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  1. A

    Water Heaters and what there all about

    Hi Complete novice to plumbing i'm just starting out in Risk Assesments and looking to familerise myself with unvented Immersion heaters and i just wondered if there is any easy way of identifying pipes to and from them without downloading manuals I understand the basics such as hot water out...
  2. J

    Burnt speedfit fitting-is it a problem?

    Hi I had to take the plinth boards off in the kitchen to install a new oven and at the back I saw this speedfit fitting. It’s a 10mm fitting on the central heating loop, and it feeds the kitchen radiator. I think it’s the flow feed, not the return. To me it looks like at may have been burnt...
  3. M

    Has anyone heard about New Trades Career?

    Hi there everyone. After having been made redundant in January this year I am looking for a change of career, I stumble upon this New Trades Career place and it looks OK I guess, to be honest to good to be true, has anyone have any feedback about them? Has anyone been to their courses and...
  4. J

    retired plumber wondering about work

    I retired from plumbing about 18 months ago but i'm bored and could do with a bit of extra cash.I live in London,I no longer have a van but i can travel for nothing on buses and tubes etc.I got myself an old codgers shopping trolley that i can put my tools in.I only want straightforward easy...
  5. H

    Advice needed about an old boiler Glow Worm Space Saver 38.

    Please could anyone advice. I have a 36 y.o. Glow Worm Space Saver 38. I have had it for the last 6 years when bought my current house. I serviced it for the first two years but then stopped servicing in fear that it could be condemned just for being old an inefficient or no spare parts. I did...
  6. J

    Quote question about price

    Hello guys. My friend is currently having a house refurb. He's been quoted for converting vented to unvented. Relocating boiler and cylinder to garage together. Worcester 35cdi system and a 300ltr cylinder.be done in plastic piping with a zone valve to serve underfloor heating(they're not...
  7. C Thompson

    Problems with smells and question about flushing out radiators

    Hello All, I have been having just the worst problems with the heating system where I am renting a house. The smells that the boiler and radiators put out have been doing me in, both physically and mentally. I, by the way, know really nothing about boilers. I am just trying to survive all of...
  8. B

    Need some advice about NVQ in Plumbing.

    Hi, I attended college a couple of years ago and came out with a Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating. This was after two years of studying part time in the evenings around my normal job. The lecturers said that the next step would be to seek employment in the trade and take the NVQ or else...
  9. Sam Marshall

    Question about multiple bottle traps in series - not commercial use

    Hi, I have a question about the implications of running multiple bottle traps in series - say for example 6 bottle traps between a sink and drain, what would I need to do to make this work (will be used on an isolated system for experimentation) I understand that without venting in between the...
  10. shocking mod

    A little question about servicing

    I have talked to a couple of people about servicing and read some stuff about it on the net. Normally the filters are cleaned but the water is not cleaned and flushed as the plumber has to wait for 2 hours or so depending on inhibitor and flushing would take more time, though I am not talking...
  11. G

    Worried about Elderly Mum's Gas Usage

    Hi All, Really not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm in a bit of a mess with my mum's energy supplier and I'm desperate for someone who knows what they're talking about to help. End of last October my mum rented a two up- two down semi detached relatively modern house...
  12. N

    Need help about a parallel pipe with the main pipe

    Need some help to understand an additional pipe and its reason which comes out from the main pipe and then joins back in to the same pipe but with a service valve in between . I am looking for a good place to connect the water softener in my main pipe. I would like to keep the drinking water...
  13. S

    question about Polyorc pipe

    Hi, in my house which was completely refurbed and extended by my grandfather in 1969, we have a cold water feed which i always assumed was black alkathene which comprises most of the cold water pipes through the house, only going to copper close to the different outlets (copper shortage I...
  14. Y

    Question about hot water

    Hi, Apologies if this is a really daft question, I am clueless! On several occasions when I have ran a bath the water has been, at best, luke warm. When the taps have first gone on the water has been boiling but during the time the bath has been running (normal, average sized bath) the water...
  15. A

    Please help, advice needed about condemed boiler

    Hello, my boiler is ten years old. A ferroli f24b. Recently it started to leak copper water (the pressure valve, I know). Last week it stopped working altogether. The boiler started to leak into the control panel. I had British Gas come and they condemned the boiler. I cannot afford a new...
  16. N

    Thinking about a 10mm hot tap feed

    Hi. My boiler is about 20 feet away from the kitchen taps. The water to the sink hot tap takes quite a long time to get really hot. The current feed to all taps in the house is 15mm pipe; I'm thinking of running a length of 10mm pipe from the boiler to the kitchen hot tap so that less volume of...
  17. C

    Some advice about a Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Hi all I need some help, I'm really hoping you guys can give me some advice! I'm a 2nd year plumbing apprentice so feel stupid having to ask, but because this is so important I'm worrying I may make mistakes and I need to get this right! My Dad has End stage cancer and is at home. My...
  18. R

    I want to learn more about running heating systems on uncontrolled heat sources

    I have the basic NVQ2 level awareness of wood burning stoves and gravity systems, but sadly this is one of the C&G (Maskrey) Plumbing textbook sections that should have been used for lighting the fire. I could bore you with the specific situation with the bungalow, the existing woodburning...
  19. M

    Query about Level 3 qualifications.

    Hey folks. I noticed when looking at my level 3 certs it said something along the lines of 'water regulations and unvented qualified' does this mean I can apply for the cards to show I'm qualified for these? No idea how it works by the way. Cheers.
  20. Dan

    A Quick Poll About Our Forum

    Please reply to the poll. Be honest with your replies please. This is really important. :D :D :D :D
  21. Dan

    READ ME BEFORE POSTING IN THIS CATEGORY! - Important Info About This Forum

    If you're looking for a professional plumber then please feel free to post your job details in this forum category. Please make sure you include the location of the job, what the job entails, information about the contract and who will be paying and what the time frames are, and include as much...
  22. Dan

    READ ME BEFORE POSTING HERE - Important info about this forum

    If you're looking for plumbing work in the UK then please feel free to post details about your qualifications and experience in this forum category. Make sure you include information about the area's you're willing to work in, and the type of work you are looking for. DO NOT INCLUDE CONTACT...
  23. W

    leaking shower woes

    Hi all, Newbie here.. please see the attachment below which shows the connection for the hand held shower head in the stud wall, the wall is finished in tadelatk btw... in case anyone was wondering. the leak is coming from the threaded bit as it goes into the connection thats screwed...
  24. D


    Hi, I have a quote to replace my (very) old traditional boiler with an Ideal Logic + combi (in the same place), including power flush (2 bed terrace house - 5 rads including bathroom towel rail), and to remove the old water tank and all pipes etc. Quote is £2.3k. Does that seem about right?
  25. R

    Cold Water Dripping From Tundish

    Hi guys, I made a thread about this a few weeks ago. I have started a new one as the issue is slightly different and I'm not sure people would read it if I continued it on! I have cold water dripping from the Tundish. I have a Fabdec Excelsior WDI unvented cylinder with an internal expansion...
  26. C

    Honeywell st699 heating problem

    I have lived in my rented property for about 18 months and recently the heating will come on even though the switch is set to off. I will call landlord to have a look I just wondered if it could be something I'm missing before I ring him for someone to look at it. I've never noticed this...
  27. P

    high CO

    Been out to service a boiler today old unidare with a selectos burner. Had a 0.85 60 nozzle so changed for a new one old pressure was at 7.5 so adjusted to 8 bar could't get the smoke level to 0-1 it was about 5 i added more air up until the flame blew out then had to adjust back down again...
  28. C

    how to find work

    just a question thats probably been done to death but how do you guys go about finding work as i think trust a trader and the like are robbing b5stards thanks in advance
  29. S

    lets all design a boiler, top notch components.

    Evening all, I'm currently in the alps snowboarding. I've just had my meal and browsing some recent posts and got me wondering about what is the best boiler on the market, we all have our preferences. After ideals shamble of shat ' isar' I vowed never to touch an ideal again, but I was coaxed in...
  30. hammers4spanner

    Baxi ecoblue combi

    Whats your thoughts on these then?
  31. W

    Worcester greenstar 18ri purpose of the CH control knob on face

    Hi, I have a conventional Greenstar 18ri in a house I rent out. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms the function of the CH control knob on the front of the boiler? When it was installed, the engineer set the knob at about three quarters way round to the right and said that was about the...
  32. D

    Claiming back for tools and washing uniform?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had claimed back the tax for buying tools and washing their uniform? I've had a look online and it seems to be a bit of a minefield and wondered how you guys did it? Cheers, Dave
  33. W


    Hi everyone, I've been asked to look into ambirads by one of my long standing contacts, I don't know much about them, does anyone on here deal with them? Or got any information/literature on them, I've told them it's not something I deal with but I wouldn't mind learning about them thanks
  34. J

    Logic Combi ES30 F1

    I have the fault F1 on my boiler. The pressure is at about 0.25! I have googled and found out about the filling loop. My boiler seems to have a permanent filling loop but only 1 valve. I have turned that and left in 30 mins but no change in pressure. I'm guessing I need to turn something else...
  35. ShaunCorbs


    any one explain sng and smg lpg to me? as im confused :D
  36. M

    Advice needed - change of career

    Hi all newbie so please be gentle, ok so I'm having to change job due to developing diabetes, (HGV driver) I have always had an interest in working as a plumbing/gas engineer but never had the motivation to follow it through, now it would seem i have had the kick in the backside I needed...
  37. R

    Potterton Promax HE randomly turns off

    Hi all, I've read quite a few posts on here that have helped me try and diagnose the issue I'm having with our boiler, so thanks for that! But unfortunately we still haven't figured it out. So far I've spent a fair few hundred on an engineer to come and diagnose the problem, but even he is...
  38. C

    Microbore, extending the pipe

    Hello guys I will be changing a radiator to a wider one in width (going from 800mm wide double panel rad to 1400 mm wide single panel with fins). The pipework for the current rad comes out of the wall at either side and is microbore and I think it's 10mm. When the current rad is removed and...
  39. J

    Stiff shower valve - how to proceed?

    Hi all, My customer has a Mira Gem 88 mixer shower. It's 12 years old, and has recently become tight to turn (most likely scaled up). It runs from a combi boiler, and has isolation valves on the pipework. How best to proceed? (I'm new to shower repairs). I suppose my options are: 1-Take it...
  40. D

    System pumps over when hot

    Hi, Newbie here and long story so please go easy :smiley2: Hoping to keep our ancient heating system going for a while longer without too much work (boiler replacement, probably change to combi, planned for the spring, just trying to avoid major plumbing work while the weather's cold if...
  41. N

    Boiler kettling / cutting out.

    Hi, I have a problem with my Ideal mini C28 boiler. When running the hot water the boiler kettles, cuts out and restarts. I have cover so called an engineer out, he was struggling to diagnose so went and rang a colleague, he came back and said it must be the PCB circuit board or temperature...
  42. K

    Have to keep topping up boiler as it daily loses pressure

    Hi guys, After my major boiler and central heating debacle last year I thought all was well with our Potterton Main Eco - that was until 3 weeks ago. While having the central heating on the 'E119' error message suddenly appeared about that time, so I topped up the boiler to around 1 bar...
  43. N

    gas pressure tiers?

    HI guys, What are gas network pressure tiers?
  44. R

    Help.. Intermittent oil boiler lock out ( moved from Central heating Thread)

    Help .. Running out of options.. I have a client with a Grant vortex utility system 36-46 with riello burner. There is about a 20metre 10mm oil line under ground from tank to a fire valve (vertical? ) then tigerloop, Then in through a 22mm duct into the property under passage about 2.5mts then...
  45. T

    Core Drills Question

    I'm a builder rather than plumber so hadn't used core drills until now. I've bought a Dewalt D21570K which was recommended by a plumber. I went on to buy a set of Dart drill bits. Both items weren't bottom of the range but not far off. I only needed the drill to make three holes hence the...
  46. B

    toilets need to be raised by a bout 5cm or so

    Hi all, we have couple of toilets at my work place that need to be raised by about 5cm from the floor. at the moment, when toilets are flushed sometimes the waste goes into the toilet in the next cubicle. postcode is E4 9JG. Please PM me is interested.
  47. D

    water softner

    Hi, i am interested in getting a water softener as I will be changing boiler and refitting bathrooms. Has anybody got experience and advise about them? Many thanks in advance
  48. K

    Toilet pan connection problem

    I need to connect a WC to a horizontal soil pipe - the problem is that the centres are only 150mm apart from where the pipe enters the floor. I also need to connect the basin waste somewhere. This connection is within a cabinet behind the WC, so have about 300mm depth to play with too - the...
  49. C

    Nest installation costs and anyone local to Leicester?

    Hi all after having two faulty Salus wireless stats I have changed to a nest now . I am looking for a guide price to have it fitted by a local engineer around the Leicester area . I am 5 mins from junc 21 of the M1. many thanks
  50. 1Steven

    Name that tap!

    Can somebody give me the make and model please!