps from a baxi 105e i was thinking about putting it a combi main 24he according to this website it possible AP 117 HONEYWELL C6065F 1100 247389 6 562956 5113280 5112999 Alpha Main Potterton is the website wrong? or will the baxi aps fit the main but not main to baxi cheers
  34. S

    Alpha condensing boilers

    Does any body on here fit alpha boilers the merchant I use is trying to push them as they r coming with 5year warranty and r quite cheap £645 for 28 kw with flue clock and filling loop not sure weather to go with them as usually just fit Worcestershire or potterton cheers
  35. K

    How not to .....

    Had a callout today to a boiler leaking water through the ceiling. Nice big stain on the ceiling that looked wet but also very old, the boiler was inspected and I couldnt resist taking a snap, apparently it has never really worked well since fitted 6 years ago, the owners son decided it better...
  36. D

    Alpha Man. Are you out there!?

    Hi all. I'm on site. Need a part for an Alpha boiler. Can't get it today. Does anyone have Steve AKA Alpha Man's number? I know he's based in my area and might be able to help. My number is 07967 33 60 93. Ta. Dan
  37. M

    Ideal Logic Combi Boiler Info

    Hi all. Just wondered if anyone out there has any up to date info about this combi boiler.I've read older posts saying that Ideal have been pretty much universally panned in the past (Isar) but also read that the Logic and Logic+ could turn out to be decent and sensibly priced - and 5 years...
  38. N

    Alpha 240 eco turning on / off

    We have an Alpha Ocean 240 Eco. On both CH and DHW, the boiler fires correctly, then after about 30 to 40 seconds the boiler flame turns right down for a while and the neon warning light comes on. Then after a while the neon warning light goes off and the boiler flame lights up again. There...
  39. D

    Alpha 240e hot water issues

    hey im trying to fix an alpha 240e hot water only works when heating has warmed up it sends the flow round the heating all the time i belive it is the diverter stuck is there any way i can prove this before i buy a new one i striped it down last night and not knowing wat a good one should look...
  40. Y

    Wireless digital clock for sarigas zoom420a

    Is it possible to fit a digital clock to replace existing grasslin mechanical clock in a Sarigas 420 zoom boiler. It would give greater flexibility to the heating programmes e. g. weekdays / weekends etc.
  41. D

    Alpha CD24...Intermittent red light (A)...&...

    Advice please...intermittent (as in not evey time or even every day) red light (A), have to reset. Also going cold for a moment after about 20-30 seconds of turning on the tap, it will then get to normal temperature again, it seems to be too hot at the start when this happens (temp sensor?)...
  42. G

    Alpha C23. I'm COLD!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I have an Alpha C23 boiler which has suddenly decided it doesn't want to work! When turned on the fan runs at full speed continuously but the boiler will not light :confused:. The pressure is within the green band and light 'B' flashes every 5...
  43. A

    Alpha 280

    Went to look at a alpha 280 combi boiler about 10 year old What is happening is when the heating comes on it makes a loud whistling noise for about 15 mins then stops also when he ran the hot tap the noise stopped but now it as started making the noise whilst the hot water is running could it...
  44. M

    alpha flow smart...anyone fitted/used this type of system??

    just watched the dvd about the alpha flowsmart system and wondered what everybody thought about this type of system? looks quite good to me. looks like it has a better hot water flow than unvented cylinders...or am i being naive!
  45. R

    Alpha CB24

    I have a customer complaining that her Alpha CB24 runs for about 20 secs and then cuts out. I'm not going round until the morning to look at it but I think I should firstly look at the overheat stat and the flame sensing electrode. Anyone had this problem recently??? p.s. I'm going on a...
  46. N

    alpha 280e combi

    Have changed prv valve but the boiler still loses pressure overnight if i overfill past green bar pressure goes up to 2.5 and prv valve opens have checked for leaks. any ideas thanks
  47. R

    Which System Boiler?

    Hi I'm renovating a house and am having to learn about pressurised systems etc. I am looking for a 24kw system boiler and have narrowed my choice down to : Worcester-Bosch 24i and an Alpha 24S. Would appreciate any guidance on how to make the final choice. Thanks mark